Get cooked!

1) What is shake?
Shake is all the material that is manicured off the plant at harvest time. This includes all the stalk, stems, fan leaves and all other leaves trimmed away from the glorious buds.

Fig 1Fig 1Fig 1:

This is very low grade shake; including stalks, stems and large fan leaves. Notice this material has virtually no visible trichomes and is therefore very low potency. You need to use large quantities of this shake in your cannabis cooking.

Fig 2Fig 2Fig 2:

This is average shake, likely the type of shake you could most easily acquire; medium to small fan leaves and some thin stems. This material will have more visible trichomes and is good shake for making butter, oil and even bubblehash.

Fig 3Fig 3Fig 3:

This is premium shake, and the smart grower will keep this stuff for his/herself! You can acquire your own in small portions by collecting the small leaves that fall to the bottom of the bag of your precious stash of buds. Small leaves and even small bits of buds make up this perfect cooking material. It is most potent, with the most visible trichomes, and you will need to use the least amount of this wonderful stuff in all your cannabis cooking!

2) How much weed do you need to get high?

Although these portions will vary per person (depending on your size), you will need approx: 1-2 grams of premium shake, 3-4 grams of average shake, and 5 grams of low grade. Also, be sure to eat cannabis on an empty stomach for optimum results.

3) Does weed need to be cooked with fat?

THC is most efficiently assimilated if it’s dissolved into some form of fat (like oil, butter or milk) or alcohol.

4) Does weed need to be heated to activate the THC?

While overcooking cannabis will destroy THC activity, normal cooking temperatures can actually increase the potency by activating THC. Times and temperatures vary based on quantities used.

groundground5) How do you make ganja butter?

Check out CC Issue #35 Ganja Butter or

6) How do you make canna-oil?

To make oil without using heat, simply place approx 1pint of oil (I use olive) and 2 oz average shake into a jar. Store it in a dark, cool place for 3 days. Strain leaf material from oil, remembering to firmly squeeze the oil out of the leaf. Store in a dark, cool place.

Or take these same portions and simmer on low on your stovetop, in a saucepan, for 2-3 hrs. Strain leaf material away from oil and store in a dark, cool place.

brownedbrowned7) What does ground and browned mean?

This is a “CiCi” catch phrase, I coined it in reference to my method of cannabis preparation, useable in almost any cannabis dish.

Ground: Simply refers to grinding up your cannabis material. Most effectively done using a coffee grinder, grind down your cannabis into a fine, almost powdery consistency. If you don’t have a grinder, just use scissors to get the finest grind possible.

Browned: Using a fry pan on the stove top, set your element to a medium-low heat and generously cover the bottom of the pan with oil. Add ground cannabis and stir constantly, “browning” for about 5-7 min. Do not turn up the heat. Burning this plant material will destroy THC and therefore be unusable for your cooking.

When the material turns very dark green and you smell the cannabis aroma off the pan, the cannabis is ready. Add this to any of your cannabis dishes and enjoy!

Congratulations, you have completed the Get Cooked 101 course and are now ready to get seriously cooked!browned

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