Seven years of cannabis

Welcome to our second special “Best Of” issue, featuring some of the best stories, photos and art from our first seven years.
While preparing the articles and artwork for this issue I was reminded of the many adventures we’ve had producing this magazine over the past seven years. From the long days spent working on the issues of the magazine, to nights spent sleeping under our desks after a weekend without rest while trying to meet a long overdue deadline.

I am very proud of what we’ve accomplished with Cannabis Culture. We began as a four page black and white Marijuana and Hemp Newsletter written and produced by our publisher, Marc Emery. I took over as editor with the last issue of that in 1994, as we changed to a magazine format and renamed ourselves Cannabis Canada. We have evolved and expanded since then, going through a number of phases and incarnations over the years. With our early issues we were mostly focussed on the local Vancouver scene and Canadian cannabis issues, but after three years and a dozen issues we changed our name again, becoming Cannabis Culture to reflect our growing international content and expanded focus.

Our magazine has been very influential over the years. We were quoted by US Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey in a speech before Congress. We’ve been given coverage by major media including CNN, ABC, CBC and others. We’ve broken some major marijuana stories which have later infiltrated the mainstream press. We have never hesitated to dig deeper and uncover the truth which is often ignored or twisted by other press.

After seven years of editing and producing this magazine, I feel that we’re finally beginning to get the hang of this job. We are poised on the brink of some major expansions, and have already enjoyed an increase in page count and the launch of our new German-language translation Cannabiskultur. The next few years will see our magazine expand dramatically, as cannabis becomes increasingly popular and accepted by the mainstream, and we improve our ability to produce a fine magazine and get you the newest news and best photos you’ve ever seen.

I hope you enjoy this look back at our first seven years, and that you’ll remain with us for another seven, as we burst the bubble of pot prohibition and bring freedom, justice and great ganja to a world that desperately needs them.

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture