The Melting Point

A golden mound of fresh bubblehashA golden mound of fresh bubblehashIn a trendy, New Age-oriented neighborhood in Vancouver, Canada, a man named Bubble is making a habit of vaporizing rose hips, comfrey, and other exotic natural substances.
The BubbleMan, whose famous Bubblebags are known worldwide for their ability to turn cannabis trash into potent hash, has just opened a 2000 square foot store called “Melting Point.”

“Cannabis has taught me a lot of things, and one of them is that other plants have resin glands. It isn’t just cannabis that has them,” explained BubbleMan.

Inside the custom-furnished Melting Point is the legendary “Inhalation Station” that features several vaporization devices.

Customers peruse crystals, bongs, smoking glass sculptures, gems, and a variety of herbs that provide beneficial effects. Crowds gather and breathe deeply as BubbleMan helps them pour pure resin vapor into their grateful lungs.

`If it don`t bubble, it ain`t worth the trouble``If it don`t bubble, it ain`t worth the trouble`People who have never smoked anything in their life trust Bubble enough to inhale the vapors from his high-tech devices.

They find themselves in an altered state of mind, and then they float to the classy outdoor deck from which they gaze in rapt beatitude at the mountains which grace Vancouver’s northern view.

“This is just the beginning of the melting,” BubbleMan says, exhaling a cloud of unburned cannabinoids. “We’re going to bring in healers, massage, internal energy devices, extracts, and custom-built vaporizers that are only available at the Melting Point.”

The new store, resplendent with glistening wood floors and sweet aromas, is open seven days a week and is already becoming a must-see for pilgrims making their visits to Vansterdam.`If it don`t bubble, it ain`t worth the trouble`

– For more information, call 1-866-Melting or visit
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