Summer in the Netherlands

AmsterdamAmsterdamThe 2002 summer tourism and travel season will be especially rich for cannabis lovers.
Travel agents report that inceasing repression in North America and Australia has caused more bookings for the world’s most cannabis-friendly democracy, which is also home to a menu of other freedoms unavailable in most countries.

Holland’s constitution guarantees personal freedom, a beautiful and healthy environment, educational opportunities, medical care, and a progressive social order.

For cannabis tourists seeking the ultimate summer travel experience, the Netherlands offers beaches, lakes, classic history, sophisticated, friendly multi-lingual people, international cuisine, outdoor music festivals, sports, and hundreds of cannabis shops.

Here are my recommendations for your smokin’ summer in Holland:

*** Two of Europe’s awesome cities are located within a few minutes of Holland’s international airport. Amsterdam and Haarlem contain dozens of museums, restaurants, scenic beauty, healing arts centers, cultural treasures, gathering places, shopping, and easily available doses of quality marijuana, hashish, mushrooms and other healing natural substances.

Willie Wortel`s WorkshopWillie Wortel`s Workshop*** Haarlem is home to three coffee shops and a “Global Hemp Museum” global hemp museum managed by Dutch cannabis activist Nol Van Schaik and his partner, cannagoddess Maruska De Blauuw. They’ve been profiled in Cannabis Culture magazine for courageous work on behalf of cannabis in England and across Europe. Van Schaik and his British ally Colin Davies are credited with forcing the British government to consider adopting the Dutch coffee shop system for use in the UK. Van Schaik and Davies opened England’s first above-ground marijuana shop, The Dutch Experience, near Manchester, England last September. Despite numerous busts, Davies’ imprisonment, and the arrest of dozens of Dutch Experience supporters, Davies and Van Schaik forced UK officials and the police to admit that Dutch-style coffee shops would be better for England than the current system of prohibition and street sales.

Van Schaik’s hometown of Haarlem is a vacation paradise. Within a few minutes of Haarlem is a huge national park containing pristine sand dunes, lakes, forests, meadows, and oceanfront. Outdoor recreational opportunities in and around Haarlem include boating, bicycling, dancing, swimming, camping, horseback riding, mountain biking, sailing, fishing, hiking, jogging, bird-watching, photography and art instruction. Haarlem is a perfect complement to Amsterdam, which is an exciting, world-class metropolis. Haarlem is smaller, more compact, and has a more relaxed pace than its larger neighbor.

Cannabis coffee shop pioneer Wernard Bruining just released a book that explains that there are many quality coffee shops and towns across Holland.

“Amsterdam and Haarlem have many quality establishments,” said Bruining, who founded Holland’s first coffee shop thirty years ago. “But there are many Dutch towns and villages that have considerable scenic and cultural value, along with cannabis shops that contain incredible products and friendly atmosphere. My book encourages people to see the rest of Holland.”

Summertime music festivals, including a world-class jazz festival in the Hague, and massive raves at Dance Valley, are also a major reason to visit the Netherlands when the sun is high in the sky.

*** Twenty minutes by bicycle from Haarlem is a magnificent coastal zone containing miles of sinfully sizzling beach at Zandvoort-Bloemendal. Dozens of entertainment pavilions equipped with innovative sound and lighting equipment provide beverages, gourmet food, and dancing babes, while also featuring top-ranked live DJ’s and bands performing the latest in European-flavored house, rave, techno, bass and drums, jazz, funk, soul, salsa, rock and Europop music. On warm days, you can wiggle your butt on the beach or in the ocean with 30,000 to 50,000 mostly-young people whose choice of clothing and intoxicants include nudity, massage, cannabis and hashish, which can be openly enjoyed without fear of social disapproval, personal danger, or legal censure. And if you’re into internal combustion, an international grand prix racetrack is located within minutes of the beach.

*** An innovative Dutch travel company – CNNBS Royal Cruise Line – is offering a fantastic cannabis cruise package that raises marijuana tourism to a professional level. Lucky guests will spend seven glorious summer days aboard a restored clipper ship with its billowing sails towering far above the surface of splendid Dutch canals and lakes. CNNBS is offering a series of exclusive tours this summer, each beginning and ending in Amsterdam.

CNNBS guides are intimately connected with the best and brightest in the Dutch marijuana, food, travel, culture, arts and entertainment industries. Guests will gain escorted private access to Holland’s best coffee shops, dance clubs, marijuana experts, ancient villages and windmills, history sites, and nature areas while sailing the peaceful and serene network of Dutch waterways that date back to ancient times.

Gourmet food, marijuana grow, seed and consumption seminars, beverages, sleeping quarters, side trips, and insider information will be provided to the small number of fun-loving guests who become family and friends during the mind-expanding Netherlands tours that include stops in Haarlem, Hoorn, Alkmaar, and other world-famous travel destinations. CNNBS is also offering one-day cannacruises in and around Amsterdam. These tours feature insider access to the best coffee shops, as well as cannabis use guidance from experts. CNNBS will help you get your hands on dozens of varieties of primo pot and hash. This company is pro, and they are ready to show you the stony Holland that you can’t see any other way!

If you need further incentive to book your flight, cruise, and other accommodation for Holland this summer, check out CNNBS cannacruise website at, or contact Pieter-Jan or Sebastian via email at [email protected] or [email protected]. You can also check out the happenings in Haarlem via Nol Van Schaik’s website at If you’re curious about summer happenings or lodging, post a message on Nol’s marijuana message boards for good networking opportunities.

Still not convinced? Look at the centerfolds and covers for issues 35 and 36 Cannabis Culture. See those sparkling buds and gooey hash? See that beautiful young woman eating a hash cake on the cover of issue 36? All these photographs were taken in Holland! You’ll see and become part of similar sights when you make Holland your prime destination this summer.

See you there!Willie Wortel`s Workshop