Happy Haze

I would like to grow some Haze varieties for their “cerebral high” characteristics as opposed to the heavily Indica strains I grow now. I flower in a flood table with an aeroflo system that works great but can only accommodate four foot plants.
If I were to take cuttings from a Neville’s Haze plant that had already flowered for 8-10 weeks, could I keep the cuttings under 12 hours of light and get them to root? Would they finish significantly earlier or would I just end up with confused, stunted, less potent plants?

Consider that Neville’s Haze is supposed to be started under 12 hours of light, and needs no veg period. I am mainly concerned with flowering period, plant height, and maintaining potency.

Victoria, British Columbia

The cuttings would remain in flowering as long as they were kept under a flowering regimen of 12/12 or even 10 on/14 off. They would also root. I don’t know whether they would grow large buds or would continue to put a lot of energy into vegetative growth. It would be an interesting experiment.

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