Marc Emery, Canada’s Prince of Pot

In November 2002, Cannabis Culture publisher Marc Emery completed his second run for Mayor of Vancouver, Canada’s West Coast cannabis capital. The renowned pot seed merchant placed fifth on the crowded ballot, participating in all major debates and campaigning under the banner of the Vancouver Marijuana Party.
“I gave out thousands of leaflets outside games for our local Vancouver Canucks,” Emery told Cannabis Culture. “I am a big hockey fan and I had them make me a special 420 Canucks jersey. They said I was the only one they would do with a 420, because I am a season’s ticker holder.”

This isn’t Emery’s first foray into pot politics. He is founder and President of the BC Marijuana Party, which fielded candidates in every one of the province’s 79 ridings during the 2000 elections. The new party took part in one of the two major televised leaders debates, and took 3.5% of the total vote (CC#33, Marijuana Party makes BC history).

Emery is also a primary backer of the federal Canadian Marijuana Party, for which he ran as a candidate in the 2000 federal elections. Emery also ran for Mayor of Vancouver once before, in 1996.

Marc Emery is Canada’s most well-known marijuana activist, and among the world’s biggest dealers in marijuana seeds. He is a powerful influence in the global ganja culture and is singlehandedly helping to shape North American marijuana policy. The media has dubbed Emery “The Prince of Pot” and he enjoys the title, dispensing moral and financial support to all the activists that cross his path.

Retail revolution

Emery became a full-time pot activist in 1994, when he moved to Vancouver and founded a small store called Hemp BC. At the time, bongs, pipes, and growbooks were all illegal in Canada, and available at few if any stores.

Emery broke open the country’s underground paraphernalia industry, and helped dozens of similar stores get started across the nation, wholesaling pipes and hemp products to a growing network of pro-pot businesses. Thanks to Emery’s pioneering efforts and the dedication of those who took up the challenge and followed his lead, Canada now has dozens of hemp stores and head shops, all independently owned but financially and morally committed to the same goal. The law has not changed, but it is now widely ignored.

“Spreading a revolution through retail is probably the niftiest idea that we ever came up with,” says Emery. “It inhibits a marijuana revolution to have a lack of money. With hemp stores, people are disseminating information in a self-sufficient way which puts them in the public sphere. This gets them lots of media attention, access to people, retail advertising, and the business community. You get social acceptance in a completely different way.”

Raids and rebuilding

By the end of 1994 Emery had added a small selection of Dutch marijuana seeds for sale at his store. Emery was inspired by a speech Ben Dronkers of Sensi Seeds made at the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup. “Ben Dronkers got up and explained that he had been responsible for disseminating millions of seeds, creating millions and millions of marijuana plants!” enthused Emery. “I realized that this was the way to fight this revolution.”

Emery’s Hemp BC store and its over the counter seed business grew dramatically, and he began to get serious media attention. Emery made the front page of the Wall Street Journal in December 1995, leading to a deluge of media attention, and the Vancouver police launching a serious raid one month later in January 1996. Police cleaned out the Hemp BC store, seized Emery’s stash of seeds and charged him with multiple paraphernalia and pot seed related offenses.

Emery re-opened his store the next day, and took a year to slowly rebuild his business. By 1997 he had successfully expanded his store to include a Grow Shop, a Legal Assistance Centre, and the Cannabis Cafe, which featured a custom-built vaporizer built into every table. Yet police returned in December 1997, and then launched multiple raids during 1998, repeatedly seizing all the store’s stock and eventually forcing the store and affiliated businesses to shut down entirely.

Despite the financial devastation and legal challenges, Emery persisted, switching his marijuana seed business to mail-order only, and focusing his efforts on publishing Cannabis Culture magazine. By early 2000 he was successfully expanding again, this time onto the Internet, with the establishment of Pot-TV, the marijuana video channel at Pot-TV now has an archive of over 500 hours of video – about 1000 pot-related shows available for online viewing.

“I’ve been arrested 10 times since 1994, and jailed on eight of those occasions,” explains Emery. “I’ve been found guilty of numerous counts of trafficking in marijuana seeds, but the courts here don’t give me anything more than a reasonable fine. Since I stopped selling seeds over the counter the police seem to have decided I’m not worth the effort, as my seed business hasn’t been raided since 1998. I continue to carry the world’s largest selection of marijuana seeds available by mail-order.”

