Vaporization issue

In issue 35 you wrote about vaporization and that the THC will boil at 350 degrees F. Some versions are powered by heat guns. The tip of the heater fits into a large bong bowl. The bong is filled with ice to cool the vapor. Doesn’t the ice condense the vapor and therefore reduce the quantity of THC available for inhalation? If this is true, don’t I want the vapor as hot as I can comfortably handle it?

The heat from the electric gun is higher than THC’s boiling point so the liquid boils, exploding the trichome as it turns into vapor, a gas. This vapor condenses with or without ice. Even before the gas flows through the column of ice in the bong, its temperature has dropped and it has returned to its liquid state, forming microscopic-sized droplets of liquid in the airflow, sort of like a mist or fog. These droplets flow into your lungs and stick to the alveoli, the blood-filled sections where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged. The THC is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. It reaches the brain moments later.

Researchers have found that very hot air is not good for your throat or lungs. Hot, dry air taxes your respiratory system. Cool, moist air has a soothing effect.

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