Starting world wars, inventing horrible weapons, enslaving large populations…

OR… WHAT THE “petrochemical pharmaceutical military-industrial trans-national fascist corporate elite son-of-a-bitches” DO ON A REGULAR BASIS TO STIMULATE THEIR SYNTHETIC FUEL & MEDICINE MONOPOLIES.
Part 1: At the finish line

“Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.”
-H.G. Wells (1866-1946), historian and science fiction writer, “The Fate of Homo Sapiens,” p. 105, 1920

When researching the vast ocean of books, magazine articles and internet sites currently devoted to the history of “big chemical,” a dramatic fact becomes quickly apparent. There are two main characters. One German, the other American. Other characters might make a guest appearance or serve in a supporting role, but two companies – or, more accurately, cartels – seem to be running the show and calling the shots.

History reveals that these cartels dominate, not only the world of synthetic medicines & bio-pharmaceuticals, chemical pesticides, fertilizers & fuels, and chemical & biological weapons, but also banking, media & geopolitics. I am, of course, talking about the German-Swiss synthetic chemical, fuel and drug cartel once known as I.G. Farben, and the American oil, chemical and drug interests surrounding the Rockefellers.

How it all began

“Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.”
-Thomas Jefferson to Horatio Gates Spafford, 17 Mar. 1817, cited in Papers 14:221 (1)

“Unless you become more watchful in your States and check this spirit of monopoly and thirst for exclusive privileges you will in the end find that the most important powers of Government have been given or bartered away, and the control of your dearest interests have been passed into the hands of these corporations.”
-President Andrew Jackson, Farewell Address, March 4, 1837 (2)

“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . .corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”
-U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864, from a letter to Col. William F. Elkins (3)

In 1850, an upstate New York farmer named “Old Bill” Rockefeller moved to Cleveland, listed himself as a “physician” in the city directory and began to palm off bottled raw petroleum on the yokels as a cure for cancer. Calling it “Nujol” (“new oil”), it was the beginning of the Rockefeller medicine and energy monopoly – a mega-cartel that truly began when Bill’s cunning and determined son John tried his hand at selling oil. (4)

In 1856, just six years after “Old Bill” began to play doctor, an 18-year-old English chemistry student named William Henry Perkin stumbled upon a process to make purple dye from coal tar. Until then, all dyes were made from natural sources such as insects, barks, flowers, berries, animal organs and eggs. German chemists eventually made the connection between the mountains of coal tar left over from massive steel production in the Ruhr, and the new, cheaper way to make the costly dyes. Three companies emerged and dominated the new German dye industry – Hoechst, Bayer, and BASF. (5)

In 1916, Bayer chemist Carl Duisberg would organize a loose association of the eight biggest German chemical companies, and formalize this association in 1925, joining with their Swiss counterparts Ciba, Geigy and Sandoz in 1929. (6) From the beginning, the association was called the “Interessen Gemeinschaft der Deutschen Teerfarbenindustrie” – the “Community of Interest of the German Dyestuff Industry” – I.G. Farben for short.

Aspirin’s twisted history

In 1884, Carl Duisberg began his career at Bayer. (7) He was General Manager at Bayer when in 1897 another prominent chemist, Arthur Eichengrun – a Jew – discovered Aspirin. Eichengrun was prolific, with 40 patents to his name and was promoted to the head of pharmaceutical research upon his discovery. (8)

Eichengrun was never given credit for discovering Aspirin. When he was promoted head of research, his assistant, German Felix Hoffmann – the man Bayer claims to this day (9) invented aspirin – was moved to the sales department. As it turns out, IG Farben made the Hoffmann story up in 1933 as the Nazi’s came into power. To be fair, Bayer would never forget the inventor of their best seller – “the world’s favorite painkiller.” They used their influence to make sure Eichengrun got sent to the best of concentration camps. (10) He even got his own room.

Richard Willstatter, a Jewish Nobel Prize-winning chemist (1915) who had been forced to flee Germany in 1939, wrote a book while in exile in Switzerland. In it there is a short passage in which the scientist criticized Carl Duisberg for making anti-Semitic comments when Willstatter resigned from the University of Munich in 1924. (11) These anti-Semitic tendencies within I.G. Farben would become more pronounced as the company became more political.

Survival of the richest

Meanwhile, John D. Rockefeller had been busy. By 1880, Rockefeller owned or controlled 95% of all oil produced in the United States. Shortly after the turn of the century, Rockefeller became America’s first billionaire. (12) It was around the turn of the century that Rockefeller began to give money to the Foundations, Funds, Research Centers and Institutes that would promote all the drugs his chemists churned out in the years to come.

The most richly endowed research center – the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research – was established in New York in 1902. By 1928 it had received from John D. $65 million in endowment funds. In contrast, as late as 1938, as little as $2.8 million in federal funding was budgeted for the entire U.S. Public Health Service. (13) By 1929, the Rockefeller Foundation, first created in 1909, had received $300 million. (14)

“Eugenics” or “good genes” was a science based on “social Darwinism” or “survival of the fittest” applied to humans. It was very popular with those who had most of the wealth and felt like they needed a scientific rationale for it – to validate the great poverty and suffering that also would occur. After 1900, Rockefeller, along with the Harriman family – the family that gave the Bush family it’s start – began to spend million on “eugenics” research. (15)

Some of the Rockefeller Foundation money went to a Swiss psychiatrist named Ernst Rudin. He later went on to head the German “Racial Hygiene Society,” a section of the new Nazi state. (16) Rockefeller would also hire William Lyon Mackenzie King as a “Director of Industrial Research” for the Rockefeller Foundation – shortly after he began the racist war on opium-smoking Chinese in Canada. (17)

You don’t want dye? OK … how about poison gas?

“You will make war when it suits us and keep peace when it doesn’t And in return you shall have the support of my newspapers, and the delight of imagining that you are a great statesman.”
-Undershaft, the armament maker, in Bernard Shaw’s “Major Barbara,” Act III, 1905

It was Carl Duisberg, head of I.G., a man who “would not tolerate dissent,” a man who “believed in the ‘Fuhrer Principle’ long before Hitler was ever heard of,” it was Duesberg who urged the employment of chemical warfare in the autumn of 1914. (18) Duesberg … “saw immediately that poison gas warfare could revive the moribund dyestuff industry, which was almost at a standstill since the beginning of the war he not only devoted Bayer to the poison gas project but also involved himself personally in the experiments.” (19)

On April 22, 1915, when the Germans finally tried out their new weapon – chlorine gas – it was the I.G. companies and I.G. chemists that supplied it. Five thousand died terrible deaths – another 10,000 were wounded. (20) By the end of the war, at least 91 thousand men had died of gas. Another 1.3 million had been wounded by gas…. one of them was being a young soldier named Adolf Hitler. (21)

Hitler – one satisfied customer!

“What is the pain in my eyes compared to this misery? In these nights hatred grew in me, hatred for those responsible for this deed I, for my part, decided to go into politics.”
-Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf (22)

“In no future war will the military be able to ignore poison gas. It is a higher form of killing.”
-Professor Fritz Haber, pioneer of gas warfare – who got his start through BASF – or receiving the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1919 (23)

Hitler was temporarily blinded by British mustard gas in 1918 – a gas introduced by BASF chemist Fritz Haber the year before. (24) Hitler’s prolonged blindness and poisoning – just as the war ended – must have had a profound effect on his outlook and world-view. Some said the experience “helped determine him to avenge the German Defeat.” (25)

And while we’re on the topic of common harsh chemicals and their effects on young Adolph’s psyche, one other episode is worth recalling. Some historians have tried to explain Hitler’s pathological hatred for Jews by pointing to the painful death Hitler’s mother experienced at the hands of a Jewish Doctor back in 1907 who might have used too much “iodoform” – a powerful chemical antiseptic – to fight her breast cancer. (26)

With an open mind, one could blame Hitler’s mother’s agony on the Doctor’s faith in harsh chemicals more easily than on his faith in the Old Testament. An open mind, of course, was one thing Hitler was never known for.

Who named the Nazis – Hitler or IG Farben?

Aside from calling for a “Fuhrer” and gassing millions, I.G. would set other examples for the Nazis to follow. In 1916, the IG chemist and plant manager Werner Daitz was to write;

“A new type of state socialism is appearing, totally different from that which any of us have dreamed or thought of. Private economic initiative and the private capitalist economy will not be crippled, but will be regimented from the points of view of state socialism in that capital will be concentrated in the national economy and will be directed outwards with uniform impetus It breaks this up into national socialism whose election promise will be: work rather than phrases.” (27)

Keep in mind, this is at least three years before Hitler added “National Socialist” to the “German Worker’s Party” – where the term “Nazi” comes from. Both Hitler and I.G. were probably tripping off the same Austrian right-wing political vibe, but it seems like I.G. tripped first, doing much to import National Socialism into Germany.

To add further clarity, Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini would later explain: “Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” (28)

A first attempt at labor cost reductions

In September 1916 – one month after consolidating I.G. – Carl Duesburg came up with yet another vision. He proposed that the war ministry “open up the Belgian labor basin.” Apparently, sending all of German’s best and brightest to the front lines had caused a labor shortage. Less than two months later, the German army began the forced deportation of Belgian workers to German factories. (29) IG indeed gave the Belgians “work rather than phrases” – and rather than wages and freedom, too.

The Belgian clergy and journalists filled the world’s newspapers with the horrors of the enslavement. The US government sent their German counterparts a note about the forced labor, complaining of a “contravention of all precedents.” The deported Belgians, now 40,000 strong, refused to work. Faced with worldwide condemnation, the German power structure abandoned their “free-labor” idea (30) at least until they could figure out a way to avoid worldwide condemnation.

Duisberg and fellow war-gas pioneer Fritz Haber both put on fake beards and hid in Switzerland after the war. (31) As it turns out, Duisberg’s name never appeared on any list of war criminals – post-war anti-communist sentiments were strong enough to overshadow a serious look at capitalist war-crime sponsorship.

On February 3rd, 1920, less than six months after receiving his Nobel Prize for Chemistry, Fritz Haber was charged with war crimes. The actual trials, taking place the next year, were a joke. No major criminals were tried, and Haber’s name was dropped from the list before testimony began. During the WW2 Nuremberg war-crimes trials, defendant Albert Speer lamented that the failure of the war crimes trials in WW1 only encouraged the criminals to try again. (32)

A one-time installment fee

“If Germany is again to be great, all classes of our people must come to the realization that leaders are necessary who can act without concern for the caprices of the masses.”
-Carl Duisberg, 1925, speech to the central organization of German industry – the Reichsverband (33)

And try again they did. To be fair, it was mainly steel companies (34), middle class German patriots and the American pro-Nazi Prescott Bush bank – the “Brown Brothers Harriman” bank – (35) who kept the Nazi’s equipped with snazzy uniforms and torches.until the depression hit in 1929. Fearing a communist election victory, more and more of Germany’s industrialists began to support Hitler. By 1931, IG Farben was doing so too, although not publicly. (36)

Right-wing historians have tried to downplay I.G.’s “several secret contributions to the Nazi war chest” in 1931 and 1932, (37) and up-play I.G.’s resistance (until 1932) to Hitler’s anti-Semitism. (38) Yet this was the depression – a time when everyone was starving and desperate for any job. No specific amount was mentioned, but I.G. was by far the largest corporation in Europe, and any donation was no doubt vital to electoral victory.

I.G. also “dismissed” their most anti-Semitic chemist – Dr. Robert Ley – way back in 1927. However, I.G. paid him a monthly stipend so he “wouldn’t defect to a competitor.” (39) With that money he founded a Nazi paper in the Rhineland, became an example of Jewish persecution and a martyr, and became a top Nazi. He would later attempt to convince Hitler to use nerve gas at the end of the war. (40) Dr. Ley committed suicide in his cell at Nuremberg before the trial began.

