Seven big plants

I live in Hawaii and recently received my State of Hawaii Marijuana Growers Permit for my own medical purposes. I am allowed to have a total of seven plants growing at any one time.
I will grow them in a 9 foot by 12 foot room. It is not realistic to try to grow outside as I live in a well-populated neighborhood. I don’t want the burden of unwanted attention or taking the chance of my garden being ripped off.

I was given a copy of a garden supply catalog, and have thought about getting a Sun Circle or Suntwist rotator system using one halide and one sodium bulb, and the Waterfarm and controller kit plus one extra Waterfarm. What do you recommend?

I want to be sure to buy what is best for my needs since it all comes from a great distance and at considerable expense. I will add that I am interested in maximum yield in the shortest amount of time and to minimize error and complications in growing.

Lawai, Hawaii

This law encourages you to grow larger plants. A Waterfarm will support a large plant, or you could make a hydroponic unit using four or five gallon buckets. Each unit should hold one plant. The plants will be grown until they are about three feet tall with branches.

If you prefer, you can use a planting mix and conventional watering by hand. This will take about 2 months from setting clones or seedlings. Both hydroponic and soil work well. Hydroponics can yield a bit more but soil is less likely to mess up.

You do not need a light mover, nor a metal halide lamp. The garden can be entirely illuminated using high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting. Since the number of lights is not limited by the law, you can increase yield by adding more light to the garden as the plants get bigger.

After you induce flowering, the plants will flower for about 60-70 days before they are fully ripe.

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