Steve Kubby wins medical exemption

Steve Kubby: allowed to grow 59 plants.Steve Kubby: allowed to grow 59 plants.VANCOUVER- American cannabis refugee Steve Kubby, received an exemption today from Health Canada to possess and cultivate medical cannabis. The American will be allowed to grow 59 plants, possess and travel with 360 grams (about 12 ounces), and store 2,655 grams (about 6 pounds). The exemption lasts for one year. Mr. Kubby was issued an exemption for a category 3 illness – chronic and long-term.
The exemption was initially submitted on the 12th of August, received on the 13th and a final exemption was delivered by courier to the Kubbys on August 29th.

“It’s been six years that our family been fighting for recognition of Steve’s right to use the only medicine that is keeping him alive,” said Michele Kubby. “The Health Canada program still has too many hoops for a sick person to jump through, but the people at Health Canada were supportive and showed genuine concern and respect for our situation. The U.S would do well to study the Canadian model.”

The Kubbys said they were especially grateful to Marc Emery, John Conroy, Michelle Rainey-Fenkarik, Dale Pedersen, David Malmo-Lavine and all of the other supporters who stood by them. The Kubbys also are very grateful to Dr. Joseph Connors for his courageous and compassionate stand on their behalf.Steve Kubby: allowed to grow 59 plants.

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