Late planting

I live in northern Texas. I am planning to plant some seeds in containers around July 15, to plant in the ground in the middle of August. If I keep them in containers I could control the flowering cycle by shading them daily. Or I could just put them in some fertile soil out in the pasture with tomato cages for support. I don’t have any neighbors. Is it worth trying?
Winnsboro, Texas

When you place the plants outdoors in mid-August they will immediately start to flower because of the shorter day length in late summer. The only problem facing the outdoor germinated plants is keeping the roots moist so the plant won’t wither in the sun. The plant will be ready to harvest in mid to late October.

The plants can be grown in containers but it would probably be inconvenient. In the intense light they would require a lot of water. This roots must be kept cool and moist. This might mean a constant irrigation trickle when during the most intense light months of May, June July, and August.

In addition, make sure that the containers are light colored so they don’t absorb the sun’s rays, get hot and boil the roots. Burlap wound around containers is one way of keeping them cool.

If you are planning on growing large plants the containers should each hold 15-30 gallons of planting mix.

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