Seed sales pioneer

Before Emery began his marijuana seed business, pot seeds were not commercially available in Canada at all. Now there are a dozen businesses which offer mail-order seeds, and a half-dozen more who do over-the-counter sales. Yet no single dealer offers the wide variety of strains and companies which Emery continues to provide.

“I’ve sold about four million seeds,” claims Emery. “That represents tens of millions of plants because most of these plants are grown out from seed and then cuttings are taken and hundreds of copies are made. There’s just no way the government has destroyed as much pot as we’ve created. So it’s possible that one person can undo the evil of several thousand people. You should never underestimate your power.”

“Unlike most other seed dealers, I use my real name and I’m easy to find. I’ve been selling marijuana seeds for eight years, sending seeds to growers all over the world, including diverse places like the Czech Republic, Japan, Australia, England, South Africa, and even Korea. Business is better every year. If I wasn’t honest I’d have been run out of business or killed a long time ago.”

Financial fighter

Unlike many businessmen in the marijuana movement, Emery puts his money where his mouth is. “I redirect the money I make on seeds back into the movement,” explains Emery. “I am totally committed to ending the war on marijuana.”

Emery is a major financial backer of almost every pro-pot effort in North America and many more around the world. Emery has funded almost every significant Canadian cannabis court challenge, including the major constitutional challenge coming to Canada’s Supreme Court this Spring, which could rewrite Canada’s marijuana prohibition. Between 2000 and 2002, Emery invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in election campaigning for the Canadian Marijuana Party, BC Marijuana Party and the Vancouver Marijuana Party.

Emery has also made significant donations to various pro-pot ballot initiatives in US states such as California, Nevada, Alaska and Arizona, as well as buying full-page ads to support the election campaign of the Legalize Cannabis Party in New Zealand.

Other major donations to the marijuana cause include efforts as diverse as helping out refugee activists like Renee Boje and Steve Kubby, donating to Australia’s Nimbin Hemp Embassy, supporting Russian cannabis researchers, aiding American drug-war prisoners, financing Canadian compassion clubs, backing the worldwide Million Marijuana March, and helping dozens of individual activists around the world with cash donations.

His tireless activism has garnered Emery some serious media attention. “I’ve been profiled in Time magazine, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, USA Today, the Sunday Times of England, the Asian Wall Street Journal, even the National Enquirer, plus Mexico’s national newspaper, all of Canada’s major newspapers and TV stations, and countless other radio, TV, newspaper and magazine interviews I’ve given over the years,” explains Emery. “In all of these forums I have always put forth a clear denunciation of prohibition and the many beneficial uses of marijuana and hemp.”

Early history

Long before he got involved in marijuana, Emery was always an activist for social justice and civil liberties. In 1975, at the age of 16, he opened a bookstore in his hometown of London, Ontario, which he ran for 18 years before coming west to British Columbia.

“During this time I did dozens of freedom crusades,” explained Emery. “That was the whole idea of the bookshop; to allow me to forward all sorts of unusual civil rights and individual liberties issues that no one else seemed to do. I soon realized why – they were all endlessly time consuming, money consuming and very discouraging.

“For two years I went out four or five nights a week to distribute pamphlets in the city, to get people against a tax-paid sports event or what have you. I was also constantly defending variety stores that sold explicit literature. I sold the banned 2 Live Crew CD. Every kind of culture or information that was under assault, our store would defend it or go to court, or do something to draw attention to it.”

Emery broke Ontario’s laws banning shopping on Sundays for eight straight weeks, a different way each time. One Sunday he gave away books for free and still got charged. After eight weeks of being charged every Sunday, he got convicted.

“I refused to pay the fine,” explained Emery, “and I was sent to jail. You get $30 a day off the fine for every day you spend in jail, and the public raised $380 of the $500 fine, so that was enough to get me out of jail after four days. They dropped the other seven charges because I was getting too much publicity.”

Emery also tried to get charged for selling banned marijuana literature from his bookstore. “I gave away High Times magazine in front of the police department. Hundreds of people rallied to get charged for that, but we didn’t. They refused to charge me.”

Rattling the Czar

Emery hasn’t slowed down over the years, if anything he is managing to bring his brand of in-your-face activism to higher levels than ever before.

In late November 2002, shortly after the Vancouver election, US Drug Czar John Walters paid a visit to the city. Walters was scheduled to speak before a $500 per table luncheon sponsored by the Vancouver Board of Trade.

