Flamingly bad idea

Since lit candles and gas lamps give off CO2, could I use them to increase CO2 in a closed grow room?
Jamaal Joint
Nanuet, New York

A candle or gas lamp will produce CO2 and significantly change the CO2 parts per million of the air. However, I think it’s a bad idea. I just don’t feel comfortable about recommending that you leave an unaccompanied fire in your grow room. I know that no accident could ever possibly happen, but….

A tank with regulator and on-line sensor is the easiest way to enrich the air with CO2. The initial outlay is a little expensive, but the yield increase more than makes up for the cost.

Other methods include baking soda and vinegar or yeast and sugar.

However, both of these methods require constant maintenance and are expensive to run. In the long run, the tank and regulator are your best bet for CO2 enrichment.

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