In early 1933, right before the Nazi’s last election, four IG representatives showed up at a meeting of German Industrialists and Nazi economic advisors. According to the November 23, 1945 transcripts from Nuremberg war-crimes trial, Hitler and Goering were hitting up the industrialists for election money. Hitler was to have said;

“Now we stand before the last election. Regardless of the outcome there will be no retreat, even if the coming election does not bring about a decision.”

Goering then added; “the sacrifices asked for surely would be so much easier for industry to bear if it realized that the election of March 5th will surely be the last one for the next 10 years, probably even for the next 100 years.” The Nazi’s asked for 3 million marks. They got it, and IG contributed more than ten percent – the largest single contribution. (41)

Nazi’s experiment with their own drug war

“Germany needs the strength of every single man for the development of its national and economic freedom. Therefore, no German has the right to impair his strength through alcohol abuse. Such action is detrimental not only to himself, but to his family, and above all, to his people.”
– Heinrich Himmler, 1938. (42)

“Rauschgiftbekaempfung” meant literally “the combatting of drugs.” It was a policy coordinated by the Reich Health Service within the Ministry of the Interior. It was part of the same bureaucratic labyrinth that included the departments of hereditary science and racial hygiene, and much of its policy-making was conducted by Nazi physicians. An unholy alliance of Nazi eugenics and American prohibition, Rauschgiftbek?mpfung unsuccessfully attempted to undo centuries of traditional social behavior. (43)

As in America, industrial hemp was being grown in Germany for the war effort. Similar to New York Mayor LaGuardia’s 1944 investigation into the effects of cannabis, the Nazi’s allowed cannabis research to continue through the 1930’s. (44) When the war began, Germany’s research ended.

Addicts of morphine and cocaine were locked up starting in 1941 by the “Reich Bureau for the Struggle against Addictive Drugs,” a project under the direction of Reich Health Fuhrer Dr. Leonardo Conti. (45) Dr. Conti also conducted medical experiments on those he locked up. He was responsible for the killing of a large number of Germans of “unsound mind.” (46)

Dr. Conti also involved himself with malaria experiments at Dachau. The experiment involved 1,200 prisoners, most of them Catholic priests, and cost the lives of 300 to 400 persons. Of them no more than 30 died of the disease itself; the majority died from over doses of the medicines that were being tried out on them. (47) Dr. Conti committed suicide at Nuremberg in October 1945 after arrest to avoid a trial. (48)

Assisting Dr. Conti was Major General Kurt Blome. (49) Dr. Blome later worked at Camp Detrick with Rockefeller’s pal George Merck. (50)

IG Auschwitz – the ideal business climate

Once Farben’s Nazi’s bought enough votes to entrench themselves in power, they made well on their election promise to their employers. Beginning with joint Nazi-IG Farben synthetic oil and rubber ventures in 1933 that made Hitler’s war machine self-sufficient, the co-operation continued with the plunder of Europe’s chemical industries. As the Nazi’s invaded each country, I.G. would take control of the chemical companies. (51)

If these “hostile takeovers” were good for business, slavery was even better. Instead of “work rather than phrases,” many of the camps had “work will set you free” on their gates. It was the greatest false-advertising campaign in human history – unless you define “free” as “dead from exhaustion.” As the war dragged on, I.G. created it’s own private camp called Monowitz – also known as Auschwitz III.

Monowitz was located right outside the largest synthetic oil and rubber factory in the world, the largest industrial complex outside the borders of the German Reich, and I.G.’s largest factory: I.G. Auschwitz. I.G. Farben owned 100% of I.G. Auschwitz. The sight had been chosen by I.G. for the abundant water and coal in the area, not to mention all the free slave labor from Auschwitz I and II. (52 ) I.G. created Monowitz because too many of their employees would die while marching to work every day.

Our investors would expect no less

Conditions at Monowitz and I.G. Auschwitz were a living nightmare. They were exploited, as one Nazi bigwig put it, “to the highest possible extent at the lowest possible expenditure.” (53) Truth be told, it was even worse than that. You could get a lot of work out of a slave over the course of the slave’s long life – America did it with black “slaves” before and black “criminals” today. But the “slaves” at I.G. Auschwitz were quickly worked to death. It was not slave labor, it was death labor.

The diet was designed to kill you from exhaustion in three months – less if you were weak or sick. A Buna plant worker and Auschwitz escapee vividly described the work conditions:

.”..(our working place) was divided into small sectors of 10 x 10 posts, each guarded by an SS man. Whoever stepped outside these squares during working hours was immediately shot without warning for having “attempted to escape.” Often it happened that out of pure spite an SS man would order a prisoner to fetch some given object outside his square. If he followed the order, he was shot for having left his assigned place. The work was extremely hard and there were no rest periods. The way to and from work had to be covered at a brisk military trot; anyone falling out of line was shot. … Very few could bare the strain and although escape seemed hopeless, attempts were made every day. The result was several hangings a week.” (54)

Fritz ter Meer – one of the top overseers of I.G. Auschwitz and the highest-ranking member to do time for war crimes – said at his trial:

“Forced labor did not inflict any remarkable injury, pain, or suffering on the detainees, particularly since the alternative for these workers would have been death.” (55)

Fritz didn’t bother to mention the fact that I.G.’s campaign contributions, the anti-Semitic and authoritarian examples they set and prototype concentration camps they conceived in WWI were the main factors in limiting their present “detainees” options so dramatically.

Making a killing off gas sales

Zyklon B – “Cyclone B” in German – was the name of the gas that the Nazi’s used to kill off scapegoats not lucky enough to be selected for death labor. Zyklon B was sold by Degesch, a company owned (mostly) by I.G. Farben. Degesch profits “doubled” as a result of its Zyklon B sales – they even saved money removing the now-superfluous “warning odor.” (56)

Various I.G. gasses were tested on Auschwitz prisoners. (57) Various I.G. pharmaceuticals were, too. (58) Most died from the experiments themselves – others were eliminated due to concerns of a proprietary nature. One of the SS doctors at Auschwitz, Dr. Helmut Vetter, a longtime Bayer employee, was involved in the testing of Bayer experimental vaccines and medicines on inmates. He was later executed for giving inmates fatal injections. (59)

Bayer would constantly send “new preparations” to try out on prisoners, and argue over the cost of Ukrainian women as if they were lab mice. (60) This was not the beginning – and unfortunately not the end – of Bayer’s very profitable bio-weapons department … more on that below.

One final note on gas. According to author William Cooper;

In the early 1940s, the I.G. Farben Chemical Company employed a Polish salesman who sold cyanide to the Nazis for use in Auschwitz. The same salesman also worked as a chemist in the manufacture of the poison gas. This same cyanide gas along with Zyklon B and malathion was used to exterminate millions of Jews and other groups. … After the war the salesman, fearing for his life, joined the Catholic Church and was ordained a priest in 1946. … The salesman was ordained Poland’s youngest bishop in 1958. After a 30-day reign his predecessor was assassinated and our ex-cyanide gas salesman assumed the papacy as Pope John Paul II. (61)

This information is backed up by various other sources, including the Vatican’s own website. (62)

Employee of the month: Dr. Mengele

In a number of documents only recently discovered exists a letter in which Bayer Sales Director Wilhelm Mann praised famous Nazi Dr. Joseph Mengeles experiments and promised to discuss financing from the company. “I have enclosed the first check,” Mann wrote. “Dr. Mengeles experiments should, as we both agreed, be pursued. Heil Hitler!” Mengele wrote this to his bosses at Bayer headquarters;

“I have thrown myself into my work wholeheartedly, especially as I have the opportunity to test our new preparations. I feel like I am in paradise.” (63)

Mengele’s other employer during the war? The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (KWI), controlled by the Rockefellers. (64) At Auschwitz and the KWI, Mengele oversaw thousands of deaths – sometimes all in one day. His numerous horrific experiments with dwarfs and twins other victims of “experiments” and “murder” are well documented. I shall quote from a particularly vivid passage;

One of the few existing documents that cover Mengele’s time at Auschwitz is a paper he signed to accompany the head of a twelve-year-old Gypsy boy. On several occasions the head of a patient with noma (gangrenous face infection) was removed and sent to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. (65)

Mengele wasn’t the only Nazi doctor to participate in genocide – there were thousands. But Mengele was the most famous. Something to think about, the next time you reach for that Bayer Aspirin.

A slap on the wrist

In 1948, a small minority of the IG Farben directors – all of the eye-witnesses – were found guilty in at Nuremberg of mass murder, enslavement and plunder, including Fritz ter Meer. Because of pressure from right wing legislators in the US (who felt the real enemy was “communism – not German businessmen”) they were all out of jail within four years. (66)

Despite introducing gas warfare, forced labor, National Socialism and the “Fuhrer Principle,” despite encouraging anti-Semitism, despite being the Nazi’s biggest financial backers, they were all acquitted of “preparation and waging of aggressive warfare” and “conspiracy” – the court ruled that there was not enough evidence of “knowledge of the immediate result” of their own actions. (67)

Had they all been found guilty, war profiteering might have ended – or at least become more difficult. As in WW1, the war trials were a sham.

Rockefeller’s ties to I.G. Farben

By 1941 Standard Oil of New Jersey was the largest oil company in the world, controlling 84 percent of the U.S. petroleum market. Its bank was Chase and its owners were the Rockefellers. After the Rockefellers, the next largest stockholder in Standard Oil was I.G. Farben. (68) The Rockefeller – Farben relationship went back as far as 1927. (69)

The planes that made up the Luftwaffe needed tetraethyl lead gasoline in order to fly. Before World War II, only Standard Oil, Du Pont, and General Motors had the ability to produce this vital substance. In 1938, Walter C. Teagle, then president of Standard Oil, helped Hermann Schmitz of I.G. Farben to acquire 500 tons of tetraethyl lead from Ethyl, a British Standard subsidiary. A year later, Schmitz returned to London and obtained an additional 15 million dollars worth of tetraethyl lead which was to be turned into aviation gasoline back in Germany.

After the war began in Europe, the English became angry about U.S. shipments of strategic materials to Nazi Germany. Standard Oil immediately changed the registration of their entire fleet to Panamanian to avoid British search or seizure. These ships continued to carry oil to Tenerife in the Canary Islands, where they refueled and siphoned oil to German tankers for shipment to Hamburg. (70)

Soon-to-be-president Harry S. Truman said the Rockefeller-Farben relationship “approaches treason.” (71) “Approaches”? It seems to be sitting on treason’s lap to me.

