Reducing outside odor

Recently I bought some high-grade toke that was supposedly from Jamaica. I found 18 seeds in the stash. They were still intact (no cracks) and seem to be viable. I would like to plant them outside. I live in a residential area and have a pretty big yard. I’m not worried about people seeing the plants, but I am about them smelling my crop. Is this a real concern? If so, is there anything I can do to reduce it?
Tallahassee, Florida

Odor can be a problem outdoors, especially if there is a sophisticated person whose nose is attuned to the unusual fragrance. The period of vulnerability lasts for about a month ? the critical period when the plants are maturing.

I have several ideas that you could try. Falling, splashing water produces negative ions. Negative ions eliminate odors by neutralizing them. A fountain or “waterfall” installed as a garden ornament will help keep the odor down. During the critical weeks, a powerful ozone generator will also do a good job of eliminating odors.

Another possibility is to attach the emitter from a negative ion generator directly to the plant. The negative ions will travel through the plant and give you a little shock if you touch the leaves. The ions will neutralize the odor. This cannot be done with fancy generators that clean the air within a chamber, but the simpler kind, that emit the ions directly into the air.

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