Emery bought tickets for a table and invited fellow activists like David Malmo-Levine and Chris Bennett to attend.

Emery walked up to Walter and asked if he could have his photo taken together. Walters asked who Emery was, and when Emery smiled and replied “I’m publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine” Walters turned red and quickly backed away.

With secret service agents at every entrance, eyeing the room behind dark sunglasses, Emery and his crew sat at their table, ate their lunch and politely booed America’s highest anti-drug official as he took the microphone.

Emery, Bennett and Malmo-Levine called out “liar” and other short comments while Walters spoke about America’s high rate of “marijuana addicts,” and how tolerant “harm reduction” policies would destroy Vancouver.

A nearby table consisted of all police officers, who were eager to hear the drug czar speak and resented the presence of the potheads. “Why don’t you shut up?” asked officer Toby Hinton angrily, but it was to no avail.

The officers were also likely upset that Emery had recently filed an official complaint against the Vancouver Police. Emery had complained because these same officers had improperly used a police car to pick up American anti-drug crusader Betty Sembler and drive her to an anti-drug conference. Officers had also put information from their private database onto an overhead display at the conference (CC#39, Anti-pot conference panned). Emery’s formal complaints were eventually dismissed.

The showdown between Pot Prince and Drug Czar concluded peacefully, with a shaken Walters finishing his speech and being hustled off. Emery went outside to smoke joints with the handful of protestors holding anti-drug war signs in front of the building.

The next day, Emery revelled in the attention. “We got more media coverage from this one event than my whole campaign for mayor!” exclaimed Emery while looking through the papers and answering calls for interviews.

Vancouver’s past and present Mayors were both at Walters’ speech, both strong proponents of harm reduction and safe injection sites for heroin users. In interviews after the luncheon, new Mayor Larry Campbell questioned Walters’ statements, and said that he still intended to continue with his plans to introduce more tolerant drug policies.

Future plans

Vancouver pot activists celebrated when the Hemp BC location was re-opened in 2001, as the storefront of the BC Marijuana Party. “I’m glad to see the old location up and running again,” smiles Emery. “As a political party we don’t need to get a city business license, so the municipal bureaucrats can’t mess with us anymore.”

“I had the pleasure of testifying before the Canadian Senate Committee which has recently recommended total legalization of marijuana,” says Emery, “and I got to meet with and even interview MP Randy White, the head of the Parliamentary Committee on Drugs which recommended decriminalizing personal possession. Plus, I just had the honor of interviewing Tommy Chong for Pot-TV! So there’s fun to be had even while we fight the forces of oppression.”

When asked to explain why he devotes his time and money to this altruistic cause, Emery waxes philosophic.

“You have to know with absolute certainty that what you are pursuing is the righteous and the good and the proper and the just, and that the people we are dealing with are evil and wrong, and as long as they’re in control this world will never be a safe and moral place to be,” declares Emery solemnly.

“I advocate the position of liberty, the position of justice, the position of non-violent freedom for all people to do what they want, to put in their body what they want, and to act in a manner that is suitable to them without interference from others, especially their government.

“The war on marijuana and other sacred plants is the most important issue of our time. I want to see drug-peace in my lifetime. I hope that we can make Canada into a beacon of tolerance and freedom for our American neighbors, and for all pot-people around the globe. Together, we will overgrow the government!”

* Marc Emery for Mayor:

* BC Marijuana Party:

* Marc Emery Direct Marijuana Seeds; email [email protected]; web



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  6. Bob on

    GReat guy, I live in Holland and grow my own bud!! πŸ™‚ Marijuana should be lgalized worldwide, it`s just a herb… God gave it to us, so enjoy it, I do!

    My favorite bud is

  7. mikey on

    my neice died of an overdose ok maybe it was because she laughed herself 2 death…weed is de only drug in de world dat is illegal dat u cant overdose on but yet doctors around de world will give out sleeping tablets and 10 of dem babys say goodnight cause u wont b wakeing up but dat doesnt happen wit pot so we shud all try 2 get weed and hash legal…i find dat weed makes me alot more aware about life and alot more smarter its jus 4 de ppl whu aint able to handle it dont fuckin smoke it give weed to the ppl whu enjoy smoking it we dont cause any trouble and stop giving us a bad name just because you havent tryed it…free de weed

  8. PauperInLaw on

    “My niece died last year from an overdose.”

