30th Anniversary of the Dutch Hashcoffeeshops : 1972 – 2002.

We’ve organized a special event to celebrate this anniversary, and to pay tribute to those that made it all possible, by just doing what they felt they should.
One person, Wernard Bruining, started the first ever cannabis coffeeshop, the Mellow Yellow, the first cannabis-growshop, Positronics, and the first Medical Marihuana organization in Europe, Mediwiet (Mediweed).

He was also one of the main persons involved in developing the sinsemilla grow-technique in Holland, stimulated and instructed by Old Ed, a top-grower from California, USA.

Our event will be for and around Wernard, after all, without his valiant efforts to get cannabis to the surface in Holland, our country might also still be suffering from the same uncontrollable hard drug problems as the countries around us, with cannabis being just another illegal drug, and thousands of people in prison for cannabis related offenses.

Wernard’s Mellow Yellow opened in 1972 in Amsterdam; he and his hippie friends had been selling hash and weed from his house the previous few years.

Others, who saw the commercial opportunity of the trade in cannabis, followed up this initiative. A new form of business was created, and is thriving as never before in 2002. All this and much more, made us realize we, the cannabis community, owe Wernard and all who worked with him a great deal of respect and gratitude.

Our event: “A tribute to Wernard and friends”, is meant as a fundraiser for Wernard, who lost his company, Positronics, in 1997. He was declared bankrupt after some staff stole a lot of his goods from his warehouse.

In combination with that, the tax on seeds and clones, which he had been paying faithfully, was raised from 6 to 19 %. The taxman wanted it squared from the day Positronics started, in 1985, it was too much, Wernard was left in daze, and he lost everything he had built up in a day. We are asking all Dutch cannabis-entrepreneurs to make a donation for Wernard, who deserves our support more than anyone in the cannabis-culture, for his lifetime achievements.

We have invited Old Ed, 86 now, to be our guest of honour for this event, he accepted, and will be flown in a few days before the anniversary party. Both Wernard and Old Ed will be put in the spotlight, we have something special in mind for these two, and other pioneers of Dutch cannabis. After this special event, on Fridayevening, November 29, 2002, Wernard will introduce a new event, in the following weekend, the Haarlem Hash&Weed Festival.

The Hash & Weed Festival is meant to choose the best hash or weed in the contest, through a system that will exlude any form of fraud or dishonesty. The participating products, hash or weed, will be rolled into 300 joints per strain or kind, half of them pure, the other half with tobacco. The tasting and voting will be started in the participating coffeeshops, a number of the pre-rolled joints, with numbered filtertips, each number connected to the involved product. The voting is easy, after smoking the testjoint, you just dump the roach in one of the voting-boxes: Bad, good, or excellent. After counting the roaches, the winning number will be attached to the product and coffeeshop, during the Award ceremony on Sunday-evening. The tasting and voting event will be running on Saturday and Sunday, in the participating coffeeshops in Haarlem.

Old Ed will be present in the Global Hempmuseum on Saturday, Nov.30, for a meet and greet with those who want to meet him in person. During the event, we will also present a new book, about the previous 30 years of experience with coffeeshops in Holland. The title: “The Dutch Experience”, written by Nol van Schaik, in close cooperation with Wernard, and a helping hand from Pete Brady.

Tickets for the events will be made available through internet-reservation and the participating coffeeshops. We hope to welcome you in Haarlem for the occasion, and invite you to have a ‘taste’ of the Dutch delights.

More info on “The Dutch Experience” book: www.realdealpublishing.com

contacts: The Global Hempmuseum, Tel/fax: 0031(0)235349939

Maruska de Blaauw: 0031 (0) 653666921

Kim van Schaik: 0031 (0) 618499064

Program ‘Tribute to Wernard and friends’ and “the Haarlem Hash&Weed Festival”, November 29, 30 and December 1, 2002.

Friday, November 29, 2002, A Tribute to Wernard and other cannabis greats..

20.30 hrs : Opening, by Nol van Schaik and Pete Brady.

20.45 hrs : Videocompilation of Wernards career in cannabis.

21.15 hrs : Wernard in the spotlight.

21.45 hrs : We booked Armand, Hollands Hippy-singer, to perform.

22.00 hrs : Old Ed in the spotlight.

22.30 hrs : Break, with demo’s of the most advanced cannabisproducts.

23.00 hrs : Cannabingo, a round of Bingo with fine prices, all cannabis related. Grand Prize : A two week trip to the Lost Beach Resort on Jamaica, donated by the owners of this beautifull beach-paradise near Negril. www.lostbeachresort.com

23.30 hrs : Wernard introduces the Haarlem Hash&Weed Festival, with interaction of the audience, and explains his motivation behind his latest brainchild.

Midnight : Question and answer time, Wernard and Old Ed are available for you, to ask them about anything you think they know.

00.30 hrs : The End.

Demo’s :

Mountain High demonstrates their Jointmachines and their Cones, this company also makes the joints for the H&W Festival. www.mountainhigh.nl

Futurola demonstrates their advanced hand-rolling device, the Futurola.

This device produces good conical joints, even if you can not roll !

Napoleon demonstrates the electric hash-clipper, a handy device to trim your harvest.

The Global Hempmuseum shows the huge range of vaporisors on the market, including the Volcano and the recently released Vapir.

Making Ice-o-lator hash, from short-cut leafs, resulting in the most potent sort of hash in the world.

More demo’s could be added unannounced.

Tickets : 12 euro p.p.

Location : Beijneshal, Stationsplein, Haarlem, opposite Haarlems Central Station. ( 1200 visitors)

Program ‘Haarlems Hash&Weed Festival :

Saturday, November 30. 11.00hrs :

Opening of the Haarlem Hash&Weed Festival by Wernard, in Willie Wortels Sinsemilla, Houtplein 16a, Haarlem.

Start of the tasting and voting in the participating Haarlem coffeeshops, a map will be issued with the ticket.

Meet and greet with Old Ed, in the Global Hempmuseum, Spaarne 94, Haarlem From 13.00 – 16.00 hrs.

Dj’s and Bongs in Willie Wortel Sinsemilla from 21.00 – 02.00 hrs.

Sunday, December 1.

Continuation of the tasting and voting, from 11.00 – 16.00 hrs.

Break from 16.00 – 21.00 hrs, DJ’s and Vaporisors in WW Sinsemilla.

Counting the votes, scores kept on stage and online.

21.00 hrs : Announcement of the scores of the offered products, followed by the handing of the Hash&Weed Awards to the winners and runners-up.

23.00 hrs : End of the event, Wernard has the last words.

The WW Sinsemilla will stay open until way after midnight, serving you music and some food.

Try to make it over to Holland; it will be very worthwhile !!

Tickets for the Haarlem Hash&WeedFestival :

5 euro p.p. per day (incl. 3 testers)

Location : Participating Haarlem Coffeeshops.

Opening and Finale in Willie Wortel Sinsemilla.

Tickets-sales and reservation : [email protected]; Fax : 0031(0)23 5349939; Tel : 0031(0)618499064

Ticket pick-up point : Willie Wortel Sativa, Kruisweg 46 Haarlem.