Hermaphrodite problems

I got some great genetics from British Columbia and after weeding out the males I found two hermaphrodites after five weeks of a 12-hour light cycle. They managed to pollinate all the females to one extent or another.
After reading what you have already published, I have three questions. Can I regenerate the seeded females? Will the seeded females have a higher tendency toward becoming hermies? What are the environmental conditions that induce hermaphroditism?

Land of the Cheap Kilowatt,

The female plants can be regenerated by leaving vegetation on them and placing them under continuous light. The seeded females will have no more tendencies to become hermaphrodites than they did the first time they flowered. You can assume that if they were pure female the first time around they will remain that way when they are flowered after being regenerated.

All kinds of stress induce plants to become hermaphrodites. These include irregular light cycle, water stress, and some chemicals. Hermaphroditism is also a genetic trait that indicates even without stress.

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