At war’s end, when the American doughboys sloughed into Germany and reached the industrial city of Frankfurt, they were amazed to find intact all of I.G.’s buildings and their huge plant. American aviators, pinpointing their targets, had demolished every other structure in town. What the doughboys didn’t know as that the Secretary of War, one Robert P. Patterson, was a Rockefeller lawyer, appointed by President Roosevelt upon Rockefeller orders, fresh out of Dillon, Read and Company. The Dillon-Read concern was a Rockefeller subsidiary – and the banking house that financed I.G. Farben. (72)

CBS News war correspondent Paul Manning reported that on August 10, 1944, the Rockefeller-Farben partners moved their “flight capital” through affiliated American, German/French, British and Swiss banks. Bayer and Hoechst were reorganized in 1951 under the direction of the Allied High Commission, largely influenced by U.S. High Commissioner John J. McCloy – a lawyer and banker from Philadelphia, with intimate ties to Rockefeller banking and oil interests. (73)

Rockefeller’s medical monopoly

“Since 1910, the Rockefeller General Education Board and other Foundations have showered millions of dollars on allopathic educational institutions, with the General Education Board alone contributing about $600,000,000.”
-Barbara Griggs, “Green Pharmacy” (74)

“Well I’m well aquatinted with the reefer man. Yeah, Jim I know the reefer man. If I claim my own portion of the Rockefeller fortune, then you know I just left that reefer man.”
-Don Redman and his orchestra, “Reefer Man,” circa 1933 (75)

“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic State itself. That, in its essence, is Fascism–ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.”
-President Franklin D. Roosevelt (76)

The word “allopathy” means “treating disease with lots of harsh chemicals.” The word “homeopathy” means “treating disease with small amounts of not-nearly-as-harsh herbs.” (77) The Flexner Report of 1910 finally eliminated the “homeopathic” medical schools – all natural medicines, actually – within the United States. The report was financed and promoted by the Carnegie Foundation and Rockefeller’s General Education Board. (78) The report helped reduce the number of medical colleges from 131 to 76 by 1930. (79)

Flexner complained that any “crude boy or jaded clerk” could seek medical training. “The country needs fewer and better doctors,” Flexner argued, “and the way to get the better is to produce fewer.” Flexnerism ensured the closure of most of the woman-friendly medical colleges and 6 of 8 black medical colleges. (80) The 1977 “Declaration of Alma Ata” internationalized the “recommendations” in the Flexner report through the World Health Organization. (81)

With the homeopathic schools all but destroyed, the pharmaceutical companies expected no resistance passing the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act. According to the House of Representatives transcripts, the AMA – represented by the articulate Dr. William C. Woodward – actually testified against the bill. He didn’t object to a doctor’s monopoly, of course, just the outright ban pretending to be a tax. Congressman Vinson lied about Dr. Woodward’s testimony and the act passed with little debate. (82)

What did President Roosevelt think about cannabis criminalization? Probably what he was instructed to think … he was financed by Rockefeller money from his first day in politics. (83)

Rockefeller, Mellon, Morgan, DuPont and Farben

The DuPont Chemical company and banker Andrew Mellon should be familiar to all cannabis history buffs – they (along with W.R. Hearst) engineered the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. (84) Mellon was head of the Treasury at the time (he was in charge of the creation of the Tax Stamp). Mellon also was DuPont’s chief financial backer. Mellon is connected to Rockefeller through their mutual interest in Gulf oil. (85)

Mellon, Rockefeller, and Rockefeller’s main banker J. P. Morgan dominated the New York economic hierarchy and were known to have been close long before Mellon introduced the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. (86) Rockefeller and Morgan have sat on the elite “Committee of the 300” social club with Mellon and DuPont. (87) This close relationship between Rockefeller and Mellon has continued – Rockefeller’s Chevron bought Mellon’s Gulf in 1984. (88)

Back in 1937, Farben owned some of DuPont (89). Farben also owned some of the Alluminum Company of America (90) – now known as Alcoa – a company primarily owned by Mellon. (91) The Mellons, Morgans and DuPonts have been a close-knit financial axis for generations. In 1936, they attempted to finance a coup d’etat in America. The plot was foiled by retired Marine Corps commandant Smedley Butler whom they had approached as a potential front man, offering to make him the “American Mussolini.” He snitched them out to F.D.R. Though congressional hearings were held, nobody hung, and some of the testimony was suppressed for years. (92)

In 1943, antitrust activists indicted I.G. Farben and Du Pont for “having engaged in a world-wide cartel conspiracy” to restrain the production and distribution of titanium, an important war material. (93)

IG Farben’s next racket – vitamin over-regulation

“In 1942, the deaths of six million Jews were sealed with the decisions made at the Wannsee Conference. If the pharmaceutical cartel succeeds with its cruel schemes today, the upcoming June Codex Alimentarius conference will foreordain the death of millions. However, there is an important difference: Today the predicted number of victims is 100 times greater than those killed in World War Two.”
-Rath, Matthias M.D. (94)

From 1956-1964, ter Meer was reinstated as a member of the Managing Board of Bayer AG. Just fifteen years after he and his business partners were convicted at Nuremberg of mass murder and plunder, they were at it again. In 1962, Hoechst, Bayer and BASF established the Codex Alimentarius Commission. (95) One of the main architects of Codex was Fritz ter Meer.

The title “Codex Alimentarius” – Latin for “food code” – is as misleading as “Arbeit mach frei.” Codex isn’t just a list of herbs and some organic certification standards. The recently published proposed draft guidelines for vitamin and mineral supplements of the Codex Alimentarius Commission stipulate that the “maximum level of each nutrient contained in a vitamin and mineral supplement should not exceed 100% of the recommended daily intake.” (96)

Putting it in plain terms, CODEX uses scientific sounding language and alphabetic gibberish to argue for dosage limits, despite the fact that supplements have a better safety record than food. In Germany today, folks can’t even look at a vitamin bottle without permission from a pharmacist! (97)

The full implications of this amount of “Big Brother” health regs are not obvious. It works out to only 65 mg of “legal” vitamin C per day – an absurd limit! Other proposals would make “any product” that has ever been rumored to be used to heal into a “registered drug” requiring a prescription! (98)

There has been some resistance to this. The delegate from Great Britain from the Codex meeting of October 1998 recommended “not setting any upper limit for vitamins and minerals” as “some patients will have an increased requirement in nutrients due to the illness.” (99)

Something tells me the warnings will fall on deaf ears, like the AMA’s warnings about the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. The word is that Norway, Denmark, Egypt and Singapore are all backing the Farben-proposed guidelines. The good news is that the Canadian delegation, supported by that of the USA, vehemently opposed further work on these guidelines in the 1998 session (a dissent that made it into the press and the final report). The new bad news? CODEX ” Phytosanitary” standards have been inserted into the new FTAA Draft Agreement. “Raw hemp” is to be regulated under a similar overbearing section. (100)

It is worth noting that Pfizer, Aventis, Pharmacia, Bayer, BASF, (radioactive phosphate fertilizer producing) Cargill, Hoffman La Roche, Warner Lambert, have been mentioned as being a part of today’s efforts to secure regulations on vitamins. (101) Most of these companies have ties to the Rockefeller-Farben cartel. The connections are outlined below.

Part 2: The more things change …

“I think we are in a position, after the experience of the last 20 years, to state two things: in the first place, that a corporation may well be too large to be the most efficient instrument of production and of distribution, and, in the second place, whether it has exceeded the point of greatest economic efficiency or not, it may be too large to be tolerated among the people who desire to be free.”
-Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, testimony before the Committee on Interstate Commerce, 1911. (102)

“The masters of the government of the United States are the combined capitalists and manufacturers of the United States.”
-President Woodrow Wilson, address, New York City, 9 September, 1912. (103)

“Behind the visible government there is an invisible government upon the throne that owes the people no loyalty and recognizes no responsibility. To destroy this invisible government, to undo the ungodly union between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the task of a statesman.”
-Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, during his 1912 election campaign (104)

“With terror, tyranny came to power, and with terror, it holds onto its power. The sciences have been subordinated to authoritarian rule. Biology has been falsified, in order to externalize the privileges of the propertied classes.”
-Manifesto, Second International Congress of Socialist Physicians in Brno, Czechoslovakia, 1934 (105)

“Power that controls the economy should be in the hands of elected representatives of the people, not in the hands of an industrial oligarchy.”
-Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas ruling against the United States Steel Corporation in 1948 (106)

“In the councils of Government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.”
-U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Farewell address to the Nation, Jan. 17, 1961, Washington, D.C. (107)

Since these large chemical companies made such a killing in WWI and basically orchestrated WW2, it is a safe bet they have something to do with the current WW3. Our review of these connections begins with Rockefeller and West Nile Virus.

Rockefeller & Farben’s West Nile Virus weapons and vaccines

By now, everyone has heard of “West Nile Virus” – that biological weapon of mass destruction that the USA sold Iraq in 1985. (108) The virus that keeps appearing all over North America. (109) The Rockefeller Institute had been working on this particular virus since at least 1943. (110) Incidentally (or maybe not), it was also in 1943 that encephalitis (of which West Nile Virus is a form) was being worked on as a weapon by the US government at their Fort Detrick weapons laboratory – with “insects” used as delivery systems (111) – just like the WNV-bearing mosquitoes of today.

During the 1994 U.S. Senate Hearing investigations over Gulf War Syndrome, Dr. Joshua Lederberg was exposed for sending West Nile to Iraq. Dr. Lederberg is former President of Rockefeller University in Manhattan – home to West Nile since the 1950’s (112). It was Lederberg who attempted to sell President Clinton millions of dollars worth of West Nile vaccine back in 1998 – a year before the first outbreak. (113)

Way easier to sell the vaccine these “post-outbreak” days. Dr. Lederberg is also on Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations, facilitating the bio-weapons study group. (114)

Dr. Thomas Monath – another expert on West Nile – once worked at Fort Detrick. He now works at Acambis – maker of the West Nile vaccine and owned by the Hoechst (Farben)/Rhone-Poulenc life-science department “Aventis” (115) and the American Home Products (Farben) subsidiary known as “Baxter” (116). The other maker of West Nile Vaccine is the American drug company Merck – another Rockefeller interest. (117)

Rockefeller & Farben’s anti-West Nile Virus mosquito sprays

Dr. Monath told the Center for Disease Control and New York City mayor Ralph Guilliani to spray the West Nile Virus-carrying mosquitoes. Of course the recommended spray happened to be “Malathion” – produced by American Cyanamid, owned by I.G.’s American Home Products. (118) In Canada, the city of Winnipeg, officials decided to spay for West Nile Virus mosquitoes – against the protests of many of the inhabitance. (119)

Due to reports of “highly-toxic” and carcinogenic ingredients, “immune-suppressing,” “flu-like,” even “respiratory arrest” effects on humans in the “spray-zone” (120), New York health officials stopped using Malathion. Instead they used “Anvil” – an equally toxic and carcinogenic biocide spray produced by Chevron – another Rockefeller company. (121) American Cyanamid has since sold it’s agricultural science department – including the Malathion patents – to none other than Farben’s BASF. (122)

Rockefeller’s anthrax

Former Rockefeller University president Dr. Joshua Lederberg not only gave Iraq West Nile Virus, but “anthrax Bacillus” too! The American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) – under his watch – sent nineteen shipments of various strains of anthrax, suitable for weapons production, to Saddam Hussein in the years leading up to Desert Storm. (123)

The weapons-grade anthrax used in the October 2001 attacks had an “extraordinarily high concentration of deadly spores” – “higher than any stock publicly known to be produced by other governments.” “Someone with ties to the old program may be behind the attacks” speculated one writer in the New York Times. (124)

In the early 1960s, Rockefeller-linked Merck manufactured anthrax vaccine, but then lost interest. (125) In 1992, it was reported that Bayer’s Miles-Cutter bio-war lab in Berkeley, California – aside from the “class 3” plague – was manufacturing “class 2” viruses. Examples of “class 2” viruses are polio, rabies, Epstein Barr, Legionnaire’s disease and “Bacillus anthracis” or anthrax. (126)

In October 1998, Bioport Corp. landed an exclusive $29 million contract with the Department of Defense to “manufacture, test, bottle and store the anthrax vaccine.” BioPort’s principal investor was Saudi businessman Fuad El-Hibri – a close friend of the bin Laden family, and a previous merger and acquisitions manager for the Rockefeller-linked Citigroup in New York. (127)

Cipro – Bayer’s anti-anthrax drug monopoly

Cipro, made by Bayer Corp (a division Bayer AG) is the first medication specifically approved for use in the event of a biological attack. A year before 9-11, U.S. health officials approved Cipro to fight “the deadly agent, anthrax.” Cipro was already one of the world’s top-selling antibiotics. (128)

Suspiciously, the Bush cabinet was all put on Cipro on September 11th, 2001 – almost a month before people began dying from anthrax. (129)”One doesnt simply start taking a powerful antibiotic for no good reason. The American people are entitled to know what the White House staffers knew nine months ago, ” stated one US truth and justice activist. (130)

Amidst anthrax attacks and widespread fears of exposure, Bayer has refused to allow other pharmaceutical firms to produce ciprofloxacin hydrochloride – so that they can sell more Cipro. (131) Activists are now prosecuting a nationwide class action lawsuit on behalf of all persons in the US who purchased or paid for Cipro, accusing Bayer AG of entering into unlawful agreements with Barr Laboratories, Inc. and Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc. under which, in exchange for over $50 million per year, these two companies agreed not to manufacture or market a generic version. (132)

The U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson threatened to override Bayer’s patent unless they agreed to lower the price of the pill, which Bayer promptly agreed. (133) Secretary Thompson ordered more than $100 million worth of CIRPO from Bayer at the “bargain price” of $.90 per tablet, when other companies offered equally effective and lower risk substitutes for a few pennies each, and then for free. No one ever questioned the unprecedented FDA selection of this single, largely untested, extraordinarily expensive, antibiotic called CIPRO for anthrax. Incredibly, according to the Physicians Desk Reference and American Medical Association, the drug is “contraindicated” – a fancy term for “historically bad drug-effect relationship” or “unwise to use” – for conditions resulting in pneumonia, which is how anthrax kills. (134)

Bayer’s monopoly may soon be gone. Scientists at Rockefeller University have been working on an anti-anthrax drug. (135)

Cipro or cannabis – what’s best for anthrax?

