Police roust Prince of Pot

`This might help with your stress, officer.``This might help with your stress, officer.`At 3:30am on Tuesday, March 15, Cannabis Culture publisher and pot-seed merchant Marc Emery received a phone call from Victoria Police. He was told his home was surrounded, and that he had to come out onto the sidewalk with his partner, Coral Clay, and her infant son Dylan.
Freezing outside in only his underwear, Emery soon invited the eight officers into his home. “They knew then that this wasn’t going to be as juicy as they had hoped,” quipped Emery.

“This young cop, Constable Colin Brown, said that he had been walking by a week ago and had smelled pot,” explained Emery. “So he got a warrant to enter my property to look at my electrical meter, which he said ‘seemed a bit higher than normal.’ He also said he thought he ‘detected the smell of pot’ coming from our dryer exhaust vent. Yet our electrical usage is below normal, lower than the the previous tenant. And all he would have smelled from our vent was fabric softener.”

“I showed him our stash,” concluded Emery, “our righteous half ounce of twigs and stems, and some rather grotty old bubblehash. They left it behind.”

Emery reports that Officer Brown told him “We have no argument with you smoking marijuana. We’re not here about that.”

“Since none of his assertions turned out to be true,” challenged Emery, “it is obvious that any police officer can get a search warrant by literally lying and making up whatever information they require to get in your house. The terrifying thing is that any pot smoker in Canada could have their homes invaded by squads of police because of second-hand pot smoke.”

The bogus raid received significant media attention, and was the lead story on Victoria’s local TV station that night. A police spokesperson told reporters “It is incumbent on us not to comment in the media, other than to suggest that if the people involved have a concern, they can make a complaint under the Police Act…”

“Police never get fired,” countered Emery. “They never get reprimanded. They never suffer any punishment. There is absolutely no recourse to the citizen, and this has grave implications for anyone that might be blowing smoke out their window.”`This might help with your stress, officer.`