Assessing risk

A friend of mine is planning on starting a garden in his basement. He wants to order seeds from a company in Quebec but he doesn’t want them sent to his address. He asked me if he could send them to my place as a sort of safehouse. I told him I’d think about it. Is there any danger in it for me? I’d like to help out my friend, but I’m sure not willing to get arrested for it. How safe are these transactions?
Skeptical Buddy,

There are two ways to look at this situation. Seed companies in both Canada and Europe send many thousands of seed packages to the U.S. each year. The chances of one of these packages being intercepted and then used for a sting is exceedingly small. It is hard to detect the packages and first class mail is still considered private. Some of the companies actually mail the seeds from within the U.S. (I don’t know which ones.)

On the other hand, if some freak accident should occur and you were arrested, how would you handle it? Would your friend post your bail and pay your court costs?

There are other solutions. For instance, your friend could order and receive the seeds at his address before he sets up. Once he has the seeds in his possession he can prepare the garden. That way he would be taking no more risk than he is asking of you.

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