Consider also Cipro’s listed side effects; Abdominal pain; constipation; diarrhea; dizziness; gas; headache; heartburn; lack of energy; loss of appetite; nausea; sensitivity to sunlight; stomach upset; vomiting. Blurred vision; chest pain; chills; fever; hives; nightmares; restlessness; ringing in the ears; skin rash and tremors. (136)

By January 2002, after more than 32,000 people from Washington to Boston consumed CIPRO in the wake of the anthrax mailings, thousands had become seriously ill, many died, as a result. This death toll has never been counted in assessing the damage brought about by the mailings. (137)

Many researchers have noted cannabis’s reputation – mostly in African folk medicine – as an effective remedy for anthrax. (138) The role certain cannabinoids play in general anti-biotic action is more well known. (139) Cannabis – both smoked and infused into a drink – is often used to clean out the lungs. (140)

Nobody has died – nor has anyone suffered ringing, rashes or tremors – from simply smoking cannabis. (141) The worst effects of cannabis are cognitive impairment, psychomotor impairment, anxiety, dysphoria, panic and paranoia, chronic bronchitis, and a “dependence syndrome.” (142) All effects can be mitigated through familiarity, proper growing and smoking techniques, and by seeing cannabis as a tool rather than a vice. (143)

Farben & Rockefeller’s smallpox

The vaccine in general, and the smallpox vaccine in particular, does not have a good track record as a medicine. For example, Japan experienced yearly increases in small pox following the introduction of compulsory smallpox vaccines in 1872. By 1892, there were 29,979 deaths, and all had been vaccinated. (144) Early in this century, the Philippines experienced their worst smallpox epidemic ever after 8 million people received 24.5 million vaccine doses; the death rate quadrupled as a result. (145)

The smallpox vaccines major producer today? Acambis (Farben). The Merck (Rockefeller – see below) pharmaceutical company is partnered with Aventis and Acambis in Europe and thus involved in the smallpox and West Nile Virus vaccine trade. The only other smallpox vaccine manufacturer is Baxter (Rockefeller). (146)

Bush cabinet members met secretly with officials of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) to develop plans for their Emergency Preparedness Task Force. The group is said to have prepared enough drugs and vaccines to protect every American against the threats of anthrax and smallpox. PhRMA task force officials, directed by Aventis (Farben) executive Richard Markham, and representing a number of other Farben-Rockefeller progeny and beneficiaries including American Home Products, Abbott Laboratories, Merck, Pfizer, and more, according to the New York Times (Nov. 4, 2001), have met regularly with Bush cabinet members. According to Dr. Sidney M. Wolfe, a director at Ralph Naders public Citizen Health Research Group, the meetings violated a federal law for transparency of such decision-making committees. (147)

The 1994 “Rockefeller Report,” prepared for the Committee on Veterans Affairs, had many findings, including “finding H”: “The safety of the botulism vaccine was not established prior to the Persian Gulf War and remains uncertain.” and “finding I”: “Records of anthrax vaccine are not suitable to evaluate safety.” (148)

Rockefeller’s AIDS part 1: Pfizer

There is plenty of evidence to suggest AIDS was requested, created and distributed by Rockefeller-linked individuals and organizations. For example, there is the “Department of Defense Appropriations Hearings for 1970” – a 1969 document outlining how the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council advised the US military to develop “synthetic biological agents” with no cure – viruses descriptively and functionally identical to HIV/AIDS. (149) The NAS-NRC was headed by Frederick Seitz at the time – also then President of Rockefeller University. (150)

The real smoking gun is the 1977 Pfizer contract for “Large-Scale Tissue Culture Virus Production for Cancer Research.” It’s hard to imagine what they meant by “large-scale,” as Pfizer was already making “over 28,000 liters of virus harvest fluids” – a mix of viruses now linked to the AIDS virus. (151) Pfizer’s head at the time was Edmund T. Pratt, director of Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank and member of Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations. (152)

Pfizer’s partner in this project was Rockefeller’s International Agency for Research in Cancer – the IARC. (153) Pfizer has offices in New York City, and the IARC has offices in Uganda. AIDS first sprung up in NYC and Uganda at about the same time. (154) Another Pfizer director linked to Rockefeller’s cancer industry is Paul A. Marks, chief officer at Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center, director of treatment regimens at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and director of the American Association for Cancer Research. (155)

Rockefeller’s AIDS part 2: Litton Bionetics

Litton Bionetics, a division of mammoth defense contractor Litton Industries, is linked to the Rockefeller empire through a history of managerial appointments. (156) A Litton Bionetics report to the NCI in 1971 listed virtually every virus, viral recombinant, and infectious agent under study by the world’s leading cancer researchers, vaccine developers, and biological weapons contractors. While the document does not mention West Nile Virus, it does mention a “Dawson’s encephalitis” virus, likely deriving its name not from the West Nile district of Uganda, but from a Rockefeller-linked cancer investigator by the name of Dawson who was clearly affiliated, by NCI contract, with Litton and the IARC laboratory. (157)

Contracts between Litton Bionetics and the US government, printed in a book called the “Special Virus Cancer Program” (military jargon for “Secret Cancer Virus Program”) describe a search for a “human cancer virus” going back to 1962. Contracts describe the scientists attempts at “co-cultivation” and “hybridization” – mixing leukemia, lymphoma, sarcoma and Epstein-Barr virus particles to create or “rescue” or “isolate” new mutant strains of viruses. (158) Other documents show Dr. Robert Gallo of the National Cancer Institute working under contract with Litton Bionetics to create viruses that were functionally identical to HIV. (159) Gallo would later claim to have “discovered” AIDS. “Invented” is more accurate … but less glamorous.

Northop Grumman Corporation, whose head, Kent Kresa, is also on Rockefellers Council on Foreign Relations, has since bought Litton. (160)

Rockefeller’s AIDS part 3: Merck

“Any method which appears to offer advantages to a nation at war will be vigorously employed by that nation. There is but one logical course to pursue, namely, to study the possibilities of such warfare from every angle … “
-George W. Merck, Merck Pharmaceutical Company President, report on biological warfare to U.S. Secretary of War, 1942 (161)

Merck’s ties to Rockefeller are numerous, involving money from the Rockefeller (162) and Sloan foundations (163) – not to mention officials from I.G. Farben. Henry Kissinger – long-time member of Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations – remains on Merck’s board of advisors. (164)

Merck’s ties to American biological warfare research goes back to its very beginnings. In 1941, Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson – a member of Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations – requested the Rockefeller-controlled (165) National Academy of Sciences (NAS) to appoint a committee to survey the feasibility of biological war weapons. The 1942 NAS committee concluded that biological war might be feasible and recommended that steps be taken to reduce U.S. vulnerability to a bio-weapon attack. A civilian agency, the War Reserve Service was formed under the direction of George W. Merck, of the Merck Company. (166)

George Merck made it clear that “All possible living agents, or their toxic products, which were pathological for man, animal and plants were considered.” (167) Merck mentions significant advances in “human immunity” biological warfare weapons as early as 1946. (168)

Records show the Merck pharmaceutical company received a major share of the Nazi “flight capital” – the working capital of the IG Farben Rockefeller chemical cartel – at the close of World War II. These facts were revealed by Norman Covert, Army public relations director at Fort Detrick in Frederick, MD (169) – the same “Camp Detrick” given to George Merck to use for his wartime research. Camp Detrick Army Chemical Corps worked with Germany’s bio-warfare specialist Major General Kurt Blome – just two months after he was acquitted at Nuremberg. (170) Bayer worked at Ft. Detrick after WW2, developing “new weapons.” (171)

No doubt Merck put all that Nazi know-how to work making war viruses. A “Special Virus Cancer Program” contract from 1971 revealed Merck developed “methods of propagation, purification, concentration, and specific quantitation of candidate viruses suspected or shown to cause cancer in man.” One of the viruses mentioned in the contract was called the “KT strain of feline leukemia” – what leading experts have identified as a man-made virus, possibly a “cat/human mutant.” At the onset of the AIDS epidemic, the Center for Disease Control hepatitis B Chief Dr. Don Francis said;

Combine these two diseases – feline leukemia and hepatitis – and you have the immune deficiency. (172)

Merck also created a Hepatitis B vaccine that they tested on New York homosexuals – their “Phase I and II studies” occurring between 1976 and 1977 (173) – which could account for the first recorded New York AIDS cases in Manhattan in 1978. (174)

One last interesting connection. George Merck lived on Jupiter Island, Florida – home to Paul Mellon (Andrew’s son) and Prescott Bush. (175)

Rockefeller’s AIDS drugs and vaccine

Merck began AIDS drug research in 1986, yielding two medicines. There are more potential HIV/AIDS therapies in their “pipeline,” including an investigational vaccine. (176)

The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) is a global organization working to speed the development and distribution of preventive AIDS vaccines. Its “President and Founder” is Dr Seth Berkley. Prior to founding the initiative, Dr. Berkley was Associate Director of the Health Sciences Division at The Rockefeller Foundation. Born in January 1996, the organization has four strategies. I quote:

1. To create global demand for a vaccine. … to get the drive for an AIDS vaccine back onto all agendas, whether political, media, scientific or whatever.
2. To create an aggressive applied science program to help move ideas from the research stage into accelerated clinical testing … it is critical that we ensure that vaccines are tested in humans.
3. To try to create a better environment for industrial investment in AIDS vaccines … to drive the creation of incentives for industry.
4. To ensure global access. … to ensure that, when a vaccine is made, the systems are in place to have simultaneous availability in the north and south, which of course has never been done for any vaccine.

IAVI is now capitalized at slightly more than a quarter of a billion dollars. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has contributed $126.5 million. (178)

Vaccine making is big bucks these days. Thirteen days after 9-11, the Pentagon announced plans to develop 15 new vaccines at a cost of $3.2 billion over 12 years. The Defense Department determined it needs not only a new anthrax vaccine but also at least 13 other new vaccines, including serum for small pox, next-generation anthrax, the plague, three varieties of equine encephalitis, coxiella burnetii, Tularemia, botulinum toxin, staphlococcyl enterotoxin b, ricin and brucella. The project would nearly double the number of vaccines available in the world. Just 20 vaccines are commercially available. Merck Pharmaceuticals, the largest private producer, manufacturers nine of them. (179)

According to Merck’s website, Merck’s “approach to business,” it’s “fundamental value system” that helps “translate how we spend our research dollars” is driven by a statement from a 1950 speech in which George W. Merck stated that “medicine is for the people, not for the profits. If we remember that the profits will follow.” (180)

Profits follow even more when you forget about the people, as Merck’s various million-dollar virus “make-work-projects” proves.

