Patriot Act 420

Saturday, April 20th 4pmFarrand Field,
CU Campus
Boulder, Colorado

Involvement with marijuana can be a dangerous proposition. The risk lies not in the plant itself, but rather in the consequences of committing an illegal act. This year, upwards of 40,000 college students had their federal financial aid revoked due to marijuana convictions. This same group of hard working Americans is now accused of colluding with criminals to fund acts of terror. Excuse me?

PATRIOT ACT 420 is a public event intended to invigorate our determination to liberate this nation from the futile War on Drugs.

The strategic alliance formed will be strengthened by your participation!

We can alter the enforcement of unjust laws by joining together. On 4/20, the Drug War will continue. However, our bravery and good faith will stop the fighting long enough to ensure that no one present will be a casualty.

Please accept this invitation and invite others by forwarding this message.

Stop hiding.
Confront injustice.
Complacency is unacceptable.
The herb is the healing of the nation!