Noelle Bush busted

Noelle Bush: Busted!Noelle Bush: Busted!Noelle Bush, daughter of Florida Governor Jeb Bush, was arrested in Tallahassee for allegedly impersonating a doctor and lying to police in an illegal scheme to get hold of an addictive, potentially deadly prescription sedative named Xanax.
After being released from police custody, Noelle checked in to a drug rehab center; she’ll likely incur no criminal or civil penalties.

The family claimed that Noelle’s crimes were a private medical matter, and for the most part the mainstream media stopped reporting the story of her arrest.

Good thing Noelle wasn’t caught with marijuana. The Bush brothers back mandatory jail, torture chamber drug treatment centers, loss of college financial aid, confiscation of personal property, hefty fines, and lifelong shaming for students in possession of even the tiniest amount of cannabis.

Noelle’s cousins – the twin daughters of the President – were busted last year for underage drinking.Noelle Bush: Busted!