Bayer’s latest chemical and biological weapons

The Cutter Drug Company – located in Berkeley, California since 1903 – began making smallpox vaccines way back in 1906, and the plague in 1944. They’ve been making the plague ever since – 2.6 million doses every year – a $1.7 million dollar contract. Cutter makes about $10 million per year in military bio-weapons contracts. In 1958, Cutter was sued over crippling two children with the Salk polio vaccine. (181)

Bayer acquired Cutter’s Berkeley laboratory in 1974. In 1978, Bayer bought Miles Inc. – makers of Alka-Seltzer, One-a-Day Vitamins and Bactine. (182) Today, this lab is known as “Miles Cutter.” Federal inspectors from Rockville, Maryland, did a routine inspection of Miles Cutter’s plague vaccine “on the assumption that [it]would be used in the Gulf War.” (183)

Interestingly, many biologists believe that there is “no feasible defense against biological attack” because “the variety of attack agents is too large.” (184) If vaccines are useless for defense, why are they being made? Well … what other “weapon of mass destruction” can you grow in a petri dish? As weapons of mass destruction go, they’re the biggest bang for your war-profiteering buck.

Weapon? Yes, weapon. To make a vaccine, you must first make the pathogen the vaccine will guard against. To make lots of smallpox vaccine, you have to make lots of smallpox. Bayer is essentially making useless defensive vaccines so it can get away with selling very effective offensive viruses while not (technically) running afoul of international bio-war treaties.

Bayer is also still in the poison gas business. After the Gulf War, the UN imposed far-reaching sanctions against Iraq, especially concerning getting rid of weapons of mass destruction. It has now come out that 200 tons of a basic chemical substance for the neurotoxin VX has disappeared from Iraq’s armaments. The patent for the chemical warfare agent VX comes from Bayer. (185)

Eugenics and genocide

Some of you must be saying to yourself by now: “West Nile … anthrax … smallpox … the plague … AIDS! Are they CRAZY? Are they trying to KILL US?” In a word – YES. These drug and chemical companies are both crazy AND trying to kill us.

It’s not just simple greed and a lack of concern for others. Even more, it is a form of subtle racism/classism/homophobia, pretending to be environmentalism, and taking the form of genocide. The above information should convince you the “population control freaks” are quite able to kill half of us (if not most or all of us). The following information explains how they have convinced themselves this is the right thing to do.

In 1910, Charles B. Davenport founded the Eugenics Record Office (ERO) in Cold Spring Harbor, on Long Island in New York. Initial funding came mostly from the Harriman family (Prescott Bush’s Nazi banking partners), with smaller contributions from John D. Rockefeller and other wealthy donors. (186) Davenport was sympathetic to the Nazi sterilization laws of the mid-thirties, (187) and helped carry out “Nazi propaganda chores.” (188)

In 1925, Davenport would write;

“Our ancestors drove Baptists from Massachusetts into Rhode Island but we have no place to drive the Jews. Also they burned the witches but it seems to be against the mores to burn any considerable part of our population.” (189)

“Eugenics” soon evolved into “racial hygiene” – a term the Nazi’s used to scientifically justify their genocidal policies. Hitler was called “physician of the German people” who was “killing in the name of healing.” (190) One member of Davenport’s office would remark that Hitler “should be made (an) honorary member” of the ERO. (191) The ERO and Ernst Rudin – ex-Rockefeller employee and head the German “Racial Hygiene Society” – worked together on a regular basis. (192)

Sterilize the drug fiends!

In 1935, Dr. Alexis Carrel of the Rockefeller Institute in New York produced his book “Man the Unknown.” In it, he wrote that

“enormous sums are now required to maintain prisons and insane asylums. . . . Why do we preserve these useless and harmful beings? This fact must be squarely faced. Why should society not dispose of the criminals and the insane in a more economical manner? . . . The community must be protected against troublesome and dangerous elements. . . . Perhaps prisons should be abolished. . . . The conditioning of the petty criminal with the whip, or some more scientific procedure, followed by a short stay in hospital, would probably suffice to insure order. [Criminals including those] who have . . . misled the public on important matters, should be humanely and economically disposed of in small euthanasic institutions supplied with proper gases. A similar treatment could be advantageously applied to the insane, guilty of criminal acts.” (193)

Rockefeller’s racist writers were a hit. By the early 1930’s, thirty states had passed compulsory sterilization laws that gave panels of “experts” the power to sterilize individuals who fell into such undesirable social categories as “sexual perverts,” “epileptics,” “drunkards” and “drug fiends.” (194) Hitler accredited eugenics in America as the most important factor influencing his policies on racial and hereditary science. (195)

From eugenics to population control

The Rockefeller Foundation continued to support eugenics programs well into WW2. (196) By 1940, most of the wealthy patrons of began to pull their money from “eugenics” – the Nazi’s having forever associated that term with white supremacy and genocide. (197)

In 1952 it began again – this time they would call it “population control” Sounds nicer than “eugenics” – like young people handing out free condoms or something nice like that. JD Rockefeller the Third (JDR3 to his friends) hired an expert in eugenics – Frederick Osborn – to head the Population Council. (198) Despite its new name, “population control” was and is still all about eugenics, white supremacy and genocide.

On Dec. 10, 1974, the U.S. National Security Council under Henry Kissinger (Nelson Rockefeller’s right-hand man and long-time CFR member) completed a classified 200-page study, “National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.” The study falsely claimed that population growth in the so-called “lesser developed countries” was a grave threat to U.S. national security. Adopted as official policy in November 1975 by President Gerald Ford, NSSM 200 outlined a covert plan to reduce population growth in those countries through birth control, and also, implicitly, war and famine. Kissinger’s study stated:

“Would food be considered an instrument of national power? … Is the U.S. prepared to accept food rationing to help people who can’t/won’t control their population growth? … It is questionable, whether aid donor countries will be prepared to provide the sort of massive food aid called for by the import projections on a long-term continuing basis.” (199)

If the first world wouldn’t rob the third word blind with export agriculture if the third world had its own manufacturing base and “fair trade” instead of “free” trade, they wouldn’t need “aid” anymore – that’s the fact most left out of discussions on “aid.”

Half of you people must die

Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations recently published an article stating that the US population should be reduced to “about it’s size in the 1940’s” (200) – in other words, cut it back by at least half. It goes without saying that similar (if not more drastic) “cuts” are called for in the rest of the world. Most of their attention is with the “less developed” countries. (201)

As ecologist Murry Buckchin (202) so eloquently put it;

“All too often, alas, the overpopulation message is also focused on Third World countries. (This, although the number of people who occupy a square mile in the Third World is actually immensely smaller than the numbers for Europe and the United States).”

The facts are that population growth decreases as social services increase. (203) That makes sense. Poor people have lots of kids so that a few survive to look after them in their old age. If the “population control freaks” were really serious about reducing the population growth rate the decent way (instead of the quick, racist and profitable way), they would see to it that the whole world had the same social safety net that exists in near-zero population growth countries like Italy or Japan.

Further, if we all change how we consume – away from unsustainable like fossil fuels and harsh chemicals, and towards wind/wave/sun/bio fuels and sustainable technologies, we could quite easily support double today’s population. In other words, it’s not “how many” of us their are, but “how smart” we all are with our limited resources.

During the aptly named Rockefeller Hearings before the U.S. congress in 1994, government officials admitted;

.” more than 50 years of bio-warfare experiments carried out on hundreds of thousands of American citizens.” (204)

Let’s end this bio-genocidal experiment before some moron does something quick, racist and profitable.

Cold Spring Harbor today – genetically modified people

Among hundreds of Rockefeller funded institutes and projects in the U.S., England and Germany that have been involved in promoting Eugenics, was the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Eugenics and Human Heredity in Berlin. The head of that institute, Dr. Otmar Verschuer, was Josef (Bayer employee) Mengele’s patron, teacher and co-researcher. Another Rockefeller sponsored doctor and researcher, Dr. Franz Kallmann, helped save Verschuer after WWII by testifying favorably about his value to science during the U.S. government denazification hearings. Dr. Kallmann later created the American Society of Human Genetics, which organized the “Human Genome Project.” (205) Rockefeller’s Cold Spring Harbor is home to the Human Genome Project. (206)

The project has a 3 billion dollar budget. The stated aim of the project is to “map the genetics of humanity” along with “each races special disease susceptibilities.” The project interests big business greatly. In what has often been compared to a land grab, companies and universities have filed for patents on hundreds of thousands of genes and gene fragments. (207) Rockefeller University also does genetic research. (208)

Writers have speculated as to the ramifications of the project, predicting a “Brave New Word” or “Star Wars, Attack of the Clones”-esque nightmare future:

Today a college degree is required in order to apply for many jobs. In the near future a genetic degree proving that an applicant fits the genetic profile an employer wants will be a similar requirement. Unlike a college degree, you’ll have to be born with the right genetic makeup. Sound far-fetched? Only 68 years ago in Nazi Germany, an entire society based on the concept of genetic status was created. Not having DNA technology, Hitler was forced to use eye and hair color as the main basis to determine who was an Aryan and could therefore hold a socially desirable position. An even greater threat to mankind is that this technology … will be used actively and aggressively to create new sub-races of human beings specialized to perform certain tasks. Naturally created children will find themselves competing against genetically modified people that are stronger, faster, smarter, less constrained by feelings of empathy and more disease and stress resistant. (209)

There are also more overtly fascistic, “1984” implications. When asked whether all children should have DNA tests at birth, New York Mayor Giuliani said:

.”..I would have no problem with that, or fingerprinting all children…There is absolutely no reason why people should be afraid of being identified…It’s not invasive … It doesn’t invade any right of privacy. You don’t have a right not to be identified. I don’t remember a constitutional amendment that gives you the right not to be identified.” (210)

I don’t recall anything in the constitution that granted the government the right to steal your DNA, retna-scan you … or tattoo a number on your arm, for that matter.

Rockefeller’s HARRP and chemtrails

The “High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program” – otherwise known as HARRP – is a weather-control experiment that may pose a serious threat to the atmosphere and environment. Cold Spring Harbor also has the copywrite to HARRP’s website. (211)

Another “weather modification” experiment is the “Welsbach seeding” patent, held by Hughes Aircraft Company, supposedly invented to reduce global warming, it actually provides a cover for spreading aluminum oxide into the air in massive quantities “via the jet fuel” – what some people call “chemtrails.” One researcher speculated that the aluminum particles could be used in tandem with HARRP to modify the weather. (212)

Another writer suggested a more “population control” application – that the chemtrails could attract sky-dwelling viruses, fungi and bacteria that feed off aluminum (and are too small to fall to the ground) and “drag” them down to be breathed in by us. (213) Aluminum itself weakens the immune system when ingested or breathed-in. More population control? The “authorities” refuse to answer the chemtrail-activist’s questions.

Albert D. Wheelon – a member of Rockefellers Council on Foreign Relations, runs Hughes. (214)

Background to the current oil wars

This next bit will require a little American oil history, so the Rockefeller associations are all made clear. By 1880, Rockefeller owned or controlled 95% of all oil produced in the United States. Rockefellers Standard Oil of New Jersey distributed the majority of the oil. (215) In 1911, after years of anti-monopoly activism by large portions of the population, Standard Oil was “dissolved” … or so they thought. An oil historian records the “dissolution” this way;

“Standard oil of New Jersey, with almost half the total net value; it became Exxon — and never lost it’s lead. Next largest, with 9 percent of total value, was Standard Oil of New York, which ultimately became Mobil. There was Standard Oil (California), which eventually became Chevron; Standard Oil of Ohio, which became Sohio and then the American arm of BP; Standard Oil of Indiana, which became which became Amoco; Continental Oil, which became Conoco; and Atlantic, which became part of ARCO and then eventually of Sun. ‘We even had to send out some office boys to head these companies,’ one Standard official sourly commented.” (216)

The companies were “separate” but continued to work together. Others have linked Rockefeller to Shell, Gulf, Union and Continental. (217) In 1998, Exxon and Mobile re-joined each other, a deal that was immediately called “Rockefeller’s Revenge.” (218) The growth hasn’t stopped – in 2001 Chevron merged with Texaco. (219) The following briefly outlines the highlights of the connections between these Rockefeller oil companies and the current war for oil in the Middle East.

