Fluorescent lights

I’ve read that fluorescent lighting will produce as good as HPS will. This sounds tempting due to purchase and operating costs, however, I want killer buds for my effort. How should I equip for my first garden?
Future Farmer of America
Antioch, TN

Fluorescent tubes have been used to cultivate and flower marijuana. However, buds grown under these lights are usually fairly small and loose. The reason for this is that the intensity of the light, that is the amount of light that is produced by these lamps, is relatively low. In addition, the light is produced over a large area. The result is a lower amount of light spread out over a large area, so the amount reaching the plants is a small fraction of the amount the plants receive from a metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp.

Fluorescent tubes are more expensive than HPS lamps, too. The initial cost of a fluorescent is less than a HPS. However, when the cost of light is considered the cost picture changes. HPS lamps emit 2 1/2 to 3 times the amount of light per unit of energy consumed. The efficient HPS lamp is much cheaper over its life than a fluorescent tube.

Although you can grow marijuana using a fluorescent, you will produce a much higher yield of better grade grass cheaper and easier using an HPS lamp than a fluorescent.

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