CC Tokers Bowl has sold out!

Cannabis Culture‘s second annual Tokers Bowl has sold out. The event, scheduled for May 1-4, 2003, promises to be a fabulous time for all 200 attendees.
Events will include an evening boat cruise with live entertainment, a theme dinner at a local restaurant, a phat film festival, joint-rolling and bong-hitting contests, and much more! Aside from their judges packs, everyone who attends can expect to get extra bonus prizes, special samples and ganja food as well.

If you still want a chance to attend this awesome ganja-fest, your only hope is to subscribe to Cannabis Culture now, and pray that you are the lucky subscriber chosen to come and party with us, on an all-expenses paid dream holiday to the CC Tokers Bowl! New subscribers are also eligible to win some awesome glass pipes!

CC Tokers Bowl: