Letter From Thailand Today: Drug War Police State

Hi Marc,
My name is sak from Thailand. Just listening to you talk about Thailand on pot-tv.net. Thanks for your help to promote ganchaa to be legalized. I wish everyone in the world would watch pot-TV in order to educate themself about the ganchaa. I learn alot from pot-tv.net. It helps me to get away from the American propaganda drugs education program and the media that teach every Thai kid to be against ganchaa.

Nothing stops my curiousity. Ganchaa is the choice that I choose. I never want to use any other drug. I do not like to be drunk. I do not like amphetamines or heroin. But these things seem to be more easy to buy. It quite difficult to find ganchaa in Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand because Amphetamines are easier to deal, ‘speed’ is smaller at same time ganchaa also illegal and easy to detect for its strong smell.

Most of Thai new generation do not know what is the difference between ganchaa and heavy drugs but old people (70 up), they know it well that before Americans came ganchaa was growing everywhere and used for food, medicine, clothes, etc.

UN and America drug policy force the Thai government to show the good job with War on Drugs otherwise all fund and business trade will be banned.

What can a small country like Thailand could do when they depend on a powerful countries like America and UN?

Now Thai Prime Minister walk on the wrong way to use more violence than ever to fix drug problem. It only create more problems to society. Today more people killing each other and police can open fire on people who choose to run away from smoking (ganhaa) place. Many people drop dead and police claim promotion and take the victim’s property and money or everything they own everybody get they share.

There is death penalty to toward heavy drug (amphetamine, heroin) dealer. So no one want to get caught without fighting back. The drug dealer do not want to kill any police or other. It is one way ticket to die at crime sceen or end up in jail on death roll at the same time police take everything that belong to the family. That is why at least 1000 deaths in first 3 weeks of a 3 month war on drugs. Among 1000 deaths there is one 9 year old boy who died by police open fire and one very young girl got injured by the police open fire.

I wish Thai politicians can learn and used some of Swedish law where there is no death penalty and the longest penalty is max at 12 years. Every prisoner has their own room with TV and can go home every weekend if they behave good. No jail for ganchaa user only fine with criminal act report gave by court of law.

The flag of ThailandThe flag of ThailandJail in Thailand is full of drug charged. Prisoner has to lay next to each other on the floor (only shoulder wide is that space you could have) no free blanket, no free shoes, no access to proper medical only some pain killer. No privacy. Hard work with 2 bad meal per day. Light off at 1900hrs and no one allow to speak, no TV, no music, only hope and glad that they are not isolated in dark cold dirty room and waiting for death roll for a drug charge. It is sad what has happened to my country.

Most people are now afraid of surprise drug tests (pee test) at their work, their school, or their night pub, disco-tech where they hang out at weekend, or at their home. Many people lose their job, lose their future. Fear every where not just the heavy drug itself but the police death squad whom got authorithy to kill if their suspect run. The police became nasty and like to walk over people privacy line.

It has happened to me that 2 under surveillance police work right in my bedroom where I was asleep with my wife and kid woke me up. We were scare of unexpected stranger visited us at the very early morning. They look for my bong, or small bag of my ganchaa. They did not find it that time. They come many times and even visited my mam’s house and serched my backpack infront of my mam. Some neighbor told the police that I’m pot head. For smoke ganchaa I could also be killed by death squad which they call “cleaning up society.”

I wish Thailand should learn and used Holland or Swizerland way to fix heavy drug problem where ganchaa play a big roll.

Well Thailand willing and will free ganchaa if only America and UN let us. Otherwise they will not buy our rice or food product and force us to paid back IMF and took away helping projects.

Now it is not a good time to have holiday in Thailand. The police could open fire in puplic and innocent can die for free. Or the police can stop any person they want to search for drug any where even stop taxi or busses. Worse of all is that police can set you up if they do not like you.

Good news from Thai TV today that their is some group of movement meet the Thai government to talk about legalized Gratom (leaves from tree for chewing suck the juice from it to get speed kind of effect.) Becuase many Thai in southern part still use it as herb medicine. And it will help the amphetamine user change the drug to chewing Gratom leave as medicine to healing the anxiety.

I love Pot-TV and wish to see Canada and America legalize ganchaa so all small country can follow and no one get killed by police for smoking ganchaa.

High on hope.