Boje’s baby

Rene Boje and Chris BennetRene Boje and Chris BennetCannabis Culture congratulates Renee Boje and Chris Bennett on the birth of their son, Shiva Sun Bennett, who entered the world on February 28, 2002.
Bennett is a contributing writer to Cannabis Culture, Pot-TV station manager and author of books including Sex, Drugs and Violence in the Bible.

Boje is a US citizen who faces a mandatory minimum 10-year sentence for incidental participation in a California med-pot grow-op, legal under state law (CC#19, Fighting for life in California). Boje has been in Canada since 1998 and has an active application for refugee status. Currently her case is before Canada’s Ministry of Justice.

The couple were wed December 2001, in a cannabicentric ceremony attended by about 300 prominent marijuana activists from across North America. The wedding was held on BC’s Sunshine Coast, and sponsored by Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture publisher.

In an open letter to the Minister of Justice, Bennett pleaded that his new family not be torn apart. If the US government succeeds in extraditing Boje it could be a decade before she sees her husband and child again.Rene Boje and Chris Bennet

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