Vaporization nation

My doctor recently told me about a smoking technique called vaporization. Do you know anything about this?

Vaporization is a method of inhaling vapors containing THC without causing the marijuana or hashish to burn. THC “boils” and turns into a gas at about 350?F (177?C). The vegetative portion does not start browning, that is, burning slowly, until it reaches a temperature above 400?F (204?C).

There is no smoke because there is nothing burning. The vapor is colorless and does not have the heavy feel of smoke. Instead there is the delicate “essence” taste of the vapor. There are no tars or other harmful by-products from vaporization.

There are a number of devices designed to vaporize THC. One of the most popular looks like a bong with a very wide bowl. The marijuana is placed in the bowl and then the nozzle of a digitally controlled heat gun is fitted into the bowl and set at 350?F (177?C). The bong end is filled with ice. When the heat gun is turned on, the marijuana heats up and releases the THC and other cannabinoids, which turn into a gas. They travel up the pipe and are cooled by the ice. They turn into a cool vapor that is inhaled.

Another model has a stage that sits on a column. The marijuana is placed on the stage and a globe is placed over the column. When the stage is heated with a little electric heater the cannabinoids are vaporized. The vapor is then drawn through a flexible tube and inhaled. One of the most common models is made by Plasticsmith (

Another model from Germany called Vapo-Med heats marijuana in a small box and fills a plastic basting bag with vapor. Once filled, the user can remove the bag from the unit and inhale the vapor as desired (

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