Rockefeller, the White House and the Middle East

Bush Sr.’s Gulf War in 1991 resulted in securing access to the huge Rumaila oil field of southern Iraq by expanding the boundaries of Kuwait after the war. This allows Kuwait, controlled by Standard Oil, to double its prewar oil output. (220) The Anglo-American oil giants (BP, Chevron-Texaco, Shell, Exxon-Mobil) are all absent from Iran and Iraq. (221)

They do, however, have hundreds of billions of dollars invested in the Middle East (222), and would love to put some puppets in power in Iraq and Iran who would allow them to do business there. They seem to be buying up all the oil reserves in the surrounding oil-rich area.

For example, in 1994, a contract was signed between Kazakhstan and Chevron, granting the company a 50% stake in all oil development there (223) Vice president Dick Cheney helped broker the deal. (224) Chevron once employed current Bush administration National Security Advisor (and Chevron stock-holder) Condoleezza Rice – the only Bush administration ex-oil baron to have a tanker named after her. (225)

In the spring of 2001, Halliburton (Vice President Cheney’s company before he took office) signed a major contract with the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan to develop a 6000-square-meter marine base to support offshore oil construction in the Caspian Sea. (226) Dick Cheney is a member of both the Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations, and Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission. (227) Cheney is linked to Shell. (228)

UNOCAL, the spearhead for Standard Oil interests, has been trying to build the north-south pipeline through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Indian Ocean for several decades. (229)

Enron, Exxon & “Pipelineistan”

If the US controls the sources of energy of its rivals – Europe, Japan, China and other nations aspiring to be more independent – they win. This explains why pipelines from the Caucasus to the West have to be America-friendly – i.e. Turkish or Macedonian – and not ‘unreliable’, meaning Russian-controlled. Washington, always, has to control everything: that’s what Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger always said.
-“Pipelineistan,” Asia Times, 26 January 2002 (230)

Texas-based, scandal-prone Enron, along with Amoco, Chevron, Mobil, UNOCAL and British Petroleum are spending billions of dollars to pump the reserves of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. (231) It just so happens that Enron CEO Kennith Lay has his Rockefeller ties – he was on the board of directors of Texas Commerce Bank when the bank was bought by Chase – David Rockefeller’s main bank. (232)

In 1996, the US-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce was founded. The Director extended “deep appreciation to the following companies which have contributed to its establishment: Amoco, BP America, Chevron, Exxon, Mobil, Occidental, Panalpina, and Unocal.” Other characters involved in the current Mid-East war who have held positions with this innocuous-sounding oil industry funded organization include Unocal President John Imle and White House favorites James Baker, Dick Cheney, and Henry Kissinger. (233)

And speaking of Cheney, Enron gave Bush-Cheney 2.3 million in campaign contributions for their theft of the White House in 2000. They also contributed to over 200 members of Congress from both parties. Most of the SEC (the watchdogs of Wall Street) investigative records of Enron were stored in the World Trade Center. (234) Imagine that … the very planes that destroyed all that “conflict-of-interest” evidence in the WTC also gave them an excuse to invade and occupy oil-rich territories. What a lucky coincidence for Bush and Cheney.

Every time I see a picture of the burning towers, or see the gruesome photos and hear the loud impact of the jumpers, I think to myself; “He who profits by a crime commits crime” (235) – and nobody profited more than Bush, Cheney and their oil buddies.

Rockefeller’s oil-war pundits

Kissinger and the Rockefeller’s go way back. During WW2, Kissinger was working his way up the “intelligence community” hierarchy, belonging to both the Counter Intelligence Corps (236) and the Office of Strategic Services. (237) Perhaps he bumped into OSS member David Rockefeller. (238)

By the 1950’s, Kissinger and the Rockefellers were working closely. In those days, the Psychological Strategy Board – part of the CIA, coordinated U.S. military Psychological operations. The architect of the Board was Gordon Gray. Gray used Kissinger as a consultant, as did the Rockefeller family. Gray, Kissinger, and various members of the Rockefeller cartel belonged to the Council on Foreign Relations. (239)

Kissinger was behind a push by the CFR to proliferate nuclear weapons to the four corners of the earth (240) – shortly after Laurence Rockefeller built McDonnell Aircraft Corporation up during and after WW2. (241) McDonnell Douglas now makes nuclear weapons. (242)

Henry Kissinger is on both ends of the Unocal pipeline deal to transport oil and natural gas from the Central Asian republics to the Pakistani coast for sale to China and Japan. (243) No wonder the power elite wanted this guy to head the commission looking into 9-11. No wonder “conflict of interest” and “Exxon” were mentioned (244) – he’s making money all over the place on this thing.

In 1973, Zbigniew Brzezinski dreamed up and became the first director of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, a group of prominent political and business leaders and academics from the United States, Western Europe and Japan. Its stated purpose was to strengthen relations among the three regions. Kissinger and George Bush were also members. (245)

In 1997, Brzezinski published “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives.” In it, he writes of a war in Central Asia, and the Pearl Harbor-esque trigger needed to set the final conquest in motion. (246)

With war in the region looming, the progeny of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil seem to be ready to make their final moves for total mid-east oil domination. Considering all the unanswered questions (247) regarding the origin of the attack on 9-11 and the subsequent “Hunt Osama until we control Afghanistan and then forget about Osama and then invent excuses to take over Iraq” response, is there any doubt that the new war is about anything other than oil ? – aside from an attack on our rights and freedoms, of course.

Enough about the infinite terror-war. Let’s return to the infinite drug-war.

The war on (botanical) drugs

The Rockefeller and Farben cartels are the main forces behind – and main benefactors of – the anti-cannabis laws. By helping to make cannabis illegal back in 1937 – using Rockefeller’s employee FDR – and the help of their buddies the DuPonts and the Mellons, (248) they eliminated their natural competition.

Big drug companies began by selling stimulants – like Merck’s cocaine, (249) and analgesics – like Bayer’s Methadone and Heroin. (250) As they became powerful enough to create synthetics, they used their power and influence to outlaw the natural. Soon, they had a medicine monopoly.

Cannabis is not only a stimulant, relaxant and analgesic, but it is a safe and effective euphoric, anti-migraine, anti-headache, pro-focus, anti-nauseant, appetite stimulant, immune boosting, muscle-relaxant, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammation, sleep-inducing, intra-ocular-pressure reducing, anti-convulsant, anti-seizure, anti-stroke and expectorating medicine. (251) Taking advantage of the “hole” in the market created by cannabis prohibition, Rockefeller and IG Farben companies make hundreds of billions of dollars selling synthetic cannabis substitutes – the global synthetic drug market is estimated to be over 360 billion dollars. (252)

For certain conditions – not least of which concern nausea and loss of appetite – cannabis is the only medicine that works. Omni magazine reported back in 1982 that, when fully researched, cannabis could replace up to half of all the synthetic drugs currently available. (253) That’s 180 billion dollars worth. The other botanicals – when fully researched – could take a healthy chunk out of the rest of the drug market. It’s only ignorance that prevents the “invisible hand of the marketplace” from operating properly and putting all these snakes & oil-salesmen out of business.

Rockefeller and Farben’s Bad Trips

LSD was invented in 1943 by Albert Hoffman, who was then working for Sandoz (254) – another Farben company. (255) In the 1950’s, the Rockefeller Foundation set up Dr. D Ewen Cameron to conduct his electroshock, Thorazine and LSD experiments for the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind control research project. (256)

Thankfully, folks like Tim Leary (257) and Ken Kesey (258) got a hold of LSD – one of the few truly useful synthetic drugs – and, instead of it becoming another weapon of war, it instead became a really fun way to spend eight hours on a sunny afternoon. Unfortunately, not all of big chemical’s products have been as useful.

Ciba is one of three Swiss chemical companies (the other two being Geigy and Sandoz) which was known as “Basel AG” and joined with Farben in 1929. (259) Ciba synthesized Thalidomide in 1953. (260)

Thalidomide was marketed as a sedative and anti-nausea drug for pregnant women – something cannabis had been used for. By 1961, Thalidomide was known to cause horrible birth defects. The disaster gave rise to the ‘Kefauver Amendments’ to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, giving the FDA the power to set up expensive safety and efficacy tests for both synthetic and botanical drugs. These tests kill millions of rats but tell us nothing about the effects on humans when used properly. Ironically, Thalidomide does not cause birth defects in rats. (261)

Ciba-Geigy Corp., U.S.A also made Ritalin, and was it’s primary supplier and manufacturer from 1955 through 1995. (262) Sold mainly to treat “hyperactivity” (something a good strong indica is also used for), Ritalin is currently made by Novartis Pharmaceuticals. (263) Novartis is made up of the drug units of Ciba, Geigy and Sandoz – the exact same combination that joined I.G. Farben. (264)

Ritalin’s “minor” side effects are: “Abdominal pain; dizziness; drowsiness; headache; insomnia; loss of appetite; nausea; nervousness; weakness.” The “major” side effects are “Bruising; chest pain; fever; hair loss; heart irregularities; high or low blood pressure; hives; joint pain; mood changes; palpitations; psychosis; rash; seizures; sore throat; uncoordinated movements. In children: abdominal pain; impairment of growth; weight loss.” (265)

Lawyers have filed class action lawsuits against Novartis and against the American Psychiatric Association. The suit charges the drug manufacturer and the APA with conspiring to create a market for Ritalin by targeting millions of children, diagnosing them inappropriately with attention deficit disorder in order to expand the market for the drug. Three federal lawsuits have been filed so far. (266)

In 1962, Dr. Vincent P. Dole began using Methadone as a treatment for heroin addiction. Both drugs were invented by Bayer. (267) Dr. Dole worked at Rockefeller University. (268) Methadone is more difficult to withdraw from than heroin (269) and costs more than botanically-derived heroin would in a legal market.

Valium was introduced in 1963 by Roche (270) – as in “Hoffman-LaRoche,” the company that I.G. Farben Company bought up right before WW2. (271) Valium’s “minor” side effects, are “Confusion; constipation; depression; diarrhea; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; fatigue; headache; heartburn; increased salivation; loss of appetite; nausea; sweating; vomiting; weakness.” Valium’s “major” side effects are “Blurred vision; breathing difficulties; dark urine; difficulty in urinating; double vision; excitement; fever; hallucinations; low blood pressure; menstrual irregularities; palpitations; rash; slurred speech; sore throat; stimulation; tremors; uncoordinated movements; yellowing of the eyes or skin.” (272)

Aspartame – an artificial sweetener – was invented in 1965 by G.D. Searle Company. G.D. Searle was bought by Monsanto in 1985. Aspartame has been called the most dangerous food additive on the market. (273) Monsanto is helping to cover up their Aspartame crimes with the help of their old lawyer Clarence Thomas. (274)

Pfizer – a Rockefeller-linked drug company (275) – makes Viagra. Viagra was launched in mid April 1998 in the US, and was an instant hit to treat impotence and different degrees of erectile dysfunction.. (276) Today, one is bombarded by commercials with average every-day people bounding about with joy because they got a synthetic hard-on the night before. Viagra is sold supposedly for “disfunction,” but the commercials seem to indicate it’s true use is “performance enhancement” – everyone in the neighbourhood is dancing about without exception. “Viagra dependency” seems to be the most likely negative side effect, although some people report being freaked out by the “blue tinge” to their vision. (277)

The big fish are always off the hook

Every mishap they create, the Rockefellers exploit. In the late 1940’s, Rockefeller lawyers John Foster Dulles and Alan Dulles set up the CIA – arguably, in part, to help co-ordinate drug smuggling for their Wall Street clients … who are now busy laundering $500 billion plus per year in drug money. (278)

Bill Clinton is a member of Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations. (279) He is also suspected by many to have been involved with cocaine smuggling for the CIA. (280) So what do they investigate him for? “Suspected blowjob.” No one in government ever serves a day in jail for cocaine distribution – no matter how many pounds they get caught with. Just ask Ollie North. (281)