    Your are flat out full of S**T

    There has NEVER been a death attributed to Marijuana….ANYWHERE!!!

    You can’t overdose on Marijuana, perhaps it was cocaine or speed or even alcohol which is legal….but in NO way did she overdose on POT!!!

    As a matter of fact M.J. is PROVEN in clinical studies to have high medicinal properties, KILLS CANCER & relieves asthma!!!

    90% of teen suicides tested positive for pot….where did you get this piece of Bull…if they did, then they were on the right track because MJ is also a cure for Alzheimer’s & depression, guess they didn’t get to use it soon enough.

    Leading cause of violent crime…..hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    A violent pot smoker, that is the description of a drunk not a smoker….hahahahahahaha

    Ignorance is bliss in the world of the ignorant, like the people making these ridiculous comments

  9. Anonymous on

    Seriously this cat has his philanthropy ideals all bungle in da Canuck jungle, responsible corporates who deal drugs and spread millions of seeds would give to harm minimisation groups. Not to law reform parties that are pointless anyway, since noone obeys the law yet. Making the legal status no prob. Come on baby, don’t dedicate all your giving to turning your profits legal so you can fat cat it, without no worry. The measure of a man is not what his work gets for him, the size of his joint even, but his life it be measured by what he gives. Emery he gives seeds willy nilly, maxing out mental health issues and suicide, child neglect by green finger Mums and upping the road toll. Sure, some get a good time out of it – but he good with decontextualises by skirting the harm. Yo – no hero in dat “can’t hear you” blow. Get real and cut the half truths, then stoners will face avalanchical respect. Start by giving to nice drug harm minimisation charities, give till it hurts to all the ones that support legalisation. After all you did seed much of the harm if claims be tru. Please send cash checks to charitable agencies in all countries you bought harm ‘n highs to too. One reason for not legalising is insufficiency of addiction treatment services and the cops can’t afford to do random drug tests. Start by donating to the Police Mr. See you at the after party – where alcohol will be something Grandad tried once.

  10. MikeS on

    While I am truely sorry to hear of your niece’s death, I must ask did she light herself on fire while smokeing? As for your second hand smoke statements and suicide claims, please give some references or reliable sources for your misinformation. Here is a link to some information you may find enlightening

  11. steven69wa on

    Where did you pull this information from? I think it is all inaccurate! Do you have sources?

  12. Dorothy Tidwell on

    Second hand smoke from marijuana has given millions of children in the US and Canada cancer. It is the leading cause of teenage suicide. 90% of all teens that have committed suicide tested positive for this dangerous narcotic. It is also the leading cause of violent crime in our schools and cities.

    My niece died last year from an overdose. When is enough, enough? I, for one am glad that we at least have a Government that cares enough to help our children and their future.

  13. Tony R. F. on

    Just read over this and relized i typed the word “internet” in a gramaticly incorect fasion…no idea why though. Can you find it boys and girls? =D

    <3 still loves ya Marc!

  14. Anonymous on

    maybe you should do you research on Marc, because he stands for a lot more than just legalizing weed. and maybe you could get your message across without the profanity. what are you 5 years old this is a public blog.

  15. ling on provides reliable purchase process. We

    have worked out special strategies to guarantee privacy and

    comfort of every customer.

  16. robdewitt420 on

    what’s up man im from Knox IN . i hope one day Marijuana will be legal for everyone. one day i would like to go to canada to see the sites πŸ™‚

  17. Tony Flo on



    <.< You spelled his name wrong. Just saying. ^ ^ <3 you Marc

  18. Tony Flo on

    I fully understand your concerns on “our” grammer, but it gives you no right to assume no Americans have patriotism. Most peaple internet who are internet savy and smoke my love Mary are teens like myself who enjoy socialization. Personaly, I know this country is flawed, but to assume we are all proud of our “alchohol abusing barbarians” is annoyingly incorect…if that is not what you ment by this then maybe you should choose your words more carefuly. You are just a sophisticated ciber trash talker who knows that no one here can find you in real life, so FUCK OFF SHIT FUCK and welcome to America BITCH!

    Legalize it! I love you Marc! <3 (no homo)

    You is my best friend even though I never get to meet you πŸ™


    Tony R. F.

    P.s. You capitalize un-nessesary words. "Problem" "Patriotism" Wanker.

  19. T-Rok on

    i just posted an comment and i dont know if anyone want to reply to me but i can be reached at
    [email protected]
    We can change the world

  20. T-ROK on

    Hello i am from Indianapolis IN USA. my dream for the last 4 years has been to move to Canada, every thing is so much nicer there. i want to do what i can to help in the fight against freedom.
    everything points to the directions of a Happy Stress free world with Marijuana.
    I don’t want you to think that i am just some pot-head that wants to get high and not get in trouble. It is more to me then that, i want to see the world free to have Peace. i don’t know if anyone is going to read this but i hope someone does. I know that i am just one person, but the more hands held across the world connects love peace and freedom

    One person might be able to change the world
    but a nation has a better chance

  21. vinny on

    i love this guy i am a bongsmoker and this guy pops up everywhere i live in holland and stil ive heard of him keep on the good work man
    i am a proud stoner weed is my lifestyle and i love it
    greetings from the dutch Dude
    i am a grower and smoker
    keep it up marc emery

  22. Jesse Peter on

    i am 16, living in North Okanagan. i have smoked cannabis since i was 12. marijuana has bin around me my whole life. I want on B.C. Marijuana party, but my age limits this. i already have experience in growing, and love this plant with my life. i will fight beside you 100%. Marc, please legalize this herb (not drug) at least in B.C. you have suport, my dream is to light up with you my freind, and blow our tolks at any RCMP we see.

  23. The WickedBrain on

    id like to meet emery and shake is hand , i hope pot will be legalized soon my family has been thrown in jail countless times for marijauna and pariphanilia and such and i hope through all that emery has done that we will one day see a future were we can sit outside enjoy a joint and relax without getting thrown in jail.

  24. Anonymous on

    You are a poor excuse to compair yourself against the majority of normal pot smokers “the real prince of pot”.If your mental health is as you stated,then if you start huffing spray paint is that the weeds fault to.If you answer yes to this question then indeed you are “crazy” !!!!

  25. Anonymous on

    i am no longer smoking pot but when i did it brougt me very close to other drugs like mushrooms lsd cocaine meth ext when i was 18 i thougt pot was awsome man ? but by 18 and a half i was hooked on all of thee above then my pot head friends would not want to smoke with me kinda singled me out but i still found it and they said i was crazy when i did it so on i did quit spent time in mental institutions and you know what im still crazy i hope they extradite you

  26. Colby M. on

    I came to a Speaking of Marc Emery in Swift Current Sask. His points are valid his motives honourable and I support him and his cause. His United States incarseration is nothing more that a political imprisioning and an act of war. Any action not taken by our current gouvernment is a real eye opener of our Country’s Citezen Loyalty. My Problem with your Page Comment Has a Few Points…

    1.) You used Internet Lingo Ex. “ur u govs.”
    2.) Although I appreciate your enthusiasm and your freedom of speech and self expression by cussing you cheapen your point
    3.) You didn’t capitalize America, your own country, have you no Patriotism?

    Thank you for your support and I did not intend to offend you!

    Marc Emery you are an inspiration I’m behind you!

    Marijuanna is the scape goat for all of my local societies Problems. They are very proud of their alchohol abusing barbarians and are too ignorant to change.


    Colby W. M.

  27. FREE MARC on

    If the Canadian Liberal party and the Canadian New Democrat party joined together , they would have had enough votes for a mojority and Canada would have a good government and Marc would be free.

    I see no reason why two almost identical parties should exist.

  28. Anonymous on

    Just wanted to say thank you Marc Emery for everything that your doing. Keep up the great work you have all of my support!

  29. chase1990 on

    My theory in the movement for the decriminalization of cannabis is that there are all these man-made drugs, over-the-counter prescriptions,and hallucinogens that are perfectly safe to buy and can get you 10* higher for your body and brains worst way. If you can buy for instance salvia (which is a hallucinogen) legally then why not be able to smoke cannabis legally, now I’ve smoked salvia once in my life and will probably never do it again (worst high and a bad experiance)plus I’ve seen hundreds of commercials about cigarettes and how they kill and what you don’t see is how many cannabis users die because there are probably not alot of them. So in my words if your 18 and can piss your life away by smoking cigarettes then why not be 18 and live while smoking the herb that God blessed us with.

    Chase1990-activist for Cannabis decriminalization

  30. Winnipeg Stoner on

    why just legalize it? my opinion on the matter is that if we just pretend like the law never existed in the first place and leave everything as it is, let everyone that wants to grow it, grow it…. then the drug dealers wont make any money cuz everyone can just grow their own stash, they say theres 7.7 billion dollars in money spend on cannabis, well if were all growing our own, then all of a sudden the econemy will thrive off us buying the supplies we need, everything from the tinfoil to the lightbulbs, to the soil… so now only would that get some of the drug dealers off the streets, stop some of the “turf wars”, and fix the economy problem at the same time. Then on top of all that, we’d waste alot less of our goverments time with pointless trials that shouldnt be happening over possesion/smoking/growing it, we can stop building more jails and free up alot of space in them, and if the government wants to thank us for pointing out their flaws in the system, they can give us a national holiday called “Cannabis Day”. If your wondering about the kids getting their hands on it, then like anything else kids shouldnt have, leave it up to the parents to teach them the truth about it and that they should wait til their lungs are fully developed before starting to smoke.
    ok so to recap, we saved the economy, saved peoples health, made the people happy with a new holiday, and cleaned up the streets and jails…. all by pretending the law never existed….

  31. Legalize ME!!! on

    I come to Serbia quite often this year and will be visiting again and again for the next 2 years. My time here without my pot is just miserable as I dun know anyone here nor the laws. Would be good to get to know you man!! I want to make friends like you guys all around the world so when we travel we can all hook up n’ help each other get happy!! πŸ™‚ So is it legal or illegal to toke it up here? and are seeds alright to bring in n’ out of the countries here? I can bring you some next time I come if the answer to that is a YES! peace!! and hope we get to meet up next time I come to Serbia!!

    Love U all n’ the mentality we all share!! πŸ™‚

    peace out guys!!

    And YES! Marc keep up the good work and YOU Are the Bomb ass King of MJ to me!! love and respect to the KING OF POT!

  32. brian martin on

    just keep on keeping on over half the usa are right behind you we hope we can some day release 800000 prisoner over weed crimes

  33. Desserie on

    Weed is not a drug, it’s a plant it heals many things, just like an Aloe plant would! If we all had our very own weed plants we’d be a much HEALTHY and HAPPY society!

  34. Dragan Rajic on

    WooooW, Man i live in Serbia and WeeD is expensive here , but i love it, i just love weed, is like my religion, if all ignorant people in the office and power in my land whoud smoke pot it whoud never come to wars and all the sh..t that happened. The best day of my life whoud be the day they legalize weed. And Marc You Are The King.

  35. Anonymous on

    keep fighting the good fight marc. far too many people are blinded by the bullsh.t rhetoric and fear tactics being used by the media and govt agencies who`s pay cheques and pensions depend on maintaining the status quo. police agencies love to show off jerry-rigged grow ops as a way of scaring home-owners and ins co`s with stories of children exposed to nasty chemicals, mold and fire hazards, while failing to mention that if legalized ,many of these ops would disappear and new employment opportunities would emerge to provide `expert consult and safe installations.Let`s face it,if i could grow my stash in my yard alongside my petunias , why would i go to the expense of burning lights.just like the gestapo law enforcers want neighbour to turn against neighbour and rat each other out.Ex PM Paul Martin was going to legalize mj nationwide when he was elected but after his first meeting with Bush, when he went to the white house to explain his govts plans for the next term he was told flatly that there wasn`t a hope in hell of that happening and that the U.S was spending billions on it`s own anti drug program.Exactly two weeks later Paul Martins govt was rocked by scandal and was replaced by a conservative puppet.the same tactic was used in the fifties with the avro arrow. do you see the connection.

  36. *Justin Taylor*Exeter, California* on

    U got my full support, mos definetly-

  37. Anonymous on

    i heard bout this site a few weeks ago, i live in england but still fully support this cause, just wish, the government would realise, if they made it legal, they would get plenty of revenue out of it, probably more so than alcohol!! gimme a spliff over a drink any day of the week!!!! funny, that cannibis causes less health problems, than drinking related illness, are they just bloody stupid, cannibis benefits everyone!! my country have upgraded the class of cannibis here, from a warning a few years ago, to a criminal record now, how can they justifiy that!!!! i personally couldn’t care less, i smoke and i’m proud!!! i’m a hard working member of society with a decent career behind me, so whats wrong if i wanna sit back with a spliff, relax, and watch a comedy, i’m not harming anyone else, so do we get punished for it??!!??

