Marijuana pills

Is there a way to make marijuana pills or capsules? I reek after smoking and I don’t like to cook the stuff. When I consume marijuana I have a deeper high. Another reason why I want to consume rather than smoke it is to give my lungs a well-needed rest. Do you have any recipes or ideas?

My late friend Tom Flowers used to use Maricaps for his severe arthritis. He bought size O capsules and a filler holder that holds them upright. He used high-grade trim, well dried and powdered fine in a coffee grinder. The powder was mixed with a few lecithin granules and enough olive oil to make a thick paste. Then the caps were filled using a small oil paint spatula and a small spoon. The covers were placed over the filled bottoms. They were kept in the refrigerator or freezer until used.

Each cap held about a third of a gram of high quality trim. Tom used them for relief of arthritic pain. Three or four caps on an empty stomach were quite potent. The advantage of caps is that you don’t have to eat to use them.

The lecithin is added to help emulsify the THC. It’s quite possible that a glass of milk (soy or cow), laden with emulsifiers, might help with the high.

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  1. christy on

    My mom has been diagnosed with “fibromyalgia” the dr gave her a handfull of prescriptions but my parents will not take any drugs. However I heard about marijuana pills from a friend and that they help releive some pain. Please send my some info on this. Christy, N. Calif.

  2. Wolf on

    By now (August 2009) , there should be Cannabis-capsules or supositories (maybe even time-release) available on prescription in Californian pharmacies. I simply cannot imagine that cancer-sufferers or people with serious back-problems (like myself, living in Japan) should have to smoke or cook that stuff or go through the trouble of pill-making described above. The pharma-industry would be stupid to have missed that chance!
    If anyone knows about pills, capsules, suppositories or powder available in pharmacies or drugstores, PLEASE LET US KNOW ! Wolf