Herbs that go with the Herb

Just one of nature`s many healing herbs.Just one of nature`s many healing herbs.We all know that there is one herb – marijuana – that does it all.
Cannabis can become fuel, fiber, paper, oil, food, cosmetics, medicine, building material, cloth, recreational drug, and sacrament. It is nature’s kindest and most useful herb.

But according to herbologist Dawn Story, whose company New Moon Naturals offers a diverse group of specialty products made from plants, nature’s kindest herb goes well with other herbs.

“I know a lot of people who smoke pot,” she says, “and I noticed that some of them needed the benefits of herbal medicines so that they could make their marijuana experience more pleasant. I’ve had several years of professional training and experience in making plant-based medicinal tinctures, so I designed some specialty tinctures that help pot smokers.”

Story’s herbal tinctures are based on the scientifically – established fact that phytochemicals – the active ingredients in plants – are physiologically powerful when ingested by humans.

Thousands of years of traditional medicine, as well as modern, objective scientific studies, have documented that herbs like St. John’s Wort, Gingko, and Ginger have beneficial effects.

Story spent six months researching marijuana’s effects and how to make those effects more healthful and entertaining through the use of synergistic herbal concoctions.

She is now offering a unique product line that includes a tincture that can defeat urine drug tests and cleanse the body, a tincture that increases respiratory health and breath, a tincture that improves mental clarity and memory, and a tincture that produces relaxation.

“These tinctures are made with the finest ingredients, and are almost completely organic,” Story says. “I’ve tested them on tokers and found that they improve people’s enjoyment of the herb, along with their health. The tincture recipes contain powerful special herbs from the Chinese and Western pharmacopoeia, and they are biologically active, freshly-brewed, and very potent.”

If you want to find out more about Story’s cannabis-enhancement tinctures or her other herbal remedies, email her at [email protected].

An in-depth article about how herbs and other substances can be used to enhance the pleasure and safety of marijuana use will appear in an upcoming issue of Cannabis Culture magazine. Don’t miss it!Just one of nature`s many healing herbs.