Pot for peace

We live in times of great global change and upheaval.
As the Bush petro-dynasty takes the nation to war in a crusade to seize the oil and wealth of Iraq, those who love peace and pot are afraid of what the future will bring.

In opposition to war for oil, cannabis represents what we know is a better path for our planet. Cannabis is a tool which can help to guide our species back to a way of peace and sustainability. Cannabis is the most useful plant in the world, and has many unique characteristics, both in how it interacts with the human mind, and in how it can be used in so many different ways. From food to fuel to fibre, we’ve known about the incredible value of the cannabis plant since the earliest proto-humans began to tame fire and start agriculture.

As a planet, we have come to a crossroads. We can choose to continue the path of war, where civilizations clash for control of ever-diminishing oil resources in a spiral of violence and destruction. Or we can choose the way of peace.

In his books, psychedelic guru Terence McKenna spoke of how it is time for humanity to adopt the plants’ strategy of survival. Most animals, especially predators, survive by consuming resources and then moving on, allowing the natural rejuvenation process to replenish what they have consumed. But plants are immobile, and must re-use and recycle the resources which they have.

A plant doesn’t have the luxury of leaving their environment and moving on once they have polluted it, they must maintain a balance in their surroundings to ensure their continued survival. A plant must recycle and re-use every part of their environment, and as humans have colonized and settled in every part of the globe, it is time for us to stop using the strategy of the roving predator, and adopt the strategy of the stationary plant.

The potential of the human spirit is unlimited. Our limited perspective is the only thing which prevents this world from being the paradise it is meant to be. Cannabis can help to open our minds and heal our planet.

The time will come when instead of blood for oil, we can enjoy pot for peace. We will not rest until that day has come!

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture