Raid in Victoria

The Cannabis Buyers Club of Canada (CBoC) in Victoria, BC, was raided by police on January 3, 2002. Founded in 1996 under the name Vancouver Island Cannabis Buyers’ Club by activist Ted Smith, the club boasts two locations and over 800 members.
According to Scott Johnstone, CBoC webmaster, “a blacklisted member” of the club called police to investigate. Police searched the location and seized about $7000 in cannabis, $300 in cash and $100 in cookies. Membership records were also taken.

The club reopened two hours after the police seizures. As of late January the club remained open without incident, and no arrests had been made.

In November of 2000, Ted was twice arrested for trafficking because he was publicly sharing cookies and joints. His constitutional challenge was originally scheduled to be heard during October 2001, but has been repeatedly postponed. The current scheduled dates are June 3, 4 and 5, 2002.

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