Quebec Cannabis and Hashish Cup cancelled

Alain Berthiaume, founder of the Quebec Cannabis and Hashish Cup, and owner of Montreal’s Hemp Quebec and the Quebec Seed Bank, is likely going to be sentenced to a year in prison on Monday, November 18, 2002.
Berthiaume was arrested at the third annual Cannabis and Hashish Cup in November 2001, and spent three nights in jail. Yet the event continued on successfully without him, and over 500 people had the chance to enjoy awesome food, fine entertainment and eight different samples of pot and hash.

Now, one week before this year’s event was to begin, Berthiaume is about to be sentenced for organizing last year’s cannabis competition. According to his lawyer, Berthiaume is likely to receive a year in jail for hosting his otherwise trouble-free event.

Hemp Quebec asks those who purchased tickets to send them back to receive a full refund. For more information please contact Hemp Quebec.

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