More than 90 percent of the chemicals used to produce street cocaine (such as ether and acetone) come from corporations in the USA. None of these companies are raided – or even assigned a DEA agent. (282)

Instead, people like Louis Armstrong (’31), Robert Michum (’48), Ray Charles (’61), the Beatles (7 times between ’68 & ’84), Willie Nelson (’95) and James Brown (’98) all get busted … over cannabis. (283)

The Rockefeller drug laws – the “toughest drug laws in the nation” – bear the name of Nelson A. Rockefeller, who was governor of the state of New York when he passed them in 1973 and 1974. (284) The laws subject even first-time offenders to 15-to-life. New York Democrat and contender for the governorship Andrew Cuomo recently noted that 90% of those sentenced under the Rockefeller laws are black or Hispanic. (285)

The “Partnership for a Drug Free America” funds much of the anti-drug hysteria in the media, often producing television commercials and full-page ads in the New York Times. Many drug companies fund the Partnership (286) – for example Hoffman LaRoche, Hoechst-Celanese and Ciba-Geigy are tied to Farben (287), and Warner-Lambert, Hoffman LaRoche, Merck and Pfizer are all tied to Rockefeller. (288) Other contributors are Shell Oil, Texaco, Time, GM, Zerox, – all Rockefeller concerns. (289)

Farben sprays Columbia

Shortly before Pearl Harbor, I.G. Farben camouflaged its American holdings by changing the name from “American IG” to “General Aniline & Film.” Before doing so, American I.G. took over Hoffman LaRoche and bought an undisclosed number of shares in Standard Oil (NJ, Indiana & California), Dow Chemical, the DuPont Company, and Monsanto Chemical. (290)

Monsanto brought the world saccharin, dioxin, PCBs, Agent Orange, Bovine Growth Hormone (291) and “Astroturf.” (292) But their biggest crime may be their involvement of the defoliating of Columbia – supposedly to eliminate the soul-destroying (yet time-honored) coca and poppy plants. (293)

Roundup is manufactured by Monsanto using “liquid isoparafins” manufactured by (Rockefeller’s) Exxon. Along with paraquat, Roundup is popular among law-enforcement officials in the US to kill outdoor cannabis grow-ops with. (294) Almost 70,000 gallons of Roundup were sprayed in Colombia in the first months of 2001. In 2000, roughly 145,750 gallons were sprayed over 53,000 hectares (205 square miles). With a retail price of $33 to $45 per gallon (Monsanto refused to confirm the wholesale price for such volumes), this represents a cost of around $4.8 to $6.6 million – paid to Monsanto by US taxpayers. (295)

Monsanto boasted almost $5.5 billion in sales in 2000 and nearly $150 million in profits. Roundup is the world’s leading herbicide and the company’s flagship product. Monsanto is also involved in developing biotech agriculture and has manufactured “Roundup Ready” soybeans and other crops that resist the herbicide. (296)

Researcher Mike Ruppert predicts a US-led invasion of Columbia in the near future “there’s lots of oil there, too” he explains. (297)

Fortunately, there are reports of spraying being halted in southern Caqueta province on orders from Bogota because of protests from indigenous groups and environmental concerns. (298) According to the latest issue of The Ecologist, Monsanto “posted a significantly larger quarterly loss in Oct. due to a slump in sales of its Roundup herbicide …” (299)

Monsanto tried to merge with another Farben company – American Home Products – but couldn’t get it together. Watch for more mergers in the near future – it seems to be the trend. (300) With any luck, the growing awareness of the hazards of Roundup will force these poison merchants into another line of work.

Farben’s paraquat

Syngenta is the name of the bio-pharmaceutical side of the Novartis(Farben)/ AstraZeneca partnership deals made in 2000. (301) Syngenta markets “Gramoxone” in over one hundred countries. Gramoxone contains paraquat. (302) Paraquat is often used on bananas, cocoa, coffee, cotton, pineapple, rubber and sugar. (303) It is famous for being used by American police services against cannabis plants, farmers and users. (304)

There is no specific treatment for Paraquat poisoning. The outcome depends on the severity of exposure. The affected person may develop mild respiratory symptoms with full recovery, permanent pulmonary changes, or, if the exposure was large and acute (as in ingestion), death may occur. (305) The campaign “stop Paraquat” demands the production stop of all pesticides from Syngenta. (306)

Armed with the more potent herbicide Spike (tebuthiuron), the US is now pushing to use that defoliant in the drug war. Manufactured by (Farben-linked) Dow AgroSciences (307), the use of tebuthiuron has been hawked in Congress by Rep. Dan Bunon (R-IN) – a longtime recipient of money from both (Bush-linked) Eli Lilly and Dow. (308)

Merck’s attempt to exterminate coca and poppies

The USDA has been tinkering with the genetic code of a dangerous fungus, trying to target and wipe out the Andean coca and poppy crops. (309) The “Fusarium” fungus may end up exterminating the drug crops a whole lot more.

A virulent mutation of Fusarium, called “Race 3” has been a bane to Florida and Georgia farmers who have trouble controlling it with even the strongest fungicides. Around the world, Fusarium also destroys watermelons, chickpeas, basil, bananas, and hundreds of other crops. The blight, in all its myriad permutations, can lie dormant in the soil for years without a host plant and then springs to life, causing devastating “wilt disease.” Fear of introducing the disease is one reason Japan is loath to accept US produce. While some strains of this fungus are relatively harmless to most plants, other types of Fusarium can produce mycotoxins poisonous to humans. (310)

Some of the research being done on “Fusarium oxysporum” is at Ft. Detrick, Maryland – Merck’s old stomping ground. (311) No doubt all of Merck’s information on cocaine would prove handy – Merck built its company, in part, on coca-based medicines. (312)

Other environmental catastrophes

Remember the “Exxon Valdez” oil spill? (313) The spill that threatened America’s Bald eagle with extinction? (314) Just the tip of the oily, blackened, polluted iceberg. Even a brief review of all the major environmental crimes of these cartels would be enough good material to fill another twenty pages. There simply isn’t enough room in the article to do a decent job. Here are a few highlights…

In 1939, Paul M?ller, a Geigy (Farben) researcher, discovers the insecticidal efficacy of DDT; for this work he receives the Nobel Prize in 1948. (315) DDT has also been suspected in the “severe decline” of the bald eagle. (316) The other chemical known for decimating the Bald Eagle is PCB – (Farben’s) Monsanto had a monopoly on PCB until it was banned in the 1970’s. (317) The rest of Americas wildlife is just as threatened.

The “Greenwash 2002 awards” is another good place to begin – Shell, BP, Chevron-Texaco, Monsanto, Novartis and Aventis – all the usual suspects are there. (318) Within the Domestic Security Enhancement Act 2003, Also Known as Patriot Act II, Section 202 allows corporations to keep secret their activities with toxic biological, chemical or radiological materials. Yet another benefit going to Big Chem from 9-11. (319)

Even if they aren’t poisoning us on purpose – even if there is no aluminum in the fuel – they sure like to poison us by accident! Let’s get off these unclean fuels right now before we inner-city folk all choke to death! Livin’ in the smoggy city can be a lung-slug experience *Kha-hem* know-what-I-mean? I long for the day of non-monopolistic fuels – wind, wave, sun, and especially bio fuels … fuels that smell nicer … fuels that don’t “melt down” …. fuels that fertilize rather than destroy when they spill. (320)

Farben has their eye on legal pot, too

The first Farben-linked company to study cannabis was Hoffmann-LaRoche – back in 1913 (321)

In 1943, Dr. H. E. Warmke began research to create “Drugless hemp.” He worked at Rockefeller’s Cold Spring Harbor laboratory. (322)

The August-September 1946 edition of “Ciba Symposia” – the trade magazine of Ciba pharmaceuticals – was entirely devoted to hashish. (323)This must have been printed immediately after the end of WW2. Why 1946? Was it a good deed to make-up for all the years of death and destruction?

For whatever reason it was printed, the cover of the magazine is quite positive, suggesting some of cannabis’s pleasurable and inspirational effects. Depicted is a plant and a hookah, and from the smoke of the hookah comes music, peacock feathers, naked dancing women, the sea, the mountains and the cosmos.

Naked … dancing … women. See? They know exactly what cannabis is all about – fun, joy, appreciation, sensuality, social activity and inspiration.

Big chemical has known cannabis to be effective for a variety of illnesses for a very long time. They are also aware of cannabis’s safety. The following quote is from the 1987 edition of the Merck Manual;

“Marijuana used in the USA has a higher THC content than in the past. Many critics have incorporated this fact into warnings, but the chief opposition to the drug rests on a moral and political, and not a toxicological, foundation.” (324)

Compare that statement with the recent one (325) from the White House;

“The Bush administration now claims that marijuana poses a greater risk to health than any other drug.”

Of course, he must be talking about the health of the Big Chem monopolies, otherwise that statement makes no sense at all.

Novartis, the Swiss side of I.G. Farben, (326) has a website with “health information,” some of it mentioning the various clinical trials being done with dronabonal (synthetic cannabis-like medicine) at the Mayo Clinic (327), the University of Arizona (328), and in the UK (329) The problem with judging the whole plant medicine by observing the effects of isolated synthetic cannabinoids are many. The whole plant provides “complementary cannabinoids” that balance each other out – that just doesn’t exist in the synthetics. (330)

Besides, who wants to get their pot from a bunch of shwaggy, racist, power-tripping, war-mongering chemists, anyway?

Monsanto’s Terminator strains

Monsanto is probably the most marijuana-oriented of the Rockefeller-Farben linked companies. Famous for their “terminator” strain of seeds (seeds that provide sterile plants), there are signs of Monsanto already having attempted a Canadian “med-pot monopoly” by getting an exclusive contract from Health Canada for their “terminator” cannabis seeds. The deal fell through. (331)

In June of 1999, fearing an accidental release and total destruction of all food crops, the Rockefeller Foundation asked Monsanto to swear off use of the terminator gene. (332) Despite being asked politely in public, there has been none of the “cash power” the Rockefeller’s sometimes use to influence people directed at Monsanto (either in informing the public or lobbying). Thus, the fight to ban “Terminator Technology” continues. (333)

Bayer and BASF have both recently announced plans to invest heavily in agricultural bio-tech. (334) In October of 2002, an opportunity for Monsanto to sell millions of dollars worth of “Roundup-ready” supergrass (of the “lawn” variety) fell through. (335) Catastrophe doesn’t win the race every time.

Monsanto is owned mostly by Pharmacia, (336) which is about to merge with Pfizer (337). Pfizer is run the Rockefeller cartel. (338) Monsanto is one of five “Gene Giants” – the others being DuPont, Syngenta, Aventis and Dow (339) – all related to Farben at one time or another. (340) By creating “alliances” or “liaisons” with other bio-tech companies, Monsanto is “running below the radar” of anti-trust regulators. (341) If GW Pharmaceutical ever gets control of the cannabis market through patents and/or inventions (342), no doubt the Gene Giants will buy them out.

How do they get away with it?

To commit the perfect crime, you need not be a genius – just responsible for the investigation afterwards. The only institution that could possibly keep Big Chem honest is Big Media – currently owned and controlled by Big Chem.

This was not always the case. Rockefeller was known to have been the subject of the editorial cartoons in the late 1800’s. (343) In 1905, McClures writer Ida Tarbell followed up her history of Standard Oil with a “scathing personal sketch” of Rockefeller. (344) Other McClures writers were wondering if Standard Oil Company could wave their millions around and influence the reporting of news in the company’s favor. (345) Rockefeller must have done something, because despite all their criminal activities since then (and I haven’t even mentioned their labor relations), they haven’t really gotten too much bad press.

