Kubby’s med-pot victory

Kubby: permit to grow 59 plants, and store 2.6 kilos.Kubby: permit to grow 59 plants, and store 2.6 kilos.The Canadian government has given US med-pot refugee Steve Kubby the right to grow and use marijuana for medical purposes.
Kubby, 56, came to Canada with his family in 2001, claiming refugee status due to persecution from the US government for his medical use of cannabis. He is currently host of the Pot-TV News with his wife Michele.

Kubby claims he needs to smoke up to 12 grams a day, to control the symptoms of a rare form of adrenal gland cancer. Joseph Connor, a clinical professor of medicine at the University of British Columbia and medical oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency, backed Kubby’s medical claims.

In a letter to Health Canada, Connor wrote that Kubby’s heavy marijuana use controls the blood-pressure spikes, rapid heartbeats, severe headaches and chest pains that can result when his adrenal cancer cells produce too much adrenaline or other hormones.

Kubby’s new permit allows him to grow 59 plants, to store up to 2.6 kilos and to carry up to 360 grams while travelling within Canada.

Kubby is the first US citizen to be granted a med-pot exemption under Canadian law. So far, the government has handed out over 800 exemptions, but some Canadians complained that a US citizen’s application was quickly processed while hundreds of Canadians are still waiting.

Steve and Michele Kubby still face criminal charges in connection with 160 plants seized from their BC home in April. Kubby’s lawyer, John Conroy, has asked police to drop the charges and return the Kubby’s equipment, so he can get started on his legal crop.Kubby: permit to grow 59 plants, and store 2.6 kilos.

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