Shot in leg

Jacqueline Paasch will receive $700,000 from the Village of West Milwaukee, in compensation for being shot in the leg during a marijuana raid.
West Milwaukee police asked the tactical unit of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department to raid her home after receiving an “anonymous tip” about “possible drug activity,” and then finding some pot seeds in a garbage can near her house.

At 6:30am, April 7, 2000, Paasch heard a noise in her home. She got out of bed, and was walking downstairs when she was shot by Deputy Scott Mathis, who said he thought she had a weapon and that he was in “imminent danger.” No weapon was found, and although a 16-year old boy was arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana, no charges were ever laid.

The district attorney’s office ruled the shooting was “justified,” and no disciplinary action was taken against the Deputy Mathis.

– Milwaukee Police Deptartment: web