Flowering ruderalis

I’m growing the strain “Manitoba Poison.” Although it is supposed to be derived from “pure South African seedlines,” it has begun to show its ruderalis heritage by flowering under a 24/0 light regimen.
Now that my hopes of raising the plant as a mother are squashed, I’d like to flower them. Given it is an automatic strain, how many hours of light should they receive to maximize yield?


This is an intriguing question. Ruderalis is described as a near-wild or feral sub-species of cannabis. All the sub-species, sativa, indica and ruderalis, readily interbreed. Ruderalis is characterized by autoflowering–it produces flowers along the stems and branches based on life cycle rather than light regimen. Ruderalis is found along the northern plateaus of Russia and the countries to its east.

Outdoors, ruderalis plant continues to flower throughout its development, and produces colas and buds in late August, near the end of its traditional short growing season. The problem with ruderalis and with its hybrids and most ruderalis backcrosses to other varieties is that the buds don’t ripen. The stigmas turn brown but the ovary behind them doesn’t swell. The “high” from pure ruderalis plants is more like a buzz that could become a headache, but the crosses sometimes produce respectable highs.

Once the plants begin autoflowering, change the lights to a regime of 10 hours of darkness to 14 hours of light. My reasoning is that at the northern latitudes where ruderalis grows, there is more than 14 hours of light in mid-August when it begins to develop colas. Unfortunately, the ruderalis genetics may also produce buds that never fully mature. On the other hand, maybe autoflowering is the only characteristic that this strain has inherited from the ruderalis in its family tree-the cross may have introduced genetics that yield properly matured buds with an enjoyable effect. There is only one way to find out, and that is to complete the growing cycle and test the results.

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