Anti-war movement mobilizes

As President Bush and the US military prepare to wage an unprecedented unilateral military invasion of Iraq, anti-war protesters worldwide have mobilized to stop the war machine, using direct action and other methods.
In Alabama, anti-drug war activist Loretta Nall has been doing media interviews and organizing public protest events, despite continuing harrasment from police and other officials.

On Tuesday, 3-18, she organized a major rally on the steps of the capitol building in Montgomery (

In Italy, courageous activists have risked their lives by blockading trains moving US military hardware for use in Iraq.

In Turkey, where 93% of the populace opposes the use of Turkish land and infrastructure for staging US troops and death hardware, activists are protesting outside the Parliament building and also vowing to disrupt movement of troops and military hardware.

In Spain, where 89% of the population opposes the Spanish government’s outspoken support of the Bush war, cannabis and anti-war activists have been engaging in non-violent civil disobedience designed to preven the US war machine from working well. Also, the Rainbow Warrior protest ship blockaded a Spanish naval port.

In Scotland, a female anti-war activist snuck onto a military base and damaged a fighter plane.

In England, where 80% of the population oppose Tony Blair’s loving support of George W. Bush, government officials and members of Parliament resigned rather than participate in Blair’s blind support of the Bush war for oil.

In Australia, protesters are staging theatrical protests and civil disobedience to protest Prime Minister John Howard’s support of Bush. A solid majority of the Australian public opposes Australian involvement in the Iraq war.

In Israel, a young female American anti-war protester was deliberately crushed and killed by an Israeli bulldozer operator engaged in a military operation; Israeli officials lied about the incident, trying to blame the protester for her own death.

General strikes and hardcore civil disobedience are planned in Europe and elsewhere when the US invasion of Iraq actually commences. Citizens in countries like Holland and Denmark are particularly upset that their right-wing governments are publicly supporting the Bush war, even though citizens of those countries overwhelmingly oppose the war.

The US refused to go for a second United Nations Security vote, knowing that the vote would fail. Russia, China, France and most other countries oppose the war. Governments in countries like Colombia and Bulgaria support it, even though there is no country where a majority of citizens support war on Iraq.

International legal analysts say that if the US invades Iraq without a second UN vote and without Iraq having ever attacked the United States, that it will be a violation of international law and will essentially make America the 21st century equivalent of the Roman Empire, with one country attempting to rule the world by force.

Money, power and fanatical religious beliefs appear to be motivating Bush and his cohorts. For example, US corporations are already being promised billions of dollars for rebuilding Iraq after the war. One of the companies that stands to make billions in profits is Halliburton, formerly run by millionaire and now-vice president Dick Cheney.

US Congressman and Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is trying to offer emergency legislation that would restrain what some are calling Bush’s dictatorial powers in unilaterally declaring war.

All major US news networks, especially Fox, NBC, MSNBC, Clear Channel, NPR and CNN, have become total propagandists for war, according to a study of news coverage, conducted by MSNBC fired “liberal” talk show host Phil Donohue because it feared that his anti-war stance would hurt the network. When tens of thousands of people protested the war in cities across the USA last week, the mainstream media did not even report the protests.

Former drug czar General Barry McCaffrey, himself an alleged war criminal due to his actions during the first Iraq war, is reguarly seen on mainstream media shows, where he portrays himself as an honorable soldier and an expert on Iraq and war.

People seeking truth in reporting, and information about how to stop the war, can visit, and

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, one of few members of the US Congress with the guts to stand up to Bush, can be contacted via email at [email protected].

In recent months, some people contacted Cannabis Culture magazine to say that pot people should not view the war on Iraq as relevant or objectionable, but Australian pot activist KoalaMan, who has participated in non-violent direct action to protest the drug war and the Iraq war in New South Wales, is having none of it.

“The US government is the primary government pushing these bloody wars all over the world,” he said. “They’re the ones who work with our government to rave up the war on weed, and they are the ones who are subverting law and human rights worldwide. The UN can’t stop them. They don’t respect the World Court. The same lack of respect for human dignity and democracy, and the brute exercise of power that we are seeing with Iraq, is just what we experience as victims of the drug war. I don’t like Hussein, but he’s not the guy sending sniffer dogs up my bum and flying copters over my patch. I agree with what the opinion polls are saying over here: the biggest threat to the survival and peace of the world is not Hussein – it’s Bush. Why don’t the American people rise up to do something about this guy?”