Grow guru goes free

(l-r)Jane Klien, Ed, Steph Sheere, Justine Rosenthal.(l-r)Jane Klien, Ed, Steph Sheere, Justine Rosenthal.Today, Wednesday, June 4th in a San Francisco, California courtroom, Cannabis Culture grow guru Ed Rosenthal was sentenced to just ONE DAY in jail and three years probation.
The cultivation expert, publisher, journalist, photographer and movement radical told Cannabis Culture the night before the sentencing that he was confident he would be released pending appeal of his conviction earlier this year on charges that he illegally grew medical marijuana in Oakland.

Wavy Gravy at the rallyWavy Gravy at the rallyHe did not anticipate today’s decision, but observers say US District Court Judge Charles Breyer is sending a message to the federal government, and especially the DEA, that federal interference in California’s medpot laws is not going to be backed by federal judges.

Rosenthal was already jailed for one day at the time of his arrest, so the sentence is being described by Judge Breyer as “time served,” which means Rosenthal will not have to spend any more time in jail. Rosenthal could have been sentenced to five years to life in prison.

Rosenthal’s trial was characterized by massive favorable mainstream media publicity, and by charges that the prosecutor lied to a grand jury and that the trial jury was tainted.

Three jurors at the podiumThree jurors at the podiumCannabis Culture digital photojournalist ChadMan, who attended the entire Rosenthal trial and today’s sentencing, said that nearly 200 Rosenthal supporters had gathered outside the federal courtroom this morning.

“Everybody is so pleased and excited,” ChadMan said via cell phone as soon as the sentence was announced. “Ed says, ‘We’re still appealing the conviction, even one day is too much,’ but we all see this as such a big breakthrough for the medical marijuana movement and state’s rights. There’s gonna be one heckuva party today!”

Look for full coverage and exclusive photos of this amazing victory in issue 45 of Cannabis Culture magazine.Three jurors at the podium