Heat stress

I think I am having a stress problem with my plants. When flowering, the plants stretch instead of budding, and some plants develop male traits near the end of the cycle and stop the budding process.
I am growing in a closed off closet with the dimensions of 3.2 feet length, 3 feet wide and 7 feet high. It is separated from the rest of the closet with a plank of wood covered with reflected paper. The space is lit with a 400-watt high pressure sodium lamp.

We have made sure that no light comes in the room during the night cycle. I keep the ballast on the other side of the closet. A stand fan is set at low to circulate the air. We are using a drip system.

When the light goes on, the temperature quickly rises to 85-90?F (29-32?C). What are we doing wrong?

Hull, Quebec

The plants are suffering from heat stress. The temperature is 10-15?F (5-7?C) too high. This causes lanky, running buds. The male flowers at the end of flowering are characteristic of many varieties and should not be of much concern. You can manually clip those off if you like.

One way to keep the temperature down is to open the closet door to promote air and heat exchange. Another possibility is to convert the light reflector to an air-cooled model.

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