Cannabis Culture Toker’s Bowl

A few issues back, Cannabis Culture invited our readers to come and enjoy a fabulous four-day party with us in Vancouver. A hundred of our most devoted readers heeded the call, and made the trip for the first annual Cannabis Culture Toker’s Bowl.
We’ve had some pretty awesome parties before (CC#28, Cannabis Culture Summer party hardy!), but these events were usually one night only, and limited to staff and friends. This time was very different ? a massive four night extravaganja of fun and tokes. Everyone who came received their judges kit, which contained 24 one-gram samples of the finest local buds. The names and origins of the strains were not revealed until the final night of the event; they were identified only with a single letter in the kit to help ensure a fair judging process.

Four nights of fun

The four days of fun included a film festival, a cannabis cruise, an Arabian Nights themed dinner, the Million Marijuana March, bong-hitting and joint-rolling contests, and much more.

The first night saw judges arriving and registering in the conference space under the BC Marijuana Party Bookstore. Judges mingled and sampled at their leisure, hanging out in the neighboring New Amsterdam Cafe, and enjoyed endless food to satisfy their developing munchies. Guests got to know each other and met their favorite Cannabis Culture and Pot-TV celebrities, as we prepared for the festivities that lay ahead.

All Toker’s Bowl judges enjoyed the special dinner with a theme of Arabian Nights. A local restaurant was rented out and decorated for an evening of sensual debauchery. Guests sat at tables or lounged on pillows, surrounded by tapestries and hookahs. Marc Emery and myself were costumed as Sultans, although I suspect I looked more like the silent-movie version of Lawrence of Arabia. Belly dancers, body-painted nymphs, bubble hash, and endless courses of succulent foods were served up to our entranced guests, to the soothing sounds of live traditional and electronic music.

Many judges chose to attend Vancouver’s Million Marijuana March, part of a global event with over 190 cities participating worldwide. Some of our American guests were understandably concerned about publicly marching on their own embassy with a phat doobie between their lips. But with a crowd of about 3000 happy tokers everyone seemed to blend into a smoky haze.

That night all the judges, CC staff and hangers-on were herded on board a luxury ship for a dinner cruise through Vancouver’s Indian Arm inlet. A great buffet, more live music, and a ship’s Captain who joyously proclaimed that “there will be no authorities boarding us tonight!”

We hot-boxed the entire boat, including a special smaller upstairs room on the deck for the truly hardcore.

The Toker’s Bowl climax was held in a downtown space rented out for the purpose. While our guests enjoyed the newest buffet and finished up their judging, Pot-TV station manager and MC Chris Bennett found excuses to give away prizes to the crowd. We held contests for the best pot joke, the fastest joint smoker, the biggest bong-hit (no coughing allowed) and the hotly contested speedy joint-rolling competition, which required three heats and a final roll-off before we could declare a winner. The winner of the style-rolling contest was a fabulous Dutch Tulip.

`Too stoned? can`t hold up scoreboard?``Too stoned? can`t hold up scoreboard?`The winners

Finally all the ballots had been submitted, the results hand-tabulated by Marc Emery himself, and the winner was announced to a hushed crowd.

The results were surprisingly close. Judges had been asked to give each entry a rating between one and five. No strain reached a four point score, although the winning Burmese from Jordan of the Islands was about as close as possible, with a 3.979 average.

Second and third place were the same strain, Renne, entered independently by a local grower who received 3.957, and Fresh Headies, who got 3.92.

Jordan might have stacked the deck, by entering 10 of the 24 strains in the contest. Let’s hope that inspires other growers and breeders to get their best buds ready for the second Toker’s Bowl, in May 2003!

`Too stoned? can`t hold up scoreboard?`Phat film fest

The Toker’s Bowl fun included a four hour film festival, initiated by the Drug War Vigil Group. Ten short film entries from around the world were played at Vancouver’s local Blinding Light Theater, and rated by Toker’s Bowl participants. The winner was the disturbing Resin, which tells the story of a kid whose life is destroyed over a marijuana charge. Author Steve Sobel was on hand to receive his $1000 prize.

Other notable entrants included Crack the CIA, Truth or DARE, DARE Remix, Day of No Joe and the hilarious State of the Union. All of the films are available for viewing at
Those on hand for the film fest were able to snack on free ganja cookies and brownies to enhance their viewing experience.

CC loves subscribers

Cannabis Culture loves our subscribers! We’ve flown in lucky subscribers to party with us before (CC#28, Cannabis Culture Summer party hardy!) and this time was no exception. So after picking from among our newest subscribers for a week-long all-expense paid trip for two to Jamaica’s Lost Beach Resort, and other fabulous prizes (CC#35, Subscribe and win a trip to Jamaica), we picked out one more name from among our whole database of subscribers, to come to Vancouver on our ticket and party for free.

The winner this time was Robert from Ontario, who only slept through one night of fun, and otherwise had a smokey good time as our special guest of honor at the Toker’s Bowl.`Too stoned? can`t hold up scoreboard?`