Marijuana capsules

Is there any way to make marijuana capsules? I work and I don’t want to reek. I don’t like to cook and would rather take a cap. Do you have any recipes or ideas? One reason I’d like to consume marijuana is that I experience a deeper high that way. Another reason is that it would be kinder to my lungs.
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To make marijuana caps, buy capsules at a homeopathic pharmacy or through the internet. The vendor will also have a small manual capper that makes 100 capsules at a time. The device holds one piece of the cap in place so they can be filled easily. There are several sizes. The biggest is a double O. Some people find these hard to swallow. A smaller size capsule is easier to swallow. It also makes it easier to take the right amount, not too much and not too little.

The cannabis is dried and ground to a very fine consistency in a coffee grinder. After the cannabis is ground, let it sit for a few minutes so that the THC bearing glands settle, rather than float away.

Pour the ground cannabis into a small bowl. Add enough olive oil and mix it in so that the cannabis powder sticks together. Use this mixture to fill the capsules, then put the tops on. Keep refrigerated. For long-term storage, place the capsules in a container and keep frozen.

Any grade of cannabis can be used. Renowned author Tom Flowers, deceased, first made caps from medium-sized leaves trimmed during manicuring. Later he switched over to smaller trim collected from the last stages of preparing bud. Both the quality and the quantity affect the intensity of the experience.

Another method that you might use to get high without smoking is using a tincture administered sublingually, that is, under the tongue. Cannabinoids that have been extracted and dissolved in alcohol are quickly absorbed by the mucus membranes.

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