UK activists win big!

Free Rob CannabisFree Rob CannabisCannabis Culture readers may remember our article about last year’s London, England cannabis rally during which courageous UK pot activist Free Rob Cannabis was arrested at Hyde Park and imprisoned while myself and Rob’s partner Minna protested his arrest at the Charing Cross Police Station in London.
Today, Wednesday, November 13, 2002, Cannabis Culture has received exclusive and very good news: Free Rob Cannabis was on trial this week, and the jury could not reach a verdict. Free is free; the government could decide to retry the case, but it is not likely that it will decide to do so.

This news came to us via film producer, chakra clearer, ganja farmer and movie star Chris Iverson, who was in London to attend the trials of Free Rob and of Tony “The Tiger” Taylor, a London medpot provider and health guru who was on trial for cultivating and possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

According to the jubilant Iverson, who is traveling Europe filming movie scenes and seeking financial backers for his upcoming ganja-riffic epic feature film, the Green Goddess, Taylor was found innocent because the police “lost the evidence and didn’t even show up to testify.”

Victories in these two cases are all the more surprising because of the sad outcome of the Colin Davies-Dutch Experience cannabis coffeeshop court battles that finished in Manchester earlier this year, with Davies sent to prison for several years while Dutchman Bart Meekel, who was arrested solely because he was visiting Davies and because he was Dutch, was finally let out of prison to return to Holland after five months in a dank British cage.

Upcoming issues of Cannabis Culture magazine will feature exclusive news from the Euro pot scene and these fantastic UK victories for Free Rob and Tony Taylor.Free Rob Cannabis

Contact info:; email Chris Iverson, the blonde bomber of swiss hemp, at [email protected].