Summer Freedom Tour comes to the Maritimes

Marc Emery: trying to locate a `cod-fish` bong.Marc Emery: trying to locate a `cod-fish` bong.From July 19 to 26, Cannabis Culture publisher Marc Emery will be taking his cross-country “Summer of Legalization” tour to Canada’s East Coast, with protests scheduled for Halifax, Nova Scotia, Moncton, New Brunswick, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI), and St. John’s, Newfoundland.
Emery has been arrested and jailed for possession at each of his first two stops so far, in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Regina, Saskatchewan. Emery missed his tour date in Dauphin, Manitoba because he was in the Winnipeg jail, but police made two possession busts in Dauphin among those who showed up to protest without Emery.

Although it is likely Emery will be arrested and charged again during these protests, the situation is a bit different in Nova Scotia and PEI. In those two provinces lower court judges have already ruled that the court decision allowing possession of cannabis in Ontario also applies in their provinces.

These court decisions have been appealed by the federal government and are not yet binding on other courts or the police, but they may have an influence on the police actions.

Marc Emery invites all Canadians to join him on his tour. “I want 200 people in Halifax,” wrote Emery in a posting to the Cannabis Culture forums. “The Maritime leg of the Tour should start with a bang, a big crowd. Anyone with a fish bong? In the shape of a cod?”Marc Emery: trying to locate a `cod-fish` bong.

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July 19: Halifax, Nova Scotia
July 21: Moncton, New Brunswick
July 23: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
July 26: St. John’s, Newfoundland

August 9: Calgary, Alberta
August 10: Edmonton, Alberta
August 11: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
August 12: Prince George, BC
August 25: Kingston, Ontario
August 26: London, Ontario
August 27: Hamilton, Ontario
August 28: Sudbury, Ontario
August 30: Windsor, Ontario