Vancouver smoke-out successful

Cops powerless to prevent Emery`s organizingCops powerless to prevent Emery`s organizingThe Vancouver Police are addicted to rousting, hassling, strip searching, intimidating largely young people over pot possession and they don’t want to surrender that control.
Marc Emery dared the Vancouver Police and to charge him with the obsolete marijuana prohibition offenses the courts have nullified. According to the Vancouver police and BC Solicitor-General Rich ‘marijuana possession is illegal’ even though the courts are adamant in BC and Ontario that in fact, the courts have struck down the marijuana possession prohibition.

There was about 50 reporters from every news outlet in Vancouver with their equipment surrounding Marc Emery and on the outside of circle about 40 to 50 supporters had showed up on in front of Vancouver Police headquarters in the drizzling rain on short notice.

It was nearly impossible for the crowd to hear Marc speak due to the scrum of reporters, even Chris Bennet of Pot-TV was being elbowed out of the way but had Marc miked up and the full speech is now available on

Like manna from heaven over 50 joints of one of Marc’s favorite Blueberry crosses were quickly dispersed among the crowd. This in addition to the many joints that people had brought themselves for the occasion. There was a point where there was no one to pass to as everyone had one lit.

Kenny, a friend of Flash’s from Yahoo chat weed smokers lounge, was only the one who even spoke to police who were making themselves scarce and holding up inside their headquarters.

“It’s legal, see!” Kenny showed the officer a copy of the Judge Chen of the BC Court’s decision.

The cop wouldn’t accept the document. “It’s not legal,” he said and walked away in a huff.

It was not quite 4:20 PM but the Prince of Pot had arrived by cab early and was already hoarse from speaking steadily for 20 mins.

“Photo op ” called out the reporters as Marc Emery pulled out the 15 gram BC Pinner he had personally rolled using many papers.

Flash (right) from a previous protestFlash (right) from a previous protestThe cameramen and reporters spread out interviewing many activists including David Malmo Levine, whose case is now before Supreme court of Canada. Steve Bauer, who was recently on the CTV news and had brought his posse which included a grinning girl who held up a BC Marijuana Party sign throughout the press conference.

The amount of media exposure for our issues was phenomenal having ’emailed to a friend’ the relevant links to CFOX and the news stations seemed to have paid off.

The 15 gram joint seriously got to everyone some, like Flash, who was caught bogarting it, more than once Cameras followed its progress thru the crowd.

The Chonger outlasted the journalists and they slowly dispersed.

Two Brits were there who filmed Green Britain for last years Drug War Vigil Video Contest on Pot TV were there. As well there were other amateur filmmakers filming for Pot TV projects.

The police stayed inside their headquarters and didn’t venture out even after the press was gone no one was arrested.

The party back at headquarters on 300 Block of West Hastings was a victory one. The decision which finds that there is no law pertaining to marijuana on the books, or at the very least to the possession of 30 g’s of marijuana, will be appealed to the Supreme Court of BC but Marc has confidence the justices will see the reason in it.

The Supreme court of Canada is due to make a decision Caine/Clay/Levine case by December or January which will give direction on the social justice issue to Parliament much in the same way a decision on same sex marriage has been foisted on Parliament and reminiscent of the way Abortion was legalized in Canada.

Unlike America, the government appointed learned justices of Supreme courts have considerable sway in Canada unless Parliament takes the drastic measure of quashing the rights of its citizens by use of the “not withstanding” clause.Flash (right) from a previous protest

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