  38. Jay on

    Keep up the good work Mark. Ive been living in Australia for a year after moving from the UK and the man is still trying to stop people using the herb over here but people just blow smoke up his ass. Fuck the man and his bullshit laws. keep fighting the good fight mate. Peace

  39. Fez on

    Hey marc i choose not to write my name in this comment because of the fact that i am in fact in the process of becoming Canadian!! I grew up in one of those family’s that think that cannabis is a terrible drug that equals meth. the first time i tried it my eyes opened up and wanted to learn more about this fascinating thing that truly changed my life, so i started looking it up on the internet and guess what your name showed up!! I have been a huge fan and will always be please think positvly about the extradition BS and know that you and your beautiful wife and the BC3 are going to make it through. If I see you in the store or around the city all make sure to introduce myself and tell you a bit more about my experiances around the world!!

    PEACE AND LOVE your bud, codename “Fez”

  40. Terry C. on

    Dear mark;

    I have been a Fan of the Finest Smoking herbs since I was a Young Man and all my life because of my Mental Illness that the Docotrs say I have and the fist full of pills they give me to help so called balncing myself. When all I tell them is roll me a fatty and I’ll be just fine. Why must we fight to have what grows from the ground for free, I mean we have Tabacco and Booze which on avg Kills more people per year then any Gang realated crimes could ever do. But what gets me the most is that while they put us down for smoking and growning the pot, they contune to manufacture Tabcco and Booze products that are in Fact cemmically 15 times more deadly then any form of pot could ever do.

    But you know all of this already, so I would Like to ask the Next Ontario Visit that you DO please feel free to call on this smoker for rally support.

    And the last note I would like to say is that ” POT smokers Rule and Law enforcement drool” and If they could tax it they would have a problem with it!!!!!!!!!

  41. Phenol on

    Really hoping this knowledge is getting to the masses so it can make the a difference on global scale. We have to OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT of the U.S. and we too can bare witness to a change in the number of personal freedoms allowed by the government.

  42. magicalgoat on

    you are fucking rad bro you should really get weed legal and the only reason its not is because the fucking government cant tax it because everyone can grow it and if the government doesnt make money then nobody can have its bullshit man, fuck the man and his shitty ways!!

  43. nick james on

    as i proud and not concealing marijuana user i find that evrything buddie says in his post is evrything but a lie its true alcohol is wayyy more dangerous that pot will be evr i always said if i had kids i would rather see them smoke pot than drink i mean ppl get drunk they wanna fight cause problems get arested for doing things the nite they where drunk that in the morning they propably wont remeber when the fact of the matter is when u smoke a joint what do u wanna do sit down watch a movie and munch out on a nice pizza or sumthing u stoners get the point but yeah i live in brantford ontario canada and i know enuf ppl wgo smoke pot and i honetly think what needs 2 happen is thiere needs 2 be world protest in evy country that mariujana is not legal i want to start a protest in brantford sumtime sumware i dont knwo how to go about doing this any suggestions from any of the viewers of cannabis culture mag witch i do have a monthly subscripsion 4

    PS…. keep marc emery free and out of prison marc doesnt deserve 2 be out in jail hes a very powerful and respected man and want i wanted 2 say in the ps is FREE MARC EMERY AND MAKE SHURE THE SEEDS KEEP COMEING BTW NICE STRAIN OF THE JACKHAIR MMMMMMMMMM YUMMY

  44. Anonymous on

    By legalizing pot we could slow the killing on the border and take away some of the power of the mexican drug cartels, not to mention the treatment of so many diseases and other issues like social anxiety and depression. It has never caused an overdose, it is not physically addictive, it has never been proven to cause any disease.

    Now lets compare that to alcohol which is legal, cheap, and freely accessable. It causes cirrocis of the liver, it is responsible for thousands of teenage deaths each year in car accidents,no to mention the thousands of innocents they kill by driving.

    So I ask why can we not legalize something that grows in the wild, we offerr a pill with the active ingredient by prescription, which makes no sense since you can grow it yourself, if everyone is looking for tax revenue. Allow the people who grow and sell to file tax returns or collect a flat tax for growing and another for sales.

    I have a chronic physical condition. I am given several narcotic pain killers to control my pain and I can say that this relieves the stress of that pain and gives me some relieve and restores the appetite that the meds kill.

    And that is my opinion πŸ™‚

  45. Kyle Raia on

    ur the fuckin man i live in america and i want u to beat the us govs war on drugs u have my full support legalize bud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!