I.G. Farben, too, has gotten off rather lightly, reputation wise. Take Carl Duisberg, for example. Despite being an anti-Semite opportunist who was key in introduced gas warfare, death labor and corporate fascism into Germany, when he died in March 1935, there was hardly an honor that had not been bestowed on him: his biography contains honorary doctorates, citizenships and senator titles. The Times of London summed up Carl Duisberg’s achievements in its obituary: “His country loses a man who, all things considered, I believe may be regarded as the greatest industrialist the world has yet had.” (346)

By the early seventies, the control the corporate elite had over the media was beginning to slip. The Trilateral Commission, founded by David Rockefeller in 1973, devoted it’s first major study to the “crisis of democracy” in the industrialized world, as more and more people (borrowing a term from Jello Biafra) “became the media.” The Commission call this “excessive democracy” and hoped to restore the days when “Truman had been able to govern the country with a relatively small number of Wall Street lawyers and bankers,” the days of “moderation in democracy” as they put it. Of particular concern to the Commission were the failures of what it called the institutions responsible “for the indoctrination of the young”: schools, churches and the media. (347)

The major print media is totally Rockefeller. Arthur Hays Sulzberger (1891-1968) sat on the board of directors for both the Associated Press and the New York Times (1935-1961). He was also a director of the Rockefeller Foundation. (348) The Rockefellers own Time and Newsweek (349) Both Time and Newsweek had cover stories on bio-terror – both stressing Cipro as the best defense against anthrax (Time had a huge blow-up image of a Cipro pill), and both articles carried a date of Oct. 8, probably shipped out a week before – right before the Oct. 4th “first mention” of anthrax in the mass media. (350) Great timing for Bayer’s Cipro sales – no wonder profits have been so good.

Every once in a while, they let their true sides show. In 1988, at Bayer’s 125th anniversary, the chair, Hermann Stenger, bragged to a reporter that he was a “Third generation Bayerite” who fought in Hitler’s army as a youth. (351) Obviously, there are some people who will have to be spoken to about their continued support of fascism and genocide. If I could afford it, I’d put a billboard up near where he worked with his smug admission some good blown-up photo of the worst crimes of his family, and a website connection to an ever-growing list of Bayer’s current crimes.

The evil empire’s final move

The best way to deal with fear is by facing the worst-case scenario and acting – with style and non-violence – against these monsters that are trying to kill you. The most horrific fear of them all is the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (352) – which mandates quarantine, execution, seizure of property, food and means of transport in the event of a smallpox attack. A November 7 Detroit Free Press article – ‘Vast quarantine role advocated for states’ (353) detailing this scenario contained the following quote…

“Would a National Guardsman, he asked, shoot a grandmother trying to evade quarantine? Maybe, Gostin said. ‘You have to use all reasonable force.’ Sometimes, he added, that could mean lethal force.”

Such a notion was even mapped and planned in June 2001 with the Dark Winter project (354), where key individuals within the Federal Government and CIA (mainly CFR members) and media heads from NBC, CBS, the BBC and the New York Times met at Andrews Air Force Base to discuss how they would ‘cover’ a widespread biological attack. One statement was particularly revealing concerning how the media would be coerced to maintain civil obedience…

“Dealing with the media will be a major, immediate challenge for all levels of government. Information management and communication (e.g., dealing with the press effectively, communication with citizens, maintaining the information flows necessary for command and control at all institutional levels) will be a critical element in crisis/consequence management.” (355)

If you think THAT’s terrifying, get a load of this: Out of almost 20 of the worlds leading microbiologist in the fields of Anthrax (356), encephalitis (357) and a new genetically mutating form of the plague, all but five died mysterious deaths right after September 11th! (358)

If the plan is to unleash a smallpox plague to fake a terrorist strike in order to set up a police state – it won’t work. People will put two and two together, and organize resistance to the jab, and to the police state, too. Once soldiers are asked to choose between loyalty to their grandmothers and girlfriends on the one hand, and their insane, monopolistic tyrant-rulers on the other, they’ll rebel in large numbers and the US military will ultimately side with the American people.

I hope.

But I’d rather not give them the chance to try. Which lead us to the last chapter of the story …. what to do about these supreme-executive-power-wielding nutbars instead of just waiting around for their next move….

Conclusion: Unite. Speak up. Shop smart. Resist the Jab.

“These companies, not the lunatic Nazi fanatics, are the main war criminals. If the guilt of these criminals is not brought to daylight and if they are not punished, they will pose a much greater threat to the future peace of the world than Hitler if he were still alive.”
-Telford Taylor, US-Chief Prosecutor, 1947 Nuremberg War Trial against the managers of IG Farben

“No class or group or party in Germany could escape its share of responsibility for the abandonment of the democratic Republic and the advent of Adolf Hitler. The cardinal error of the Germans who opposed Nazism was their failure to unite against it. ….the 63% of the German people who expressed their opposition to Hitler were much too divided and shortsighted to combine against a common danger which they must have known would overwhelm them unless they united, however temporarily, to stamp it out.”
-William L. Shirer, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” Simon & Schuster, 1960, p. 185

“Forces one to consider the possibility that when corporate evil reaches a certain status, it simply cannot be defeated.”
-New York Times blurb from their review of the book “The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben”

“The forces keeping pot illegal are among the strongest in the world. They include the oil and petrochemical industries, liquor and tobacco companies, and the pharmaceutical industry. … the truth is legalizing hemp would restructure our national economy and put more money in the hands of American farmers, while devastating the petrochemical industry – the major source of world pollution. They have billions of dollars and all the thugs and narco cops on their side, but the truth is on our side. One day the truth will prevail.”
-Steve Hagar, High Times publisher, Interview in High Times magazine, July 1990 (359)

“Remember, there is a ‘THEY’ and ‘THEY’ ARE out to get you. ‘THEY’ are the petrochemical pharmaceutical military-industrial trans-national fascist corporate elite son-of-a-bitches. … and ‘THEY’ look at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as impediments to the implementation of their “New World Order” … the war against marijuana … the war against this natural plant is their attempt to keep the farmers, the people … and folks like you and me out of power ….”
– Gatewood Galbraith, “High Society” interview with David Malmo-Levine, Pot TV, 26 Oct. 2001 (360)

One conclusion I have drawn from this project is that a most important fact has been overlooked by history. That fact is that EVERYTHING Hitler’s Nazi’s did in World War 2 (mass killing with poison gas, enslaving entire populations of other nations, promoting national socialism, racism and the “Fuhrer Principle,” the creation of a national war economy) IG Farben did back in World War 1. Further, without the bankers, oilmen and chemists that operated within the Rockefeller-IG mega-cartel, Hitler might never have come to power, or be as menacing as he was when he took power.

So how, exactly, did Hitler’s sponsors get off? What’s the full story? And did they having anything to do with WW3?

And if so, how do we stop them?

I’m not as cynical as the author of the New York Times blurb regarding “The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben” – that’s just the oil addiction talking. I think “evil” will never achieve a “certain status” that would prevent its defeat. Not when there are still decent, imaginative people to resist it and offer more attractive alternatives to it. But how to address these “fascist corporate-elite-son-of-a-bitches” head on, and defeat them before they destroys us?

Not with physical force. No bombs, no terrorism, no “pre-emptive strikes” will get us out of this problem … those are the words and methods of madmen. However, if someone comes up to me with the needle and wants to jab me I’ll …”just say no.” If they try an aggressive jab I’ll do my best to see that they eat the needle. There is a limit to my passiveness. We must – non-violently and communicatively – organize and resist mandatory vaccination. But we must also not go to out deaths as sheep.

That’s just a short-term survival strategy. We need to think long term too. We need a “final solution” for THEM. Here’s a clue:

“A federal report by the Commons standing committee on health says natural health products are a $2-billion-a-year industry in Canada, and is expected to grow by 15 percent annually.” (361)

The best way to resist their insane plans is to stop financing them. The above quote – from way back in 1998 – shows us that this process is already under way. We must all continue to learn more about using herbs instead of chemicals, hemp instead of trees, wind, wave, sun and seed-oil instead of fossil or synthetic fuels, and encourage others to do the same. Louder and with more style than ever before. No useless war trials. No armed insurrections. Just educate everyone as to why everyone should stop buying their stuff.

We all have to stop buying their stuff – and encourage others to stop also. Cannabis is safer and more effective that Ciba’s Thalidomide or Ritalin or Roche’s Valium as a mind-focus tool and relaxant, as long as you understand things like strain, dose and quality. Valerian is safer and much more effective than Valium as a relaxant. You can learn to grow these herbs yourself! It’s lots of fun. Just learn how to use it properly, first … consult your local herbalist.

Instead of using Monsanto’s Aspartame, try a pinch of the sweet herb stevia. Instead of using Merck’s (or more than likely, the CIA’s) cocaine, pick from the hundreds of other stimulants like qat or damiana or ginger or guarana or vanilla or yarrow. Just do a little homework first.

You can use cannabis, yohimbe and damiana (among many aphrodisiacs) instead of Pfizer’s Viagra – you’ll get twice as hard for half the price and no blue tinge – I assure you. For pain relief, instead of Bayer’s Heroin or Aspirin, grow your own poppies and hemp. If you must buy chocolate (and most of us are hopelessly addicted), let’s all buy local and “fair-trade” – no sense financing some CFR member corporate fat-cat to feed us some low-quality waxy psudo-choco garbage.

An effective folk remedy for smallpox has been having salty saunas, a remedy for anthrax (aside from cannabis) has been garlic. When shopping for non-monopolistic anti-virus medication, I also recommend looking into grape-fruit-seed extract, colloidal silver, oxygen therapy, Vitamin C, hemp seed oil and all the other herbs and vitamins.

And it goes beyond just our medicine. We have to shop for fuel and transportation that way too. We have to use materials at work that are sustainable. And f you don’t feel like trying to pull a “JFK” and nationalizing the banking system (the real reason, many believe, he was shot), the least you could do is to get your money out of the Bank of “RockeFarben” and find a credit union.

The one thing that will truly reduce the power of these destructive forces – perhaps for good – is winning the right to compete with and replace their chemical fuels and medicines with cannabis seed-oil and herbal medicines. This means that if you really want to be a good environmentalist or anti-corporate-rule activist, the best thing you can do is fight for the right to access natural buds, hemp, herbs and other natural alternatives, and to include as many people as possible away from this evil empire, and towards more environmentally-sustainable and universally-profitable economies.

With hemp medicine liberated, all the red tape surrounding industrial hemp will be removed. Money currently spent fighting for drug peace will be channeled into creating seed presses, textile plants and paper mills. With tens of thousands of acres hemp growing, the economics of biomass and bio-diesel fuel (362) will begin to make more sense. Perhaps hemp IS the way to get the human race off its fossil fuel addiction, and the monopolies and wars that inevitably accompany this addiction.

Get active! We are the generation to end this cycle of profiteering!

Another way to fight these beasts is by exposing them. Typing the names of these companies into internet search engines provides a quick and easy way to do research on them and get in touch with those organizing against them. There are already many groups organizing themselves to inform the public of the histories and dangers of these chemical giants. Join forces with them – or start your own group. The following is a list of some of the leaders in each category:

To fight mandatory vaccination in Canada, contact: To fight the anthrax vaccine profiteers, contact: To organize against the AIDS vaccine, contact:

To help nail those Monsanto slimeballs: For a model of general corporate accountability activism, try:

– Anti-war activism/Pan-activism – Environmental activism Anti-codex activism: Drug war activism:

Get people talking about ‘THEIR’ crimes and the natural alternatives to their products. Get people thinking about the benefits of a peace and freedom economy to all humankind – a fare deal for everyone – what everyone really wants in their hearts. If half the people who read this article act on this information, that in itself will cut into their profits. Who knows by how much?

Without their monopolistic profits, they will not be able create their profitable wars, and with any luck, humans will evolve out of this cycle of exploitation, oppression, injustice, suffering and death, before it’s too late. The sooner the recreational and medical monopolies have been broken, the sooner the raw material and energy monopolies will fall. The race between education and catastrophe is at the finish line …. and the winner is ….the winner is …. as always, the winner is up to me and you.




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