Bible of buds

You may not know Jason King’s name but you’ve no doubt seen his work. He’s one of the world’s top pot photographers and has delighted Cannabis Culture readers for many years with his shots of delicious buds and his close-ups of trichomes.
His latest compilation, The Cannabible, is a mouth-watering experience. It contains almost 200 pages of beautifully shot buds, interspersed with amazing microphotography of ripe resin glands.

The shots are crisp, perfectly lit and include a write-up about each one. There’s info on the history of marijuana through the ages, but he also offers a window into the origins of some world-famous hybrids. Many of the strains featured are coming from well-known breeders and seed producers from Holland, the rest are locally grown buds, mostly from northern California and Hawaii.

There was one page dedicated to Canada that said how BC Bud was schwag! However, he explains that he is basing this opinion only on what had been offered to him in California as BC Bud, and not what we’re actually smoking here.

Overall, the book is very nicely presented and should be a part of any cannabis library.

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