Marc Emery escapes arrest in Charlottetown

Marc tokes freely for all cannabis CanadiansMarc tokes freely for all cannabis CanadiansMarc Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, emerged unscathed and unarrested after smoking pot in front of the Charlottetown police station in public protest at 4:20 pm on July 23. The Charlottetown, PEI police station was the 6th stop on Emery’s 16-city cross-Canada “Summer of Legalization Tour.”
“Whenever I don’t get arrested it is a total, utter relief,” said Emery after the protest. “It sends a signal that it’s a worthwhile battle.”

Emery has been arrested three times so far during the tour.

“I usually smoke some Blueberry,” Emery confided. “It makes me high quickly, which is a good thing because the first two or three hours in jail are fine. I have a positive attitude. I think that’s why I haven’t been affected by these jail trips. And in Moncton, I slept in the jail for three hours until they woke me up to release me because I was run ragged from the tour.”

He was refreshed by Charlottetown’s enlightened, intimate and supportive atmosphere.

“There were twelve people here with me,” said Emery. “The Charlottetown Police Department drove buy a whole bunch of times, back and forth watching, but made no real appearance. The media asked, ‘how do I interpret that?’ And I said ‘I think that they are aware in this jurisdiction they have thrown out all the marijuana laws, and they are not arresting me because there are no marijuana laws.'”

By “no marijuana laws” Emery was referring to a decision earlier this year by a PEI court saying that marijuana laws were defunct in that province. The PEI pro-pot decision followed on the heals of a similar Ontario court decision, which was also echoed in Nova Scotia.

The point of Emery’s tour is to demonstrate that because marijuana laws are federal, they shouldn’t be enforced in one province and not in another. Now that an Ontario Superior Court has ruled that marijuana laws are invalid, they should be invalid across the country.

“Clearly there’s a lot of confusion,” Emery explained. “All the government needs to do is nothing for there to be no marijuana law, but they are scrambling to push through so-called decriminalization, which is really recriminalization,? a law filled with criminal records, jail time, and fines for the cannabis culture.”

Indeed police seem totally baffled about what to do with marijuana smokers in general, and Marc Emery in particular. When Cannabis Culture called the Charlottetown police station an hour before Emery’s appearance there to ask if he would be arrested, police seemed unaware that a demonstration was about to take place. Meanwhile, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary have announced they will arrest Emery and anyone else who smokes up when he arrives to blast joints in front of their police station on July 26. On the other hand, the Edmonton Police Station have said that they will leave Emery alone when he smokes up there on August 10.

The last time Emery was arrested, it was by the RCMP. Cannabis Culture called the Canada’s Solicitor General’s office to confirm whether the RCMP had been directed to arrest Emery at any future location. The Solicitor General’s office denied that there was any standing order to arrest Emery. So we called the head office of the RCMP, and were told the same thing.

“What’s happening,” said Emery, “is that more and more people are realizing that it is legal, and people are wondering why the government isn’t telling them this. Marijuana is legal in Canada, and it’s up to every one of us to seize our freedoms!”Marc tokes freely for all cannabis Canadians

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