18 to 24 in vegetative

The plants in my garden are now on the 18/6 cycle. I just read an interesting article you wrote about increasing your plants’ growth rate by keeping the lights on continuously. I want to put them on the 24 cycle. Is that ok or will it kill them? They are seven weeks old and 8-10 inches tall.

The light cycle can be changed from 18 hours of light a day to continuous lighting with no problem. Remember, the plants’ growth rate will increase by a third, so they will require more water and nutrients if they are growing in standard media. If they are in a hydroponic system, the irrigation system should work continuously. The room temperature may also increase.

Continuous lighting increases the growth rate by increasing the length of time the plant photosynthesizes. This process takes place in specialized “organs” in plants’ cells called chloroplasts. They use energy from light to convert carbon dioxide and water into simple sugar. As a result of the chemical reaction, oxygen is released into the air. The sugars are used to supply energy for life processes and as a building block for tissue. Unlike humans, cannabis does not require a rest period from photosynthesizing in order to maintain their health.

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