Stash vs seed companies

Can you use the seeds from a good bag of bud to grow indoors? Are the seeds that you buy from a seed company better?

Planting seed from stash is a lot like rolling dice. You don’t know what will come up. You have some idea of the quality, but know nothing of the plants’ growing habits, ripening time or other characteristics. The plant was probably a hybrid, like most plants grown from commercial seed or their descendents. If that’s the case, the seeds are F2 hybrids and the characteristics sort out. Expect some range in size, growing habits, ripening time and morphology. It could be a great experience, but may not be.

Commercial seed has more uniformity. You know what to expect and the chances are you’ll get it or at least close variations on a theme. There are not supposed to be any wild cards in the batch. This is very convenient if the gardener wants a specific variety.

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