Worldwide war against cannabis

The war against marijuana is heating up worldwide.
This week, the US federal government attacked glassblowers, hippie shops, Tommy Chong, and bong distributors in an unprecedented nationwide series of arrests and confiscations.

Most Americans think that there will always be Holland to escape to, but the new Dutch ruling coalition just announced that it will bow to US and UN pressure by beginning a program designed to close half of the country’s 800 coffee shops by year’s end. Observers say the ruling CDA-Socialist coalition seems set on defying the will of the Dutch people by working to end the 30-year Dutch “tolerance policy” on marijuana.

Dutch cannabis activist-hero Nol Van Schaik, who owns three coffeeshops in the Dutch heritage town of Haarlem (near Amsterdam), says it will be difficult for the Dutch federal government to completely close all 400 shops, and virtually impossible for the government to eliminate all potshops, but that “the situation is very serious.”

The UN is also attacking proposed cannabis law reform in the UK, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland.

Issue 43 of Cannabis Culture will contain detailed reports of this escalation of the worldwide war against herb. In the short term, however, the smartest thing to do would be to book holidays in Holland this year, and to begin energetic activism wherever you are to prevent the end of the cannabis culture altogether.