Police kill beloved dog

In October 2002, police in London, Ontario, broke into a woman’s apartment and killed her dog during a botched marijuana raid.
Marcia Carroll, 22, was not at home when six officers, some in riot gear, smashed down the door of her apartment. Carroll rushed home from work after a call from her landlord, to find her home trashed and her pet dog slain by police.

Officers showed Carroll a search warrant that didn’t even have her name on it. Carroll’s landlord told the media that the person whose name appeared on the warrant had never lived in the building. No marijuana was found.

Rather than contact the building manager, officers had jimmied open the lock on the building’s front door and then burst into Carroll’s apartment. “I could have got the dog out,” the landlord told the media, adding that Bear was a “gentle” animal. Officers claimed the pet was killed because “it could not be subdued.”

Carroll is unable to have children, and described Bear, a six-year-old German shepherd and Labrador cross, as her “surrogate son.” About two dozen friends held a public candlelight vigil for Bear in front of police headquarters after the shooting. A local radio station has launched “The Bear Fund” to support the London Humane Society in the slain pet’s memory.

An internal police report into the shooting was due in November, but has since been delayed until past January 2003. Some media reports indicated that the dog may have been shot while running away from the officers.