Store your stash

Whenever I see somebody take bud for which they just paid $400 an ounce, and put it in a plastic bag, I wince.
Like tobacco, fruit and other natural products, marijuana cannot retain its most sought after characteristics if it is handled roughly or stored improperly. Heat, light, and humidity affect the freshness, smokeability, and potency of marijuana.

Jon Stashman is a Northern California woodworker, designer and entrepreneur who wants to solve your pot storage problems with his series of “Stash Boxx” containers that provide watertight, airtight compartments ideal for marijuana.

“The most common form of stash deterioration results from dehydration,” Stashman explains. “Freshly manicured stash needs adequate moisture content. Moisture allows stash to retain its shape, malleability, and fresh flavor. If you look at newly-manicured stash and compare it to stash that is six months old, especially if the stash has been stored in a paper bag, you will see the difference. Fresh hydrated stash looks good and smokes smooth, but improperly stored stash dries out and falls apart.”

Stash Boxx containers minimize dehydration and other problems. They are made of unbreakable glass-reinforced “ABS” plastic. Unlike other plastic, ABS cannot absorb outside odors and does not give off its own odor. Other plastics, like the polyurethane used in food storage containers, impart a chemical odor to herb, and smoking such herb might introduce harmful by-products into your lungs.

Stashman says Stash Boxx products are so resistant to external air and water that they have been tested at depths of 100 feet and show no sign of rupture or leakage.

“We equip them with a neoprene O-ring which creates an air-tight, water-tight environment,” Stashman explains. “Because Stash Boxx is air-tight, it is also absolutely odor-proof. The smaller boxes are lined with a closed cell foam that provides shock resistance should the box be dropped. Our larger boxes are lined with “pluck-and-pull” foam. This foam is pre-formed into cubes that can be pulled out to form interior storage space in any shape you can imagine. Customers use Stash Boxxes to store breakable smoking accessories or sensitive items such as scales and electronic equipment.”

Some tokers believe that storing cannabis in mason jars or plastic bags in the freezer is the ideal way to preserve freshness and potency, but Stashman says that “unless you’re very careful to remove all the air from the freezer bag, sub-zero temperatures will greatly accelerate the drying process and could damage sensitive plant tissue.”

If your stash has become dry and crumbly, Stashman says, Stash Boxx sells two sizes of humidifiers and a distilled water/propylene glycol solution that preserves correct humidity while also preventing mold growth. Storage mold is a vicious intruder that can destroy treasured stash virtually overnight.

And in case you’re worried about using propylene glycol, Stashman says it’s used extensively and safely in the tobacco and wine industries to prevent mold growth.

“It is absolutely non-toxic and odorless. It does not impart foreign flavors into tobacco, wine, or stash,” he explains. “A few drops of our glycol/distilled water solution will perfectly preserve your stash.”

Stash Boxx design and materials are the result of Stashman’s experience in the cigar and pipe tobacco industries. He says that most other marijuana storage systems, especially those that are made of wood, are objectively inferior to Stash Boxx.

“Wood allows moisture to escape from your stash thereby contributing to the drying process,” he says. “Also, wood expands and contracts radially and tangentially. This loosens glued joints and will eventually cause the box to destabilize. Also, some wood and wood glues impart undesirable odors into your stash.”

So if you are wondering why your precious marijuana does not look, smoke or stone as well as it did when you first bought it, analyze your storage methods. Are you exposing your herb to extremes of heat or cold? Are you storing your herb with too little or too much humidity? Do you have your weed in a container that seals tight and is impervious to water or air?

I tried Stash Boxx; it improved the quality and durability of my medicine. Check out the Stash Boxx product line and you will be on your way to preserving your kindest herb.

? Stash Boxx: tel 707-459-2145; email [email protected]; web



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