Knowledge is power

If ever I had any doubts that the “news” that most of us get through corporate television, radio, and newspapers is actually public relations propaganda crafted to serve the interests of government oppressors and wealthy elites, those doubts have been erased by careful scrutiny of media information since 9-11-01.
My friends in Europe found out before I did that George W. Bush had signed orders directing the CIA to assassinate Saddam Hussein. Their media also told them that Bush and his Republican allies in Congress were pushing legislation that would authorize the US military to invade the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Holland, if US citizens were ever tried there on war crimes charges. It was barely mentioned in US media, if it was mentioned at all.

Time after time I have found US media filtering the news, censoring and shaping it, spinning it, choosing what to report and how to report for commercial and political reasons, giving the American people a false view of themselves and the world.

This false view, in the hands of the world’s “only superpower,” has resulted in bad decisions that have caused pain, death, and horror, not just for the citizens of other countries, but for Americans themselves.

Fortunately, the Internet is still a place where alternative news and opinions can easily be found.

Of course it’s obvious that, with its cutting edge pot news, potent pot-tv, world news, pictures, ads, and forums, is an essential site for truth seekers.

But there are many other sites, some listed herein, that in most cases provide factual, reliable and empowering information that challenges the orthodoxy of war, police states, corporate hegemony, and apathy that seeks to create a planet of human sheep who will blindly and quietly hasten their own demise at the hands of greedy powermongers whose agendas are bizarre, dangerous, and enforced by police and military power, assisted by corporate media information control.

Check out the sites listed below. Many of them have links to other interesting sites. Some of them, like, feature live internet radio that will rock you with hard-hitting and entertaining 24/7 news, music and information.

Visit these sites, and pass this list on to your friends and enemies. Tell people what you learn. Be inspired by the many online journalists, interviewers, and radicals who are risking their lives to give you the information that the governments and their owners hope you never see. Be inspired by the knowledge that you can help make this world a better place. Cut and paste these web addresses into your Internet address window, smoke a phatty, and marvel at the world of real news.

And remember: knowledge is power!