Growth and expansion

The coming months are exciting and busy ones for the staff of Cannabis Culture. We are engaged in many new projects which we hope will bring our message of peace and pot to more and more people around the world.
Our first-ever “Best of” will be on the stands one month after this issue, in early June, with all of our best grow articles from the last seven years compiled into a single volume. We intend for this to be the first of many such collections, and I expect that this first Best of CC Grow will be a very popular and useful resource for novice and experienced gardeners alike.

Pot-TV is also releasing their own compendium of material, with a three volume “Best of” set of their own. Available on CD and VHS, these three five-episode collections will expand the reach of Pot-TV beyond the world of high-speed Internet transmission, so that anyone can watch some of the best in video ganja journalism available in the world today.

In our native province of British Columbia, we have municipal elections coming up in November. The BC Marijuana Party is already preparing to field candidates for Mayor and Council in many BC cities, as well as for other positions such as School and Parks Board.

The first issue of Cannabis Kultur, our new German-language translation, is set to hit the stands in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by August 1. We will be printing between 25-30,000 copies of our first issue, releasing it bimonthly, demonstrating once again that our culture transcends all artificial boundaries of language, race and nationality.

Despite threats of censorship from the US government, we continue to expand in North America. With this issue, Cannabis Culture will be available in over 700 additional outlets, with hundreds more locations being added over the next few issues. We continue to out-perform most major mainstream magazines in terms of sell-through, sales growth and reader loyalty.

Many people ask me where they can buy Cannabis Culture off the shelf in their hometown, so we have created an online searchable database of nearly 2500 stores that carry our magazine, available at Although not a complete listing, it’s a sure-fire way to find a Cannabis Culture near you.

Whether this is your first issue or your 37th, I hope you will stay with us for an exciting future. I believe that Cannabis Culture has a message which grows increasingly vital every day. Ending cannabis prohibition and embracing the solutions which this plant presents to us is the linchpin to solving many of the great global issues we face as a species. I hope that Cannabis Culture can spread these important ideas and help to create the awareness needed for us to move into the next phase of human evolution.

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture