New grower

I am from Brazil and smoke pot daily, but the laws here are very hard on the users and dealers alike. When I started smoking all we got was fresh maconha from the northeast of Brazil, but the police officers had strangled the growers 10 years ago to encourage coca trading. That is more profitable for the corrupt cops here. Then our plant started to come pressed from Paraguay, but this route is being strangled as well.
I lived in California ten years ago and have smoked fine green since then, but the cost is prohibitive. In Brazil only recently some guys started to come from Amsterdam, but they sell 10 grams for $150. If you smoke that in about four days like me, it is impossible.

I am seriously considering growing myself, but the problem is the law. If you grow a single plant, you get the same felony as if you were growing tons. I know it makes no sense, but it’s true. One advantage here is that cops have never busted indoor growing, so they are not looking for it.

I know nothing about growing. Do you believe I could learn about it if I went to Amsterdam? Would a grower really show me how to do it, if I offered to pay to learn? I hope we meet in the future to smoke some Brazilian homegrown!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You don’t have to go to Amsterdam or anywhere else to learn how to grow marijuana. There are many books available on cultivation. Some of them are written specifically for the personal cultivator. You can order them through the Internet and learn all you need to grow a successful crop in the privacy of your own home. Quality seeds are also available on the Internet.

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